Do that to me one more time…

I had mentioned somewhere that I would be going for dinner at the Blue Splendour Restaurant here again one week after the birthday celebration I attended recently. This time, it was the wedding reception of my ex-student, Clement, whose mother was my ex-colleague in Sacred Heart until she and her sons migrated to New Zealand for the kids to further their studies there.

Thankfully, the dishes, though similar, were a bit different. Many were surprised that the fruits were served first but if I’m not mistaken, it seems to the the proper thing to do – healthwise, that is. Then, we had the Four Seasons platter…

Blue Splendour dinner 1

The items were not exactly the same as what we had a week earlier, and after that came the not-to-be-named soup and it was green in colour!

Blue Splendour dinner 2a

Don’t ask me why it was green because I do not know! Even the waitress did not know and some people at the same table were speculating that they added wheatgrass…

Blue Splendour dinner 2b

There were bits of fish maw in the soup as well. It tasted a bit different from the usual but it was nice (But I would prefer the original recipe though!). The steamed fish was next…

Blue Splendour dinner 3

…and more speculation ensued, this time as to what type of fish it was. They thought it was “ikan semah“, one of those freshwater fish from upriver that is worth its weight in gold – some RM200-300 a kilo…but they were of the opinion that this one was from a fish farm as it had a slight “mud” smell to it. They do rear this type of fish these days and others like “ikan tangadak” but they do not come cheap either. I encountered it once at the market and it was going for RM50 a kilo. I’d much sooner go for snowfish and the like. This came after the fish…

Blue Splendour dinner 4

…braised sea cucumber and broccoli. I’m not really into this dish but it was okay. I’d rather have sea cucumber stuffed with minced meat and braised in thick soy sauce and five spice powder. But I loved what came next – braised pork belly with man tao (steamed plain buns)…

Blue Splendour dinner 5

Ooo…it was absolutely delicious and unfortunately, they only had a bun per person at the table so I could not have a second helping. Then came this dish of scallops, water chestnuts, mushrooms and celery…

Blue Splendour dinner 6

…which was, in my point of view, just so-so. But I loved the cereal prawns which was a welcome change from the ones last week that were coated with sesame seeds…

Blue Splendour dinner 7

I had a few of those and quite a number of spoonfuls of the “or nee” or yam dessert…

Blue Splendour dinner 8

It was not sweet, my compliments to the chef! Those at other restaurants are way too sweet to my liking and this one was also different as it had slices of sweet potato in it and some seeds at the top. Very nice!

Well, that should be the last of the sit-down Chinese 8-course dinners for the Rat Year…unless something crops up unexpectedly, but with Chinese New Year coming in a couple of weeks, I guess dieting and slimming down (a bit) will have to be temporarily put on hold. LOL!!!

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20 thoughts on “Do that to me one more time…”

  1. Eeee…green hu chee t’rng! Colour put me off liao. So many people kahwin ar? This year (niu year) also I have to attend a few wedding dinner also and no, it’s not going to be my turn anytime soon though. Heheheheh!!! Wait lah, wait for another…say, 5 years (?) LOL!

    It’s quite nice, except for the colour! The following year is the Tiger year…so better get married and have lembu babies lor!!! LOL!!

  2. So will you bring me to Blue Splendour when i visit Sibu? heehehe. Sibu banjir ka? Should be, i think. Low lying areas in Kuching all banjir… some of my staff already on banjir leave.

    No problem if you come during the off-peak season. End of year and before Chinese New Year heavily booked…except on the no-good days on the Chinese calendar!

  3. HUH??? greenish shark fin’s soup??? *puke*
    You know what..your blog never fails to make me salivate when I drop gonna make me real fat man..I just had BBQ Steamboat yesterday. I guess more stuff to come…all your fault..all your!!

    Hahahahahaha!!! I’m such a bad influence. Eventually everybody will become sui-tuapui like me! LOL!!!

  4. eeewww how could it be green? Are you sure they didn’t accidentally blend in the seaweed or it might be some other disgusting stuff. Maybe a green creature?!!

    At first I thought it was green tea. Everything green tea these days – cakes, biscuits, mooncakes but it did not taste like it. Probably wheatgrass!!!

  5. im a tiger…
    tiger baby nt good mer? :S

    Chinese people who are superstitious don’t like. But daytime ones ok, they say, sleeping tigers whereas nite ones very fierce. You? Nite time kah? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. Long ago Blue Splendour was just next door to our office- I know everybody there-from the boss to all the workers–smelled the food they cooked too- I can see they still cooked good quality yummy food. Can you just drop in for dinner or u need to make reservations first?

    You can drop in and if you are lucky, it is not fully-booked…then you can eat. Otherwise, sorry lah! Better to book ahead…and better to go on slower days, food nicer!!! And nicer to eat with fewer people. Not so kelam kabut, less noise…especially if they have karaoke!!!

  7. Even if kahwin also will wait a few years before making babies. I scared of labour pain ler. 😛

    I was born in the lembu year lor…unfortunately I’ll not be celebrating my own year. Whatever lah, got celebrate or not also no difference anyway 🙂

    They said like constipation only meh? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  8. you got so many food to share. hopefully you can share the real food with the reader…wakakakekekeke :O)

    No problem? Anybody coming to Sibu and getting in touch with me, sure I’ll treat to dinner…provided no flood!

  9. Handphone was charging. Your stingray curry looks nice! I am a big fan of stingray curry lah. Used to eat that in uni often last time, Indian-style wan.

    That whole pot cost me RM5 only at a stall at Bandong. VERY nice! The masak hitam beef also very nice!!! Will go again…and take photos to post! LOL!!!

  10. cham lor….wedding dinner. pokai yet or not? 😛

    Here, no problem at all!!! All invitations have the clause: “Gifts are respectfully declined.” So everytime, makan free lor! LOL!!!

  11. Oh, I forgot one thing. The verdict of my lunch: chicken – crispy, boneless, juicy but the butter sauce not tasty enough for my liking, it would be the best if use butterscotch gravy from Ruby 😀 So-so only, my colleague said until so nice. Cheh! RM6 just to fill my stomach I rather have something from H2O at only RM4. Haha!

    Best food in Sibu lah!!! Cheaper some more!

  12. Hmm…Maybe the cook is colour blind!Green sharksfin….! The word dieting doesn’t sound very friendly at the moment!
    All those yummy food still waiting for me….which reminds me to tell u all don’t ever try sea-urchin cooked with pasta,one of the worst pasta dish ever tasted!Just gross!!

    What’s sea urchin? Maybe u can try balitongs – chee loi! Should be nice with creamy cheesy sauce on pasta! Like oysters! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. It’s true – eating fruit on an empty stomach is the healthier option. I do that most of the time. This is because fruit are the easiest food to digest, and if you eat them on a full stomach, the other food that is harder to digest (eg. meat) will prevent them from leaving your stomach into the small intestines. The fruit will then rot in the stomach, together with other food, creating toxins and wind. So the practice of eating fruits at the end of a meal is not very healthy in terms of digestion.

    Green colour soup? That’s funny, but what some of you speculated is probably correct – wheatgrass. Then the soup is quite nutritious and healthy too!

    Wow! I want the braised pork belly with mantao. Looks so delicious!

    After all the healthy pep talk, now you want the pork belly! So sinfully delicious!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Sibu banjir mah….. so longkang water overflow …thus green!!!!

    Remember Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”? Hahahahahaha!!!

  15. Green? Are you sure yours are not different from other tables? Ada sakit perut?LOL

    Where is your flood post???

    No lah…where got sakit perut? But ate so much, almost meletup!!! Hahahahahaha!! Flood post tomorrow!

  16. ha!! good food. oh the days when i can eat all i can.. all those very sinful food!

    It should be ok for you…so slim/thin! Once in a while, ok to indulge lah hor, doctor? Hahahahahahaha!

  17. this yr the flood situation is bad. i hope we will get a great uneventful CNY

    I think 2007’s was worse…and the whole town was affected unlike this time – areas nearer to Sg Merah only. Lanang Road – no flood, Sacred Heart School was high and dry…and the rain was not this bad in 2007!!!

  18. We’ll all die along with u dun worry haha. Another month of feasting *happy sigh*

    Saw someone comment in ur blog that u’re getting fat! Hehehehehe!!! Another sui-tuapui in the making!!! LOL!!!

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