She’s leavin’ home…

My daughter left home yesterday on the 11.55 a.m. MAS flight from Sibu to KLIA. Upon arrival just before 2.00 p.m., to her horror, her 3.30 p.m. flight to Penang had been cancelled and thankfully, they were able to put her on the 5.10 p.m. one instead. The only consolation was she was given a lunch voucher, so she had her favourite Swiss Cheese Mushroom burger at Burger King. She arrived safely in Penang at around 6 p.m. and was in the good hands of my dear friend, Eng and his family. She spent the night at his place in Bukit Mertajam and he’ll send her to Sungai Petani this morning. Gosh! I wish she had been given a place in an institute in KL or much nearer to Sibu. Sigh!

This photo was taken prior to her departure at Sibu airport…

Mel on 2 Jan 2009

…and as you can see, it did not seem like she had put on much weight since she came back in mid-November…

Baby's back...

…despite the eating sprees that we had had.

Ah well! Just don’t say we did not feed her! LOL!! On New Year’s Eve, for instance, her mother fried some crabs for dinner…

Mrs STP's fried crabs

…and baked some chicken wings with lots of cheese…

Mrs STP's cheesey chicken wings

…and around Christmas time, she cooked some chicken curry…

Mrs STP's chicken curry

and I also cooked a lot of her favourite dishes as well, plus we did get to eat out a lot to enjoy all the things that she loved.

Now, it is back to the old routine…and to close this post, these lines from the lyrics of Beverley Craven’s “Promise Me” somehow keep ringing in my ears:
…When I go away I’ll miss you
And I will be thinking of you
Every night and day just …

Promise me you’ll wait for me
‘cos I’ll be saving all my love for you
And I will be home soon
Promise me you’ll wait for me
I need to know you feel the same way too
And I’ll be home, I’ll be home soon…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “She’s leavin’ home…”

  1. eh, this post really pricks my heart le… Since my daughter left home on the 27 to JB, I was left alone, down with fever and mild asthma attack. SOB! SOB! I miss her so much. Eyew, that cheesy chicken wings must be scrummy!

    I guess that’s the circle of life in today’s world…unlike the old days with the extended family unit and children seldom left home, just continued the family’s business and stuff like that.

  2. chicken wings with lots of cheese? I never tried it b4. It looks so nice ler.. Yummy

    Come, come…maybe I prepare some for my Chinese New Year open house and you can drop by then! No promises though, see got mood or not! Hehehehehe!!!

  3. oh.. the house is empty again n u are feeling down I am sure.
    All the good food – she did not put on weight -who did?
    the chicken wing with cheese looked so yummy

    Last nite, got dinner…put on trousers, waistline so tight liao! Haiz!! Poor me…must have put on weight again! LOL!!

  4. awwww….

    We 3 siblings are leaving the 2 oldies at home alone also.

    That’s kind of cruel.

    Sob sob. I don’t wish to do that also.

    Well, don’t worry…your turn will come sooner or later…ur kids will grow up and leave the roost, and you’ll be left behind! LOL!!! Believe it or not, David (who just got married) has EIGHT siblings…and the parents live in Sibu on their own!

  5. aww…u are such a sweet daddy!
    haih! my mami is home alone all this while
    dad & bro is working out station
    and im here… 😦

    Ur poor mum must be very lonely…and if you do not intend to go back to work in Melaka after graduation, she’ll continue…being alone! Many kids these days never wanna go home after finishing their studies…

  6. Well the empty nest syndrome is something we all will experience at some point in our lives. With one daughter abroad, and the other one in KL, I am very much left alone. I have learnt to find new interests to keep myself occupied. I have more time to meet up with friends for long brunches.

    At least I’ve my blog to keep myself occupied…and tuition starts next week!

  7. sometimes life is cruel don’t you think? you have to be separated far away from your love one. when they were with us, we were busy with out tight schedule. but when we are free, they are far away from us.

    that is why i want to own a biz that don’t need me to spend so much time and i can have my quality time like forever with my family.

    isn’t it too much to demand?

    Well, you’re still very young. Don;t just dream…you can work at it…and I’m sure it will come true. Good luck!

  8. I remember I was a teenager the first time I brought up the subject of living on my own. Dad said, “Talk to your mom,” I did and she shot me down and that subject never arised again till I was in my late 20s. I was working right smack in the middle of town – Jalan Tun Razak where it’s known for it’s crazy traffic jam zone. Travelling time from my place to work takes me easily about half an hour (if I’m lucky) and it’s just pure madness considering the time wasted on the journey through traffic and not to mention the extra money I’m paying for the cab fare. To me, it was only the logical thing to do – find a place of my own near my office. Spoke to my parents about moving out again but they were still reluctant to let me go so finally I had to bring in my grandma to talk some sense into them. That did the trick. I moved out. Mom was still worrying about me and would call me every other day just to see how I was doing and dad would actually come by the office in the pretense of meeting up with my ex boss (who’s his old friend) just so he could see me. Then nine years ago I left that company and dad asked me to move back home. His reason: I’m no longer working in that area so there’s no reason for me to keep the apartment. After much ‘reverse psychology’ from them, I agreed to move back home. And now, mom & dad are happy that I’m safe under their nose again and I’m happy coz I’m getting all the comfort of home and mom’s cooking. It’s a win-win situation for all.

    It’s not so much the missing but more the worrying. Young girl out there on her own (and not very street smart, unlike other girls her age)…..and hoping that she’s all right! Especially having to travel on her own all the way.

  9. my dad had tears in his eyes the day he let me go to Sabah, on my first posting. And year after year, keep asking when I will asked for transfer, his wish only granted on the 5th year am teaching there.

    “Just don’t say we did not feed her!”, hahah, this statement make me smile, she is not 8 years old, but she is lucky to have parents like you and your wife, still really care about many ways.

    She’s too serious in her work…so when busy or during exams, she’ll not eat properly or regularly. I keep telling her – just pass, it’s just a piece of paper, enjoy life while you are young…but she won’t listen! I was never like that…and that probably explains my shape and size! LOL!!!

  10. I had too much chicken myself, I’m turning into a vegetarian for the next few days LOL!

    And love the songs!

    You have always been conscious of your diet, what happened? Been indulging over the festive seasons?…Ya, I’d like to believe that I’ve got good taste in music. Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. Mine will be going off tomoro. Now that Mel is not in Sibu I guess you will lose weight….not because of missing her.

    I’m sure I will…and my trousers will come loose again. Haiz!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  12. Oh no… i can smell the chicken curry!

    U can reunion again during CNY?

    She’s not coming home. The institute in Kedah – holidays one day before and one day after only, not one whole week like other places – only for Hari Raya! And the flights are all full, anyway…

    Btw, mrcoolku…your first time here! Welcome and do come again. I’ll add you to my blogroll!

  13. Good leh, eat a lot of nice food still cannot put on weight. Awwww, heavy heart to let her go so far to study. Don’t worry STP, she will be back again in Sibu real soon. Cheers, Bro!

    Yalor…so nice, eat and still thin! She’ll be back in March for a week-long holiday. I just wished she’s studying somewhere nearer – or just in KL – one flight and home already! This one’s so troublesome!

  14. Don’t fret. She will be back soon for the CNY. In the meantime, while she is still single, make the most of your time with her. Soon she will have a partner and no time for poor daddy. The bonus is when the grand children will start to kacau kong kong hahahah

    Not coming back for CNY! See my reply to mrcoolku’s comment. That was why last year, my wife and I had to fly over to be with her in Penang, remember? She had just been there for a few months then. This year, she’s more familiar with the place…so she can take care of herself there, and will only come home during the March holidays.

  15. Cikgu, you’re making me miss my mom and dad…they also feed me alot when i go back to visit them 😦 BOOHOOOO

    Where are they? You’re not staying with them? You already kawin and deserted them, izzit? Haiz! Daughters like that lah! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  16. LOL at your reply to Bongkersz! That sound so wrong! 😛

    Hahahahahahaha!!! That’s why I said “oops”! No response from him concerning that!

  17. Y u want her to put on weight! It is a blessing to be able to eat n not to worry abt the added kgs!Once upon a time I can do that too but now!!!! ok,not in denial anymore, have joined the STP’s club,so probably have to start ‘bento’too but how can when STP posted all these yummy recipes n I keep on cooking them!Sigh!LOL!

    So thin…later go to Wellington, get blown off by the strong winds there! Wah! Now you blame me for putting on weight! Sendiri so “bam”! LOL!!!

  18. Being emptynesters have its advantages too! There are times when we booked accommodation, wished can go for the honeymoon suites,u know the ones with mirrors on the ceilings & brekkie & champagne in bed too!Kinky eh!LOL! Now still have to bring our packs with us esp.the younger ones, so few more yrs to go before we can travel by ourselves!So do u & Mrs.STP opt for the special room when u booked yr accommodation now?LOL!

    Separate rooms! Old now, I snore like an old locomotive train…so she cannot sleep! Hahahahahaha!!!! Ur Simon Le Bon also hor!

  19. Stella, bento does not mean still depends on what you pack, and really, you can pack anything in the box(es). I’ve seen blogs of die-hard bento-ers, and they are big!

    Yalor…if packed with pork belly and kampua, see whether you will put on weight or not! Hahahahaha!!!!

  20. Re-Gerrie,I will be ‘bentoing’what u packed,saw yr new profile on FB,if bento can do that for u,new ‘farrah’hairdo,n all that jazz…..I will be ‘bentoing’all the way to Timbuktu!LOL!!Won’t mind a ‘Beyonce’ figure!

    Farrah who?…Beyonce? Thought she’s got huge legs? Hahahahahaha!!!

  21. Who sez she’s not street smart eh? Even so…she’s better off than some of the girls today from different aspects 😉

    Ok lah…slowly learning. But too selfless and kind-hearted, must be stronger and tougher to get along in this rough and tumble world!

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