Oh no…

Not again! On the 1st Day of Chinese New Year, some visitors were leaving my place and I went out with them to see them off. There were at least 6 inches left in the drain outside the house and I told them, “Gosh! Many parts of Sibu already tenggelam (drowned)!” True enough, this was what I saw on alexallied.com the next morning…

CNY Flood 2009 - Sibu 1CNY Flood 2009 - Sibu 2

If you are interested, you can click the link and hop over to his blog to see all the photos that he has in his post.

Anyway, yesterday, somebody called to say that he could not get out of the house and was not able to drop by as his area was severely flooded. He mentioned that it was getting worse, so I went out to have a look…

Flooded drain 1

…and true enough, the drain outside was filled to the brim. It got even more serious last night as you can guess from the situation outside my house this morning….

Flooded drain 2

After the flood in the first-second week in January, the nincompoop in charge of natural disasters and stuff had said that there would not be any flood during Chinese New Year as the King Tide would only be 5.8 metres high compared to 6.2 metres the previous time around. Now he is keeping mum over his earlier statement…and of course, the newspapers would not dare to dig into their archives and publish again what he had said earlier. Sigh! I do wish that some people will have enough sense not to try and play God! Talk less, do more!

Flood update 1
UPDATE 1: At 11.00 a.m. today. The water is overflowing onto the road, my neighbour’s driveway is already submerged. Stanleycarter, your father’s not going to move his car? LOL!!!

As always, there is a lot of mud-slinging and finger-pointing with emphasis on localised issues such as the silting problem in the Rejang River and the sinking swampy land in Sibu.  They have conveniently chosen to ignore the fact that other parts of the state are similarly affected. No doubt those causes that they harp upon do contribute in one way or another but the main problem is the drastic climatic changes that the whole world is experiencing as a result of global warming. I saw somewhere the other other day a photograph of land in Antartica. The ice has melted, the sea level has risen and we are getting torrential rainfall  (and in the temperate countries, severe winters) unlike what we had had before. There are speculations that if the situation does not improve, some coastal cities e.g. Shanghai in China may be drowned into oblivion like Atlantis!

Flood update 2
UPDATE 2: 11.00 a.m. The water is creeping onto my driveway. I can imagine the situation in some parts of the town now.

For one thing, do not expect others to do something if you yourself are not bothered to even lift a finger to change. Last night, the weather was good…and the fireworks were booming away polluting the atmosphere with their toxic fumes like there was no tomorrow! Gee! Don’t parents teach their kids anymore…or don’t tell me the parents were the ones playing? (No wonder we have kids like those we find in the schools these days!) Aren’t they aware of the current pressing problems of global concern?