Old friends…

That morning when I was at the airport to pick up my friend from Penang, I chanced upon an ex-classmate of mine and his missus who were coming in on the flight from Kuching that landed at around the same time. They are living in Australia now and were back in Sibu for a while. Then, a day or two later, I got a message from an ex-classmate of ours who asked me if I could join them for breakfast. Unfortunately, my schedule for those few mornings was already full but later, he texted me again to suggest getting together for dinner and fortunately, I was able to make it so there we were, all of us – old friends, at this place in town…

SM non-halal side

I always thought it was a place serving halal Chinese food and we did drop by to try once a long long time ago when it first opened and although the food was all right, somehow or other, we never got round to eating there again. They opened a branch in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal and I did go there a few times here, here and here but not on a very regular basis. They did open another one in another area around town but that one has since closed down. This one at the original location along Hardin Walk where they first started certainly seems to enjoy very brisk business and what I did not know then was that in fact, they have an extension at the back that serves non-halal dishes and the business is no less impressive as well.

My ex-classmate ordered this meat combo…


– the pork ribs marinated with ang chao (red yeast rice) and perhaps a bit of tau ju (fermented tofu) as well were so very nice!

Oooooo….somebody must have heard my prayers for lo and behold! Pig’s blood…

PB with KK

…with kangkong (water spinach) and boy, did I enjoy that? Nom…nom…nom!!!

I wasn’t too excited about the sweet and sour freshwater prawns…


…or what is called udang galah or tua thow hay (big head prawns) here as I’m just so-so with sweet and sour anything but nonetheless, it was good, very nicely done.

There was midin (wild jungle fern) as well but I did not take a photo of the dish – after all, you must have seen  photographs of it a thousand and one times before, not just here in my blog but everywhere else…but this one is new to me. They say it is a Foochow dish but somehow, prior to this, I had never seen nor heard of it before. This was steamed tilapia served with a topping of chai po (preserved turnip)…


…and it was really very nice!

Just when we thought that was it, out came these…


…gorgeous giants – CRABS!!! Yum! Yum! Yum!!!

We also tried the ABC…


…which was very good and rest assured that we will be back there soon to try all the other sweet desserts on display on their signboard.

I hear that they sell kampua noodles here at only RM1.50 compared to over RM2.00 at every other place in town and it is actually quite nice but you would have to eat it at their premises. Normal charges apply if you choose to tapao the noodles instead…so that is one thing that I would want to go back there and try as well.

Well, it certainly was a very scrumptious dinner and we all enjoyed it very much, thanks so much to you, Robert…and it sure was nice meeting you again, Philip, and catching up with all that has transpired in our lives since the time we left school way back in 1969.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Old friends…”

  1. Most of the food I like but not the kangkong and the bloody thing leh. I don’t eat that.

    You can eat the kangkong, just don’t touch the blood – they’re tasteless, anyway, bland.

  2. Food looks so great and the steamed fish with chai po , my first time hear of it. Is the combination nice or not? Love the colourful dessert.

    Me too! Foochow dish, they say…and I’ve never heard of it *face palm*. Yes, very very nice, fresh tilapia from Batang Ai some more. Slurpssss!!!!! So good!

  3. What scrumptious food!!! Love them all… even the dessert looks so good! Never tried fish with choy po.. must tell my mom that… hahaaa…

    Me neither. Loved it! Very nice…

  4. oh i love that plate of meat platter, so yummy!! so many photos of the food you had, but where are the photos of the people?? we want to see Sibu Food Mayor and his old friends~~ :p

    Old people, nothing exciting mah…no need to display for all to see.

  5. Some more fantastic food but I am sick today and just as well, or else I’ll have to find something to eat!

    Whenever I’m sick, I would eat a lot more. Will feel stronger…get better faster. 😀

  6. I would love to have that meat combo and the colorful ABC. Not forgetting the crab as well. hehe….

    Coming by this way again soon? Spend a night in Sibu next time… 😉

  7. Hmm I wonder perhaps you had try all the eateries at your place already, haha xD

    No, still a lot more. I was pointing out to Melissa’s friend, here on a visit from Sg Petani, Kedah…how every shop block would have 1 or 2 or 3 or more coffee shops…not like over at her town. So hard to find Chinese food unless one has a car. 😦

  8. Woah! I’d like to be slurping the meat out of those crab claws right now.

    Can get them where you are but probably, can be quite expensive, I wouldn’t know. Never had any when I went over.

  9. oh, i want to try that pork ribs marinated with ang chao, fish and the crabs, looks very good.

    Got a lot in the freezer, not fried yet. I wonder if your mum wants… 😉

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