One for all…

Here, one can get halal Chinese food at the restaurants of most major hotels in town…or here or its main outlet in the town (the back portion of that one, non-airconditioned, is non-halal though) and I’ve noticed that there are a lot of Muslim diners patronising this one as well, plus I saw one in the vicinity of the Sungai Merah area – to the left hand side of the road before the traffic lights junction where the RHB Bank branch is (near Mega Store) though I have yet to go and try that one.Β But if it is nasi campur that you want, you can find lots of those at most every coffee shop in town just that if you would like a break from the usual Malay fare, then you will not have a lot of choices.

I did stumble upon one though just the other day when I dropped by this coffee shop but even though it was only around 11 in the morning, it looked like most of the stalls were already closed for the day except for the Chinese chap fanΒ (mixed rice) one which seemed to enjoy a lot of business and one that did not look quite Chinese nor Malay. I asked the girl if the food was halal and she said yes and they would give nasi lemak instead of the usual plain rice. Hearing that, I decided to give it a try and this was what I had…


– the rice with a bit of fried bits of fish fillet, chicken luncheon meat, ladies fingers and an egg…for RM5.50.

My missus had these…


– a piece of fried chicken and some tofu plus cuttlefish in soy sauce for RM4.50.

The food was all right, nothing to get excited about and if it is halal food that I am looking for, I’d much sooner head to the stalls where they serve authentic Malay dishes. They did have curry here too – chicken and beef but I did not try those so I wouldn’t know whether they were any good or not.

No, this was not a stray dog – it probably belonged to someone in the neighbourhood…


…but while I was there eating, it came strolling down the lane beside the shop and it just stopped and stood there and watched me eat. I wonder what it found so interesting…

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22 thoughts on “One for all…”

  1. The dog was thin and scrawny, it really looks like a stray dog. The owner must be starving it !

    I don’t think it was a stray – just one of those owned by folks who do not feed their animals well. I would not call it a pet as usually, these people would keep dogs to…say, take care of the house, perhaps, and feed them leftovers. It sure looked fit and active though – that is the reason why people should not get too well-fed and…fat, right? πŸ˜‰

  2. waiting for u to throw him a bone… or kangkung…

    Your dog eats veg? I had a few when I was growing up. They would leave the vegetables by the side. 😦 Better manners than some humans, don’t you think?

  3. Rm 4.50 for a piece of chicken and cuttlefish is cheap i’d say… we can’t get that price anymore here in Penang, simply grab a piece of chicken and they will charge you nothing lower than Rm 4 in which that portion would be around Rm 6 at least i reckon….

    Those would be the standard prices around here – used to be around RM3 a long time ago. At this particular stall, it looks like it’s RM1.50 for the rice and RM1 for each item you pick. If I’m not mistaken, at the Chinese chap fan stalls, there are different prices for meat & veg dishes but tofu is counted as a meat, not a veg…which technically, is correct as it is a protein and they will charge a bit more.

  4. The girl must be surprised when you ask her whether the food is halal or not. That dog must be watching at how you enjoy your food. Makes him/her drool too.

    It was backing off. It got scared when I aimed the camera at it to snap the photograph. Earlier, it was right beside me…probably waiting for food. I guess most people would throw them their bones – and the dogs would come regularly knowing that there would be food. I don’t do that – I believe that if people want to keep dogs, they should take care of them and feed them well…and not let them stray like that.

  5. I hate when dogs and cats glaring at me eating. Feel uncomfortable. Lol.

    If halal, they must have the certificate to prove it.

    The girls at the stall were Malays…and if you’ve noticed, most Malay stalls are not certified. They have quotations from their Holy Book, religiously-inclined pictures but no authorised halal certificate. For one thing, it is very tedious to apply and the process takes a long long time…plus money has to be paid every year for that piece of paper. That is why many do not bother – and everyone accepts that what they prepare and serve would be halal. It is only when the proprietors are not Muslim and would like to get them to come and eat that they will go through the chore of applying for one…but many will just put up their own sign saying that they do not serve the offensive stuff, take it or leave it.

    Ya…it did feel awkward, that dog there, staring…and luckily, there was a partition between us or I would be worried that I would become its meal. 😦

    There’s a spelling error in your link. Readers will not be able to get to your blog by clicking on your name. Been like this for a few days now. I’ve corrected it for you – you’d probably have to clear your data to remove the saved autofill.

  6. As long as it doesn’t jump up for the chicken bone, then you should be safe.. hahahaa… normally the cats and will staring and not dogs.. I don’t like cats to glare at me too when I am eating.. some do not have “manners”.. they will just jump up to the table.. I have experienced that before…

    I don’t like cats either. So many in my neighourhood – stray cats and dogs. One even climbed into our kitchen and ate the food left in the table – it could even lift the cover!!! We had to make sure we kept the windows closed all the time when we were not around. And they would sleep on my cars and leave claw marks and fur and urine stains all over. Tsk! Tsk!

    The dogs don’t come in as we keep our gate shut…but they would deposit their yunno what right in front of our (and everybody’s) driveway and when we do not notice, we would get it all on our car wheels when we reverse out.

    I really hate people who keep dogs and cats and do not take good care of them…and do not give due consideration for their own neighbours.

  7. Hello.. Been following the thread at SK’s blog about you not blogging about food, so I decided to come here today (to check).. hehe..

    Well, just 1 post without food nia, today back to food jor la?

    The food looks nice tho’, we can’t get the same thing for RM5.50 here now. A (small) rice with 1 fried chicken (or mutton), 1 vege & 1 egg (or taufu) cost RM8.50 liao..

    Another non-food blog day after tomorrow…and probably the following day as well. Yet to do that one. You’re in KL, I guess – people there very rich mah…earning high salaries but I would agree with a hotel proprietor here when she said that, it is better to live in Sibu, earning RM1,000-2000 plus…than in KL, and getting RM5,000 – hardly enough to make ends meet there.

    Thanks for dropping by. Will link you in my blogroll.

    1. Not rich lah..
      Did I tell you that I pack food to work for my lunch? Like twice or thrice a week..
      Usually hubby (or me) will cook dinner (depends who reach home first), then if there’s leftover (there usually is), I will pack the food for work lor.. There’s a microwave in the office pantry, so I heat up the food using the microwave lor..

      Microwave? Hmmmm…wait and see what Twilight Man has to say to you about this. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. oh, so it’s back to food again today huh?? hmmm, looks like it’s better for you to stick back to posting food?? that’s what you are best at, and what you are most happy with.. just do what you like!! πŸ™‚

    This started as a personal blog, anything under the sun related to me, word or deed…and eventually, it has been mostly (not all) about food which seems to interest most people. Lots of silent readers out there – they know me, I don’t know them. Kind of awkward but it’s ok – as long as they like what they see and some may even find the information useful.

    1. Like my motto: My blog, my food, my like ! ‘

      Yes, I always believe that a blog is one’s own house – we can do whatever we want…and people dropping by are the ones who should mind their manners. Right? πŸ˜‰

  9. Your plate looks very appetizing to me! And relative economical compared to here… 😦

    Around SIN$2.00, very very cheap for people from your side.

  10. I don’t like cat or dog watching me when I am eating…No No…maybe I can give some food to them in the hope they stop staring.haha

    Sometimes I’d throw some food far away…to get it to go away.

  11. Poor scrawny-looking dog…
    It has been a whole since I had authentic Malay dishes. I like the less pretentious-looking ones like tempe and paru…typical kampung style dishes. πŸ™‚

    Yup, I’d go to the Chinese stalls if I want Chinese and the Malay ones, if I want Malay. Somehow, these that I had that day did not seem to be all that great, either way.

  12. Quite reasonably priced. Your wife chap fun really worth it πŸ™‚
    There is a restaurant occupied just ground floor of my office. My husband at times will drive all the way here to eat. The dishes can consider restaurant styled menu like butter chicken, yam-pork, etc.
    Lunch time crowded and also reasonably priced. I f you happen to be in Petaling Jaya weekday, can give a try.

    Never had chap fan over at your side before…except maybe once, at Jalan Alur. Too many nice things to eat there – would rather go for stuff that we cannot get here.

  13. At least the dog is well behaved. Did not come too close to you. I love the egg in your rice. I love eggs lah so… πŸ˜€

    I love eggs done this way but I think they’ve nicer ones at the Malay stalls…

  14. Furkid probably wondering if he could get a meal there?

    Probably he gets a lot thrown to him by people at the coffee shop, great place to hang around.

  15. The dog was most likely was waiting for a treat. We have a few stray cats in our neighborhood. I’ll give them scraps when I see them. They are good at keeping the rodent population in check. Since we live in a “rural area,” we have plenty of mice but between the feral cats, foxes and coyotes we don’t see too many now. πŸ˜‰

    I don’t mind the strays loitering around but I don’t like what they do. Ya, those cats are predators – I wish they would not be so violent though. Sometimes I would wake up to find a headless body of a rat outside… Yucks!!!

  16. Ah!! Today I also ta pow some economic mixed rice nearby my house. They have a lot choices and very good looking dishes always make me so hard to decide what to have.

    I had sweet and sour chicken, lucheon meat, spinach and ladies finger, RM5. Consider quite reasonable price compare to a lot other place.

    That’s real cheap!!! There are a few places here too – so many choices – 30, 50? I would rather they have just a few but all nice ones, no need for so many. Hard to decide what to eat. πŸ˜€

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