Side o’ the road…

We’re more or less halfway through the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan but no, I have not been to any of the Ramadan bazaars around town.

I was actually looking forward to those as we had not had it for two years now owing to the pandemic but I saw the Youtube video of the one in town and I was horrified to see the crowd and a friend told me that it was worse at my favourite one here. That was why I did not venture to either one or any of the others as well.

The other day, however, I decided to go and see if there was anything worth buying at the government-sponsored GPS stall by the side of the road right outside the lady’s house. It is along Jalan Ria, round the corner from my sister’s house and I did stop by a few times before a long time ago to buy her very nice sambal petai (stinky beans)…

Yes, the stall was open and much to my girl’s delight, she had bubur pedas

…a specialty that we would only get around Ramadan here. My girl enjoyed it a lot even though I felt it was kind of lacking in terms of the ingredients added and also the rempah (spices) used. We can get some a whole lot nicer at my favourite Ramadan bazaar like the one at this place here, for instance…

Ah well! I guess beggars can’t be choosers so that will just have to do for the time being!

I would say the kuih jala

…was very nice though and she was very generous with the meat and potatoes in the curry gravy provided. I used to buy this at my favourite Malay kuih place here and they used to give a tiny piece of chicken and potato and then, just the potato and lately, they will only give you the curry gravy, nothing else inside.

Last but not least, we bought this tub of mutton curry (RM15.00)…

…and we had that with rice for dinner. We sure enjoyed it a lot!

The three items came up to RM26.00 altogether – my missus did not ask how much each of them cost. I guess one of these days, we shall go back there again to buy the lady’s sambal petai (she did not have it that day) or we may venture into one of the bazaars before the end of the fasting month.

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7 thoughts on “Side o’ the road…”

  1. I am one that do not like to venture into crowded places and as far as I can remember, the first and only time I dropped by this Ramadan Bazaar is the very first time they had it at Stutong Market carpark which was some years back. It was so so crowded and now with virus still lurking around, I am more scared to go… 😊😊. Best to avoid and stay safe

    Indeed! Especially when they are things that we can buy anytime all year round at the shops and stalls. They should come out with some really special things worth waiting the whole year to enjoy. Otherwise, not worth the risk, better stay away.

  2. I haven’t been to any Ramadan bazaar for ages! That sambal petai and mutton curry look really good. They call for extra rice!

    Yes, they were very good. Dropped by another place yesterday, a shop that used to be very good. So so so disappointing!!! Not sure if I would want to blog about it or not. We’ll see.

  3. How I miss the bazaar and all its spicy food!
    The price of cooking oil has gone up here, but I guess it must go down in Malaysia.
    Cos the mutton lady was very generous with the oil in the curry.

    1. That is the problem with Malay cooking – they use a lot of oil to tumis the ingredients, worse if it’s chicken with all the fat from the meat.
      My missus managed to get rid of half a cup of the oil when heating it up so it was all right when we ate it – very nice.
      The price of cooking oil is shooting through the roof here too but they have subsidised cooking oil in plastic bags sold cheaply to the “privileged ones”. I hear it is often out of stock though.

  4. We certainly know we’re in the middle of it over here with afternoon traffic.

    I saw that Korean guy on Youtube at the one in Shah Alam!!! With a crowd like that, you sure will not see me there, thank you very much!

  5. Can’t say no to jala & curry!

    We went back again because we enjoyed it a lot and wanted to buy more but the lady did not have it that day. Will try again!

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