Just ask…

A friend of mine told me that the kampua mee at this particular place was very nice and he would often stop by for it or their mee sua or Sarawak laksa before going to work in the morning.

Of course, upon hearing that, I could not wait to go there and try but unfortunately, parking in the vicinity can be such a pain so I never did. If I am not mistaken, a foodie friend of mine here is a regular too and he sometimes shared his photographs on Facebook and Instagram.

Well, it so happened that the other day, as I was driving past, I spotted a vacant space right in front of the coffee shop so of course, I wasted no time at all in parking my car there and stepping inside.

I ordered a plate of the kampua mee, white (RM3.50)…

…and this was what I got!

There was a big group of ethnic (Iban) customers and each of them had their specific orders so I guess the couple at the kampua mee stall were busy at the time, cooking what they wanted and serving them. Probably they were regulars as the wife of the guy at the stall who spoke VERY fluently in Iban was happily chatting away with them as the dishes they ordered came out…one…by one!

My patience was wearing thin so I asked if my order was forthcoming as I had to be some place else in 15 minutes and they kept insisting it was coming even though I did not see the guy cooking it. Tsk! Tsk! Finally, at long last…it came!!!

The loud and chatty lady said that they had run out of meat so they had taken the liberty of adding some minced meat…

…instead, insisting that it was all the same. WHAT??? What do you mean, the same? It would not have been so bad if the meat was nicely seasoned and pre-cooked before adding like what they usually add in Kuching kolo mee but this was plain minced meat, no seasoning and boiled just like that so it was so bland, quite tasteless!!!

The LEAST they could have done was to ask me first whether I would want it that way or not. What is so difficult about that? I would have asked for the kosong (no meat) instead but no, they did not bother to do that. Honestly, that was so presumptuous of them to simply assume that it would be all right by me.

As for the noodles, the taste was not quite there and they could have cooked them a little bit longer so they would not be so hard and chewy. In the end, I added the chili sauce…

…provided and that did help a bit.

The complimentary soup…

…was bland, of course but a bit better than the ones at a lot of places in town.

Another thing that pissed me off was the whole time I was there, the guy had his mask covering his mouth only – his nose was not covered. I would always give these people the benefit of the doubt – maybe it slipped down while he was doing all that work but at least, he should pull it upwards periodically. The wife was worse! Her mask was dangling under her chin and eventually, she nonchalantly took it off!!! And she was the one walking around doing all the serving…and ALL that talking at close proximity with the customers unlike the hubby who was confined to his stall.

I am not revealing the name of the coffee shop nor the names of the people involved to protect the innocent. Frankly, I did not think it was nice and no, I would not want to go and eat that again even without the unpleasant episode regarding the meat plus the long wait and indeed, I am so puzzled as to why there were people praising what they had to the skies! I could easily have hopped next door and enjoyed something a whole lot nicer!!!