The big one…

We skipped lunch that day after our brunch here and it rained around noon so it was not that hot later in the afternoon. I told my missus not to cook as we could just go to one of the Ramadan bazaars and buy some nice stuff for dinner.

That day, we decided to check out the big one in town, the Pasar Ramadan Sibu Town Square Phase 2…

Pasar Ramadan Sibu Town Square Phase 2

You can click the link here to see the video clip of the aerial view of the bazaar. I think there were more stalls last year and it was busier too then but we were early (as usual) so perhaps the crowd would come later.

Everyone was already very busy…


…and if you remember from my blogpost the other day, manok means chicken in Sarawak Malay and tunok is synonymous with bakar in the national language, meaning barbecued or grilled.

I don’t know which stall my missus bought the chicken…


… from but it was very nice and other than that, it was also very cheap – RM20.00 a bird.

The murtabak


…looked good but no, I did not buy any nor did these kek lapis (steamed layer cake) Sarawak…

Kek lapis Sarawak

…arouse my interest.

I knew those very nice people from Sri Pelita

Friends from Sri Pelita

…would have a stall here – they have one without fail every year and I managed to locate them to buy their nasi biryani lamb shank (RM12.00)…

Nasi biryani lamb shank

…for my dinner. Mutton curry is cheaper (RM9.00) and if I am not wrong, chicken curry with the lovely rice is RM7 or 8.00 only. Of course I did not have any second thoughts about buying something from them nor did I want to buy from some place else – they are such wonderful people so I reckon this would be a small gesture on my part to show my support. After all, as they say, that’s what friends are for.

I spotted these…


…at another stall – my favourite, chicken liver and I simply could not resist buying it. When I got home, I tried one and it was absolutely out of this world! However, as I already had a lot to eat that evening, I packed the liver in a container and put it away in the fridge to enjoy another day.

The following day was Friday, our no-meat day, so I bought these cockles…


…from that same stall for our dinner after we had come back home from getting our girl from her school in the jungle. Unfortunately, we found that some of them had gone off/bad so we decided not to take the risk and threw the whole lot away. Yes, there is a channel where we can lodge a complaint but no, I did not want to do it – after all, since they were fasting, they could not taste their cooking so they probably were not aware of it and besides, I sure would have no intention whatsoever to spoil their mood for the auspicious festival that is right round the corner, coming up real soon.

I also bought these snails…


…from them and yes, these were really very good. Ever since I saw KY’s blogpost about eating them in Hanoi, I had been dying to go to the market to buy some to cook and eat. We sure enjoyed eating this to the max even though we had to go through the chore of getting each of them out of the shell.

We’re halfway through Ramadan, around two more weeks to Hari Raya Aidilfitri which means that I have a fortnight left to enjoy what they have in store at these Ramadan bazaars here and there in our little town.

PASAR RAMADAN SIBU TOWN SQUARE PHASE 2 (2.291732, 111.8232070 is located along Jalan Bujang Suntong, across the road from the Sibu Town Square.

Author: suituapui

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7 thoughts on “The big one…”

  1. Still thinking of whether to visit the Ramadan Bazaar this year as weather has been very warm recently and there is no aircon at the bazaar, last year I went at night and still I was sweating profusely

    No good days over where you are? We are blessed with rain, roughly on alternate days, not blistering hot every day here…so those evenings would be great for a stroll around these bazaars.

  2. I have seen those snails sold at the Stutong wet market but never buy to try. Are they the same as those what we called “chut chut”? I like chicken livers too.

    No, but the Foochows call both of them by the same name – chee loi. Both are nice. This one, you will need to use a toothpick or pin to get the flesh out. Used to be 50 sen for a tin – I saw at a supermarket that day, RM12.00 a kg…and the shells are so heavy. Tsk! Tsk!

  3. Haha, great snail meal, we call these balitong in Penang 😀

    I thought balitongs would be the chut chut, the ones you suck out of the shell? Here, we have the same name for both in Foochow, chee loi!

  4. I so love Ramadan bazaars! Problem is, I tend to got overboard and buy too much because everything looked tasty. But it was years sine I went to one because the bazaar that used to be near my office has since moved to another location that is not convenient for me to visit.

    Gotta have a lot of self control, like the chicken my missus bought that day. She took it all out for our dinner but we had bought our own choices already…so I asked her to just take a few pieces to try and put the rest away for another day. Can buy a lot but must spread out over the following days, not all at one go.

  5. Wow. I don’t get to see they selling the snails and cockles in the bazaar here.

    Gosh. I like everything except the liver. Lol.

    I haven’t been to any Ramadan bazaar as I am still recovering from my sickness. Coughing. So, don’t feel like going to those places as I usually end up with fried or spicy stuff, not so good for my throat and cough. Hehe.

    There is one new bazaar here at my place but pretty small. First time having it here. Maybe one day when I am well and before it ends.

    You sure have been sick for a long time. At times, coughs may be due to allergies.
    Not much time left – if you miss it this time around, you will have to wait till next year.

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