The very next day…

I went back to that old lady’s stall at the coffee shop here the very next day that day because my girl saw the photographs of what I ate there and said that she wished she could have the same as well.

Well, as always, her wish is my command and I made my way there, past 10.00 a.m. that morning, to buy the old lady’s really nice mee goreng special for all of us that day for lunch.

While I was there, I took the opportunity to try her kway teow goreng special (RM6.00)…

…as I noticed the day before that she had those flat rice noodles on her menu and I had never tried that before.

Believe it or not, it was just past 10 o’ clock, that time of the morning when many here would go for their mid-morning tea break and she told me she was down to her LAST chicken wing…

…already so I would not be getting any with my orders for her mee goreng special. Good grief!

Business must be really good that day because she was frying rice when I got there and she said that was the last plate – she had run out of rice too but yes, she still had her nasi lemak (coconut rice). She probably ran out of fresh chilies as well because unlike the day before, she did not give me any, just bottled chili sauce with soy sauce added.

Thankfully, she still had her very nice daging masak hitam

…so I could have that with my orders.

I asked her to pack it separately from the noodles that I ordered because the ladies in the house are not that fond of our exclusively Sarawak dish, so black and so sweet (with raisins added), they said but they loved what we got from the old lady. They insisted that it was more like the local Malay rendang, not so black and so sweet like the masak hitam. Come to think of it, hers was more like how they cook their beef or chicken liver at a lot of places here

…my favourite!!!

The kway teow

…was nice, same recipe but between the two, I think I would prefer the mee. Minus the chicken wing plus one fried egg (RM1.00 each, she told me the day before), the mee (and the daging masak hitam too, of course) was only RM4.50, RM13.50 only for our lunch that day and the servings were so huge that there was enough left over for our dinner even!!!

Of course, it would taste a lot nicer, eaten there, piping hot from the wok but unfortunately, according the old lady, she takes Sunday off every week and she closes early on Saturdays, around 10.00 a.m. “Lelah (tired)!” she said which did not surprise me one bit as she said she is in her 70’s already – she sure does not look it and is a whole lot more active than others her age! On weekdays, she opens at 7.00 a.m. till around lunchtime (noon). I guess we shall have to wait till there is a school holiday or something before we can make our way there for another round of her mee goreng special.

FAST CAFE (2.319250, 111.832257) is located in the vicinity of Sungai Antu at No. 11, Jalan Tapang Timur, off Jalan Kampung Nangka.