Please please me…

Well, it sure got her mighty pleased, the air fryer that my missus bought the other day.

Last Friday, she used it to fry this or chio/ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret)…

…and it turned out perfectly done!

She said that it only needed a tablespoon of cooking oil, compared to one wok full when she used to fry it before. Other than that, she was delighted that there was no spluttering – no need to clean the stove top once she was done, no need to mop the whole kitchen that would usually be covered with a layer of oil – you can feel it when you walk on the floor tiles in the kitchen!

Somebody said that cleaning the air fryer can be such a chore but cleaning the oven after grilling something in it is not easy either, all that scrubbing to get rid of the grease and if you have a BIG one like ours, the one that came with our stand-up gas cooker, you may have to climb into it to clean it thoroughly. I usually would just do what I could and close one eye, just forget about it, after that.

Back to the air fryer, I did ask my girl about it and she said that the mum would soak the parts that need cleaning in her own-made enzyme after which she can rinse them clean very easily. I’ve seen them lying around in the kitchen, left there to dry and they sure looked very clean…and yes, I did see her soaking the baking tray from the oven in the kitchen sink overnight as well, before. I guess give and take a little, it will all boil down to more or less the same thing.

Of course I am mighty pleased myself that she is pleased with it – I sure would not want another white elephant in the kitchen or in the storeroom, especially one that did not come cheap.

Moving on from the air fryer, I bet nobody remembers the own-made salted fish…

…that the nice lady at my favourite fish & seafood stall gave to me a long time ago, in September last year.

My missus took it and made this acar ikan masin (salted fish pickle)…

*Sorry for the blurry pic!*

…with it and boy, it was so so so good!!! I enjoyed it so much and it went so very well with the aforementioned air fryer-cooked fish. I must say that it was very much nicer than serving the fish with sambal, the way she did the other day.

Needless to say, I have to go slow with the salted fish in the acar – all that salt ain’t so good for my blood pressure and is bad for my kidneys as well. Just a bit a day and mixing the sauce with my rice come mealtime every day should be fine – it would definitely help whet my appetite.