Be back soon…

Ever since I watched Gordon Ramsey’s Great Escape, the episode where he went to India and cooked biryani rice and caught a glimpse of the butter chicken curry (nothing like the ones in the UK, he said) and the tandoori chicken there, I had been wanting to go back here for those exotic Indian culinary delights.

Finally, we managed to drop by for lunch that day but unfortunately, the authentic North Indian chef had gone home to India on holiday. He used to go back around the Muslim fasting month every year (or was it every two years?) to see his family and come back after Hari Raya but of course, he was not able to do that all this time owing to the pandemic. According to the boss, he will only be back around the middle of next month (May).

My girl insisted on having the biryani rice with mutton masala

We were told that the Indian chef did teach the Indonesian chef how to cook some of the dishes on the Indian menu but not the ones where the traditional tandoori oven would have to be used so the tandoori chicken and the butter chicken curry were temporarily unavailable.

Much to my girl’s delight, the mutton masala

…turned out to be very good, unlike that time when I had the fish curry in his absence and it turned out to be quite different, not what I was expecting.

My missus ordered this version of the Indonesian ayam penyet

…which was a bit different from what we had before…

The chicken…

…was the same and she commented that she liked how it was actually clobbered unlike some of those Malay places where they just serve it, deep fried.

The sides that came with the dish were different – there was the kerabu (pickles)…

…and this lovely eggplant/brinjal with peanut sauce…

…the same as what one would get with their ikan sumbat (stuffed fish) dish…

…and yes, my missus enjoyed her order very much.

I went for their ayam opor

…their Indonesian version of the Malay korma chicken but I prefer how they would serve it before…

…not in a bowl like that!

They were very generous with the chicken…

…three huge chunks, with one hard boiled egg and half a potato, cut into two so I only got two quarters of the latter. I sure wouldn’t mind just two pieces of the chicken and more potatoes instead.

The total for our lunch that day came up to RM64.00 but the boss just rounded it up to RM60.00. Ain’t that nice?

THE CAFE IND (2.290813, 111.829294) is located along Laichee Lane, right behind one block of shops facing the main road (Jalan Kampung Nyabor) where the Bank Simpanan Nasional, Sibu branch (2.290561, 111.829071), is located

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9 thoughts on “Be back soon…”

  1. It is good that the Indonesian chef has acquired the skills from the Indian chef in cooking some of the Indian dishes. If my memory serve me right, your missus used to love their ayam opor but this time round it is a good change for her to try their ayam penyet. Among all, my preference is the ayam penyet which looks pretty good. The boss is always very kind to give a good discount.

    Yes, without my asking for it even!
    No, I was the one who liked the ayam opor, my missus loved their kalio ayam – the Indonesia curry. That is very nice too.
    You will like this place, everything’s not spicy…but customers can ask for it to be a little bit or medium or very hot!

  2. A lovely lunch you guys have. I love all the dishes.

    Will certainly go again once the authentic North Indian chef is back in town.

  3. I find curries in Britain a bit milder than ours in Malaysia.
    It would be nicer if they were a little bit more spicier.
    But I do love their chutneys here thou, more variety to choose from.

    1. You should watch those shows with Gordon Ramsey – he sure did not mince his words
      when he talked about the Indian restaurants in the UK and the things they served.
      I went to the two in Plymouth very often though, 1994 even though what I ate tasted like things from a can
      but everything was quite nice and at £2 per set lunch, it was the only thing affordable ,
      cheaper than McD’s or KFC!

  4. I have had the good fortune to travel to India and was impressed the diversity of cuisine from region to region.

    Lucky you! I really enjoyed the few episodes with Gordon Ramsey in India! Sure was an eye opener, indeed!

  5. This is another restaurant I would like to try.

    Nice place, awesome food – Indian or Indonesian menus, we love coming here!!!

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