Taste for gold…

I blogged about the Kit Kat line of ice cream last year and no, it did not sweep me off my feet. Of course, I never bought anymore after that.

Well, that day, when my sister dropped by for the lasagna lunch, she brought us these

Kit Kat Gold

I guess this is a new flavour from those celebrated chocolate-covered wafer people and what you will get inside is this stick of ice cream, vanilla, coated with white chocolate and bits of salted caramel flakes…

Kit Kat Gold, inside

It is very nice…

Kit Kat Gold, cross-section

…and the best thing about it is that it is not as sweet, especially with all that salted caramel in the coating.

We enjoyed it very much and we sure would want to buy some to stock up in the freezer, if and when we get to go out…and gold being very auspicious to the Chinese, they are promoting it for the coming new year!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Taste for gold…”

  1. Ice cream? I am sure I like them too. Who doesn’t? Will include it in my shopping list when I do my grocery shopping soon.

    Stock up for Chinese New Year, very auspicious! LOL!!!

  2. Ouh it is not very sweet? That’s interesting So far I have yet to come across this latest version of ice cream. I have tried searching for it but to no avail. Guess will still have to wait.

    Oh? All sold out perhaps. If we can get it here, I am sure you can get it there!

  3. Wow… long time I did not take ice cream! I must go get some and keep in the freezer!

    Cold things not good for old people but once in a while should be o.k.

  4. Oohh!! Nice eh? I must go look for it then. LOL!

    So widely advertised but nobody has tried, it seems. They really must thank me for this., LOL!!!

  5. I have lost my sweet tooth with age. I find commercial ice cream too sweet for me now.

    I’m ok with things that are not too sweet, cakes included…but I’m off anything cold including iced drinks for a long time now.

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