I agree…

In my post the other day, I blogged about the Korean luncheon meat and canned ham that the ladies in the house love so much.

Well, I wouldn’t say it is because of the K-pop influence – they are not into their songs but my missus do watch a lot of those Korean dramas and tv shows and the two ladies have been to Korea TWICE and generally, they are into anything and everything Korean, including kim chi, thank you very much.

Another thing that has slipped into their list of favourites is this Korean-made canned mackerel pike…

Korean mackerel pike & Marina sardines

…and yes, I would agree and say it is very nice too, something like canned sardines minus the tomato sauce.

We just fry it with sliced Bombay onion and chili and that’s it, the same thing that we would do when we fry sardines except that in the case of the latter, we would add a bit more tomato sauce and a sprinkling of sugar to bring its taste…

Mariner canned sardines

…to a whole new level.

So what is your favourite brand when it comes to canned sardines? I like Marina – the one in the above photograph but my missus likes Ayam so we would eat either one in the house depending on who the one it was who bought it.

And do you eat it like that or just heat it up and eat or do you cook it like how I would do it or in any other way? This is another way we would serve our canned sardines…

No cooking needed

We just empty the contents in the can onto a plate, peel and slice shallots and chili and place on top of the fish and squeeze a whole lot of calamansi lime over everything, no cooking required.

Moving away from the topic of today’s post, the other day, my girl used the leftover filo pastry to make these…

Mel's quiche

…her variation of the quiche except that they were covered, not open. She filled them with the leftover salmon that she had the day before, egg. cheese, dill from my garden, Bombay onion and whatever else and yes, it was very nice!

With the current MCO lockdown, I guess I can expect her to keep herself busy in the kitchen a lot more than usual. Fingers crossed! LOL!!!

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