Do you want to know…

This is a follow-up post to the one on the lovely croissants the other day. Well, if anyone is interested, they are only RM7.20 for a pack of 4, just 1.80 each. That is so much cheaper than the ones here or here but I guess these are a bit smaller.

In that post, I mentioned that I had the croissant with some leftover Korean luncheon meat that was so very nice, not salty and with the usual fragrance and taste. That prompted some people to ask what brand it was and how much it cost. Well, I did not have the slightest idea as it was my missus who bought that – twice and because we enjoyed it so much, that day she went back to that supermarket to get some more and if you were one of those who wanted to know, this should answer all your questions.

Some West Malaysian friends asked if it was Lotte and the answer is no, the one we had earlier wasn’t that brand but this time around, my missus bought two brands…

Korean luncheon meat

…one of which was Lotte (RM12.50)…


…thank goodness for the stickers because everything on the can is in Korean and it’s all Greek to me.

The other brand (RM13.95)…


…was what we had and it was very good. We’ll get down to trying the Lotte one soon.

They are a whole lot cheaper than SPAM, also available here, and a whole lot nicer. Incidentally, they have SPAM in Korea too! My flight attendant friend gave me a can

Korean SPAM

…once but only the can was Korean. It was made in the US and it was SPAM, nothing more, nothing less – not nice, so salty!

We also tried a small can of this canned ham…

Korean canned ham

…not too long ago and since it was very nice, this time around, my missus bought some more (RM14.50)…


Yes, I know they sure do not come cheap (I hear they are cheaper if you order via SHOPEE), though cheaper than SPAM and many of the imported brands of luncheon meat (I would not touch the China ones with a 10-foot pole, thank you very much) so I guess it is best if we restrict ourselves to eating these once in a while only. After all, people always say that processed meat and canned foods aren’t so good for health.

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