You’re early…

Yes, I was very early, 7 something that morning but the coffee shop was already open and there were a few customers, old folks mostly, sitting around having their morning coffee while a few were having kampua mee for breakfast.

I ordered coffee, black and the guy asked if I wanted it in a cup (RM1.00)…

Kian Hock kopi-o

…or a glass and I asked for the former. I think it is smaller so it was only a ringgit.

I’ve been here a few times before. Once, I had the kampua mee and on another occasion, I had the Foochow fried noodles, the moon version but no, I never went back for more even though we did stop by for a very nice lunch once.

So what brought me there that morning, you may ask? Well, I saw some friends sharing photographs of the KL Hokkien mee they had there and it looked good. I had that at the brother’s place before and yes, it was quite good but I had not gone back since, if you catch the drift.

My order that morning took a long time coming because the one doing the cooking at the back had not arrived yet and it was almost 8 already when I was served (RM8.00)…

Kian Hock KL Hokkien mee

It was good – there were lots of ingredients including a few prawns and bits of sotong (squid) , a couple of fried fish slices and some vegetables plus the pork fat crusts (bak yu phok) but I would not mind a stronger wok hei fragrance. Yes, they do not use plastic here too – a pat on the back for that.

I can’t say I am all that crazy about KL Hokkien mee but should I feel like having that again, it will most probably be this one…or the one at the brother’s place. I tapao-ed back for my missus to try and even though she never liked KL Hokkien mee here or anywhere, for that matter, much to my surprise, she actually liked this one!

KIAN HOCK COFFEE SHOP (2.284853, 111.831557) is located along Jalan Maju to the left of the River Park Hotel, right across the road from The Ark and the Rejang Esplanade.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “You’re early…”

  1. This KL style hokkien Mee always taste nicer when tapao because the noodles turned softer to the point of melting in the mouth as one with the gravy so no wonder your wife likes it.

    I see. It’s the same with the Sibu Foochow fried noodles too but there will not be any sauce/gravy left.

  2. The KL Hockkien mee looks great but unfortunately I am not so fond of it. Are the noodles the same that is used for mee jawa?

    No, mee jawa here makes use of the regular yellow noodles. This one’s big and thick, only for KL Hokkien mee. Nice enough to have sometime for a change – can’t say I love it so much. Our Foochow fried mee is nicer. LOL!!!

  3. One ringgit per cup of coffee is hardly heard these days… I don’t drink coffee so each time I go to coffeeshop, I either order chinese tea or barley suam… Hokkien mee must have pork lard, even for a few pieces… yummy!

    Yes, it had that among the noodles. Chinese tea would be even cheaper, no sugar.

  4. The KL style Hockkien mee suits my taste just right. Had it before the lockdown in KL. :p

    Coffee at RM1? That’s unheard of in this post-pandemic era. 😀

    Thankful that things are still quite affordable here.

  5. I always wanted to try KL hokkien mee as it looks so flavourful and full of wok hei to me.

    “wok hei” – that’s the key phrase that draws the line between the boys and the men. If they do not have that, it’s really not that nice.

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