So dark…

Every working day, I will send my girl to work at around 6.00 a.m. in the morning. After dropping her off at the school, I may or may not go some place to eat something for breakfast, depending on the mood but whenever I do so, I will tapao something back for my missus to enjoy.

The problem is at around 6.30 a.m., most places are still closed and among those that are open, many are not in my list of favourites. In the end, you will see me going to the same places again and again which, of course, means that I do not have new things to blog about. That was the very reason why I was here not too long ago and the other day, I went there again.

The ladies at the vegetarian stall…

Ming Xuan Corner vegetarian

…were still getting ready. I did not know what they were serving as the menu was completely in Mandarin so I stood there waiting but no, they just ignored me.

In the end, I just went to the stall next to it…

Ming Xuan Corner stall

…the one I had something from on my last visit, their kolo mee which was not bad but was nothing like kolo mee as everybody knows it so of course, I would not want to order that again.

This time around, I asked for their pan mee (RM5.00)…

Ming Xuan Corner pan mee

…and I would say that it wasn’t too bad. As a matter of fact, I had that a long time ago and I did enjoy it, just that I never came back for more as frankly, I’m not all that crazy about pan mee. To me, it’s just something that I may consider having sometimes for a change.

Now, that brings me to another problem when I go around and eat so early in the morning when it is still dark and I will have to depend on the florescent light in the premises. This photo…

Ming Xuan Corner pan mee, two eggs

…was taken in broad daylight the last time I had this same thing and I am sure everyone would agree that it does look a whole lot nicer. This one was RM6.00, two eggs but it looks like they were a lot more generous with the added ingredients at the time.

We are already into Day 5 of the partial lockdown aka the Movement Control Order and I’ve run out of things to blog about. Perhaps I shall cook some dishes and blog about them or see what else I can talk about to keep things going. We’ll see!

MING XUAN CORNER (2.312754, 111.846595), formerly UNG TONG, is located in the second block of shops on your right if you are turning in from Jalan Pedada at the junction after Delta Mall, heading towards Lorong Taman Seduan 8, somewhere opposite the Bread Sense Bakery outlet there, a little to the left.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “So dark…”

  1. Your pan mee is dry version? For pan mee, i prefer soup one. Looking forward to see what you whipped out in the kitchen, i am sure they look and taste good.

    Not crazy about the soup version. I would go for the dry one once in a long while for something different for a change, not crazy about it either.

  2. I prefer dry pan mee to soupy ones. Yes, time for you to show what you cook so that I can get idea from it, hahaha….😆😆😆

    That makes two of us. I don’t like the ikan bilis getting into contact with the soup, all wet and not crispy anymore after that, taste also diluted. Don’t think I will be cooking a lot – the ladies will be doing all that to keep themselves occupied.

  3. I am not too crazy about pan mee either. Well, I am looking forwards to you home cooking hee..hee…

    Don’t get your hopes up too high! The ladies are in the house so I don’t think I will get the chance to show off my culinary skills. LOL!!!

  4. I prefer soup for pan mee. Not a big fan eithet but I don’t mind for a change sometime.

    Looks like there are many like us…and yet, there are quite a few pan mee places around – I wonder if they enjoy a lot of business. Probably enough to keep them going.

  5. Wow, the pan mee looks soooo good!! I miss that now… now it is all about homecooking these days…

    Yes, hopefully, everyone cooperates and the partial lockdown will end on 31st March and normal life may resume. I cannot imagine if it is extended – I’ll go mad!!!

  6. You are up bright and early. That’s my style too. Usually, a 5 am start for me. Have to say I have been sleeping in until 6:30 am, however, now that I don’t have to physically get to work.

    I still go to sleep early and wake up early, hard habit to break.

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