Love story…

One of my ex-Kanowit students went and worked at the Yien King Restaurant in Sibu after she left school and there, she met this chef from Ipoh, Perak, a humble and quiet guy, she said, and they fell in love and got married. Eventually, they moved out to Kuching and ventured out on their own.

Today, they are successful owners of this restaurant there

Xin Kwong Chin Seafood

…and she so very graciously invited us…

At Moi Fah's restaurant

…to dinner at her restaurant on my 2nd night in Kuching.

This was really nice, the coffee pork…

Coffee spare ribs

– stewed pork spare ribs with a light hint of coffee. I sure enjoyed that very much and also this kway teow midin

Kway teow midin

…flat rice noodles with wild jungle fern. We can’t get this in Sibu except upon special request, I heard – only at places where there is a fried noodles stall and a chu-char (cook & fry) place in the same shop so there will be kway teow and midin too.

The fried bihun

Fried bihun

…did not arouse as much excitement but it was very good as well and so was the fried tofu with minced meat sauce on top…

Minced meat tofu

I heard something like these…

Vietnamese rolls

…were Vietnamese rolls with chicken and fish inside and yes, they were very nice.

The prawns…


…were truly superb, something like  a cross between Vietnamese-style prawns and our local assam (tamarind) ones. Later, my ex-student realised that they had forgotten to serve the buns with it but we insisted that we did not want those as we were way too full to eat them.

That night, it was this steamed tengalan


…a very expensive freshwater river fish, over RM100.00 a kilo, that stole the show. Another ex-student of mine brought it all the way from Kanowit and I really loved it! It was so fine and smooth and sweet and personally, I liked it more than the super expensive empurau aka wang poo liao or the semah or the tangadak and I particularly loved how it did not have those tiny forked bones found in abundance in the other three.

We sure enjoyed chatting and catching up with one another’s lives – so far, I’ve met Rose once earlier this year and Gerard in church here in Sibu a couple of times and my ex-colleague, Juliana, also retired like me. The rest, I had not seen for 40 years ever since they left school after Form 3 to go to another school across river and it sure was great to see them again.

That certainly was a memorable get-together and an awesome dinner, thank you so much, Moi Fah, for the kind and generous treat and Ah Lee for the out-of-this-world fish.

XIN KWONG CHIN SEAFOOD (1.518368, 110.366323) is located at Lorong Bayor Bukit 9, Taman Supreme, right next door to Porkies. Opens 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m till 10.00 p.m.

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8 thoughts on “Love story…”

  1. All the food look very tasty. I am interested in two dishes here, the coffee pork and the vietnamese rolls with chicken and fish inside.

    You don’t know what you’re missing – the fish will burn a hole in your pocket if you can get it in Singapore…even though it may be frozen, not that fresh and not so nice anymore.

  2. It would be nice to dip the buns into the sauce and eat.

    With the kway teow and the bihun and we did ask for a few bowls of rice to share, we couldn’t possibly eat the buns anymore.

  3. All the dishes looks looks great. The coffee pork is something new and interesting to me. I am confused with the address??? Taman Supreme???…as far as I know the place where Porkies now stand is called Peach Garden if I am not wrong. Maybe someone who knows better will enlighten me to clear my doubts.

    I haven’t the slightest idea. I googled the place and that was what I got. I think the GPS is correct so you can use that. Anyway, I am sure you know where Porkies is. I saw on Google Maps that the road system is quite confusing, have to go in through the back, can’t go in through Jalan Song. Ember is in that same area too…and I hear Top 10 has some nice stuff as well.

  4. Seldom go to that part of the area since I moved to my current place. But hope to give this place a try. The dishes you guys had looked delicious. But usually that area pretty packed and hard to find decent parking.

    This is not the only attraction there, I hear Top 10 is nice…and Ember is there too. Porkies has very nice ribs, can go and try. Oink Oink is there too, if I am not mistaken.

  5. Used to go to Top 10 for breakfast. Yes, tried Oink Oink and Porkies, once. Lunch on both occasion. Hardly go there for dinner.

    Seems like a very busy place round dinnertime, not so bad in the morning or round lunchtime.

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