My girl loves the stuffed crust of the pizzas here…

Pizza Hut, Sibu

…whereas I, on the other hand, can hardly remember that last time I ate there – I think it was way back in 2010. Well, she asked if we could go there for dinner the other day as she was feeling like having that and of course, I would never say no.

I did enjoy their smoked deli wings before – I thought they tasted really great and I loved the lingering fragrance on the fingers long after one had left the place so of course, I ordered those (RM16.15 for 4 pieces)…


…but unfortunately, they did not taste like the ones I had before, somewhat disappointing, I would say. They didn’t even look the same and no, there wasn’t any lingering fragrance once I had washed my hands.

We asked for the trio treats weekend (RM64.75) to share and chose the cream of mushroom soup, 2 bowls…

Soup & ice cream

…over their garlic bread. They were out of the moist chocolate cake that we were supposed to get and asked if we would mind having the chocolate ice cream, 2 scoops, instead. I wonder what they would do if we had said no…but no, we did not want to be difficult so we did not make a fuss. I did not fancy the soup all that much – it had that powdery kind of feeling that one would get when eating those powder-form soups that come in packets or boxes.

The meatball spaghetti bolognese, they only had chicken, no beef, was all right…


…nothing to shout about and nothing to complain about either.

We picked their ceasar salad…


…and that too was fine – we have had others a whole lot nicer elsewhere.

My girl enjoyed the beef pepperoni pizza…


…I did not notice the fine print but looking at the cashier’s receipt, I noted that they charged RM5.50 for stuffed crust. I just had  a slice, the mum had two and my girl sure enjoyed her three.

There were only two complimentary drinks so I ordered a bottle of mineral water (RM3.70) for myself.

I saw on their menu that they had chocolate lava cake and of course, I wanted to try but I had the feeling they did not have it. True enough, when I asked, I was told that it was not available.

Service was great, very prompt and efficient and the total I had to fork out for everything came up to RM74.60, inclusive of 6% SST. Ah well, as long as it made my girl very happy, I was perfectly o.k. with it.

PIZZA HUT, the Sibu town centre outlet is located at Wisma Sanyan (2.290647, 111.825687), ground floor, along Jalan Sanyan, formerly Causeway.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Crust…”

  1. I too would enjoy the stuffed crust pizza but it has been a long time since the last time I ate at pizza hut.

    Not that nice, there are nicer pizzas at other places in town. For that kind of money, I’d much sooner go to those…but I guess they are not halal.

  2. The deli wings look good though, a pity they are not up to standard. Usually when I happen to eat Pizza Hut, I would order home delivery, as it is so convenient, just a phone call away.

    We can call too here…and the other pizza places as well, one is a Singapore franchise. Will not be as nice as eating it there, of course.

  3. For the total amount of RM74.60, I will certainly go to other places for a decent and worthwhile dinner after all I am not much into pizza. Call me typical Chinese, hehehe….😜😜😜

    I’m not typically Chinese but for food, this standard, I would say a big NO, thank you. Dunno what people see in it, maybe it’s a more trendy place to hang out like that coffee place and they do not care about the food…or the money.

  4. I tried the deli chicken before, now they have different flavour. I still like the old taste.

    Yes, the old one was so very much nicer, slightly reddish in colour and so very wangi. This one, so disappointing!

  5. I haven’t been to Pizza Hut for a very long time. I had the same experience as you with the mushroom soup. It was awful. But I like their pizzas.

    Yes, powdery and so very diluted. I would love soups that are thick and rich and this one here is far from it! Not really a fan of their pizzas either – we have better ones elsewhere but my girl seems to enjoy their pepperoni.

  6. Wait, are these crusts gluten-free? Wowsers! If I am remembering accurately, your girl doesn’t eat gluten, right?

    That was a false alarm. The tests came out negative so it probably was due to something else not gluten so she is slowly going back to eating non-gluten free stuff.

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