Back in action…

There was a fire at this coffee shop at Rejang Park here in February last year so it was closed a long time for restoration and renovation works.

A long time ago, the kampua mee stall here was my favourite – there were a few Indonesian girls helping out and honestly, their proficiency in Mandarin and our Foochow dialect put mine to shame. I don’t know what happened but one fine day, they were no longer there and somebody else took over the stall. I did not like what I had from the new people so I never went back there again.

It has been back in action for a while now and is looking much nicer than before. Why, I think it even has a new name…

Hao U Duo

…I don’t think that was what it was called before but I cannot for the dear life of me remember what it was.

There is a stall further in, selling mee sua, pek ting eyok (Eight Treasures), that kind of stuff but I did  not feel like going for those that morning so I just ordered the kampua mee from the stall in front…

Kampua stall

…run by this elderly man assisted by a lady, most likely his wife.

The kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) was RM1.50, just so-so, but the kampua mee (RM3.00)…

Kampua 1

…was pretty decent.

I liked how they did not use those horrible plastic plates and bowls and they did not bother to colour the boiled meat red…

Kampua 2

In my growing up years, the meat was always red but no, it was not char siew (barbecued meat), just a rather pale imitation – boiled meat, coloured red and at one time, there was a ban on the colouring used so the practice stopped for a while. These days, there are places using real char siew or stewed pork while others have gone back to colouring it red, some shockingly so. I don’t know what colouring they use and I do hope the ones they use now are safe for consumption.

All in all, I would say that the kampua mee I had was o.k. but then again, there are a few other places around here that are pretty o.k. too and the next time around, I may want to try something from the stall further in or the chu char (cook & fry) place at the back.

HAO U DUO CAFE & RESTAURANT (2.307007, 111.836691) is located right next to the post office in the Rejang Park Commercial Centre, along Jalan Teruntum.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Back in action…”

  1. I prefer the non-red meat, colourless is fine with me… those days, all the char siew were red in colour and I grew up eating that… the Kampua looks good for RM3, I have finished my 10 packets of kampua noodles during the first week when I was in Aberdeen!

    Oh dear!!! And you’ve been going round here, there and everywhere eating…eating!!! That is one problem in temperate weather – always hungry and everything tastes so nice!

  2. Once someone told me that kampua meat are supposed to be white and thinly sliced, not thick like this one. They also joke that once the fan is on the meat will fly about. Sibu serve big portion of kampua unlike Kuching.

    See my reply to zmun2 below about the thinly-sliced meat. All my growing up years, it was boiled meat – not char siew, not stewed pork, not siew yoke…but it was always coloured pinkish red, never white…until it was banned because of the colouring used.

  3. I dont remember. I am bad with Chinese name. Lol. But I do know which coffee shop it is. The kampua stall operated by a lady. I don’t remember seeing this man mending the stall. Maybe the husband.

    Hah!!! I checked my old blogposts – it was “Kawan” before. Yes, I did go once when a woman took over from those with the Indonesian helpers and yes, her kampua was also very good – not the one after her. That was why I never went back again.

  4. The plate and the bowl are quite pretty. I also dislike plastic plates.

    They are banning plastic bags (mostly ignored – they sell one at 30 sen each, cashing in on the ban) and drinking straws – waiting for the day when they will ban the use of all plastic plates and bowls. This concerns the health of the consumers, not so much the environment.

  5. Gotta say I haven’t seen this boiled meat before, probably a healthier option compared to charsiu?

    If it is very good real char siew, this is not as nice – it’s just boiled meat.

  6. I don’t like eating off plastic either. Thumbs up for ceramics.

    Hopefully, the authorities will ban the use of those soon owing to health concerns.

  7. ooo, at first glance, i wasn’t 100 percent sure that was pork – it looked nearly like beef! 🙂

    It does have a darker shade like beef…or wild boar, eh?

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