Blow out the candles…

It’s my brother-in-law’s birthday today…

Cake by Marcus

…so of course, the daughter, my niece working in Singapore, came home over the long Easter weekend to celebrate the auspicious occasion.

This time around, we all gathered for dinner here and we had the fried mee sua (Foochow longevity noodles) with the golden eggs…

Fried mee sua and eggs

…and we also ordered the vegetables that my niece would not be able to find that easily over in the island republic, the midin (wild jungle fern)…


…and the cangkok manis

Cangkok manis

Well, everyone who drops by here would surely want to have their signature dish, the curry fish head…

Curry fish head

…and yes, we had that too. We thought it was a little too sweet but we did enjoy it nonetheless.

My brother-in-law pre-booked the roast duck…

Roast duck

…wrapped in the paper-thin egg wrapper with everything else…

Egg wrapper

…and yes, it was good too…

Roast duck, wrapped

There is a general consensus that the food here is not quite as good as before and can burn a hole in one’s pocket. The total for our dinner that night, 7 of us altogether, inclusive of rice and drinks, came up to RM276.00 but of course, since my niece was hosting, that was less than SGD100.00 so it was not too bad after all.

It’s my brother-in-law’s 66th birthday and he insisted on having 66 candles on the cake. I do not know what he wished for before blowing out the candles but 6622 came out first prize that very night…and he did win something even though he bought his birthdate, 2626 but he did “box” or whatever they call it. Lucky guy! That sure was a great start to the year ahead and once again, a very Happy Birthday to him, all good wishes and God bless.

SHERATON RESTAURANT (2.298521, 111.830619) is located along Brooke Drive, on your left soon after Telekom Malaysia, if you are coming from town.

Author: suituapui

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6 thoughts on “Blow out the candles…”

  1. Happy 66th Birthday to your Brother in law. So lucky of him to strike the lottery.

    Thank you. A good start to a great year, hopefully.

  2. What a lovely celebration and your BIL is luckily to have won something. With that price I bet you can have better dishes elsewhere.

    Happy Blessed Birthday to him….๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ

    Thank you. Not really – if you go to this kind of grand full-fledged Chinese restaurants. Their full 8-course dinner is almost 1K these days – of course, there are cheaper options but those aren’t that nice…plus we had fish…and duck, table cloth…and cloth napkin some more!

  3. Wow. He is so blessed with such feast and winning a number. Haha. Happy birthday to him.

    I remember my aunt would pack some midin back to Singapore as my cousins love eating the vegetables. And many packs of kolo mee too.

    …and if from Sibu, kampua and kompia! Thanks for your birthday wishes.

  4. Happy birthday to your bro-in-law! May i know where you ordered that lovely looking cake from?


    Thanks. That’s from Marcus, Sibu famous home-baked cakes. Been doing that for a long time, probably started in the 70’s. So many bakeries in town, so many types of cakes, none can compare to his. Made to order though, can’t just drop by and buy.

  5. 66 candles! that needs to be a big cake! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will need a slightly bigger one when my turn comes then – I’m a year older. Stand by the fire extinguishers! LOL!!!

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