Up the river…

On Saturday, the 6th of April, the third day of our Sacred Heart & St Elizabeth’s 50th Anniversary Reunion celebration, we went on a cruise in this old-time motor launch…


…up the majestic Rejang River, the longest in the country to this very nice wooden house…

Our destination

…about an hour away. You can click THIS LINK to their Facebook page to find out more about it or THIS LINK to watch the youtube video.

We had a group photograph, one for the memory…

Group pic
*Photo from Robert’s Wooden House Facebook page*

…at the jetty before we left on the boat ride. Not everyone signed in for this event because in that brief weekend in town, they had other commitments so they did not have the luxury of time for everything.

I was attracted to the artworks on the walls of the employees’ quarters…

Wall art 1

…the moment we landed – they were all so very nicely done…

Wall art 2

…I must say. They should do the same…

Wall art 3

…here and there in the town to brighten up the place a little – we do have  a few scattered here and there, usually not noticeable enough to grab the attention of people passing by.

At the house…

Robert's wooden house

…one can get to see all kinds of interesting antiques…

Antique telephone

…and stuff – I did take a lot of photographs of quite a lot of them…

Old school food cupboards

…and shared them on Facebook and while we were there, those in the know…

In Robert's wooden house

…shared some very interesting stories of the place, the history, the culture and even the politics of the people, the town, the state and the country.

Lunch was included, catered by the people here who have now relocated to where our one-time favourite Thai restaurant was. There was the fried rice…

Fried rice

…and the fried noodles…

Fried mee

…and this was either chicken or fish…

Chicken or fish

…I don’t quite remember now and there was Japanese egg tofu…

Japanese egg tofu

…and a dish of mushroom and broccoli…

Mushroom broccoli

…and fruits…


…and needless to say, this…


…was the main attraction and all were gone in no time at all.

It certainly was a delightful excursion, a pleasant experience indeed…but we could not linger around longer as after that quick lunch, we had to make our way back to town to go back and rest before the grand finale that night…and that will be in tomorrow’s post! Make sure you come back for that, ‘kay?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Up the river…”

  1. Interesting outing you had with your friends! And of course, the yummy food that comes with this trip and all…

    Yes, too bad not everybody could join. We had a great time!

  2. Wow, that was indeed a very interesting outing. The artworks are beautuful. Oh my, the food looks so good and the kompia stuffed with mined meat is my favourite. This year reunion celebration seems so grand.

    Our 50th Anniversary, 50 years after we left Form 5. Glad that so many made and effort to come back and join.

  3. I did notice that you must be on cruise as the photos you took and posted in fb is from the river angle.

    Love the artwork on the house.

    Yes, I did take a photo of the house from the boat as we were arriving…and also a photo of Kingwood Hotel on our way back to town. We went under the Lanang Bridge but I did not take any photo of that as I could not see any nice angle for a worthwhile shot from the moving boat.

  4. Life jackets are provided inside the boat. You don’t have to put it on except for when the need arise. Same for the express boat that ply the Rajang everyday. The wooden boat is licensed to carry passengers.

    Yes, we saw them, all under the chairs. Some did take one or two out to have a closer look. It was a slow boat ride, laid-back and smooth, no worries. We used to swim across the river in our younger days but I don’t think we can do it now. LOL!!!

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