Six years…

We were here six years ago, my 1969 Form 5 classmates in Sacred Heart Secondary School and the girls from our sister school right next door, St Elizabeth’s but this time around, there were a lot more people…

Reunion group photo

…than the previous time, this being our 50th Anniversary, 50 years since we left school and went our separate ways.

This was on Friday night after our lunch here and because I was abstaining from meat, I did not touch the lamb nor the chicken but that wasn’t much of a problem as I could have the fried noodles…

Fried mee and bihun

…in the buffet spread and the vegetables in the mixed vegetable dish…

Mixed vegetables

…and also the fish fillet with its very nice sourish sweet sauce…

Fried fish fillet

…and the prawns…


Angela, my good friend/ex-classmate, Robert’s wife made these mini angku kueh (紅龜粿)…

Ang ku kueh

…with yam and peanut filling and I so loved her grated coconut-coated  ti kew or kueh bakul, aka nian gao (年糕)…

Ti kwe

I’m not a fan of the traditional sticky cake but hers was an exception to the rule. I sure feasted on it as I enjoyed it a lot!

Among the dessert selections from the hotel, there were fruits and these lovely cream puffs…

Cream puffs

I did not find out if they made them themselves or they got them from some bakery in town but they were very nice and I had at least half a dozen. LOL!!!

On the whole, I felt that the buffet dinner we had here the previous time was much nicer but this one was fine with us. After all, we were there to enjoy one another’s company and we sure had a whole lot of fun, singing and dancing the night away.

Day 3 of our 50th Anniversary Reunion celebration coming right up next…

LI HUA HOTEL RESTAURANT (2.284477, 111.8316940) is located on the 1st floor of the hotel at the T-junction of Lorong Lanang 2 and Jalan Maju.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Six years…”

  1. A lovely spread of food and dessert. I am sure I will enjoy the dessert as much as the food.

    We enjoyed the spread but we were more into getting together and having a lot of fun, singing and dancing. The hotel people extended the closing time specially for us that night, so nice of them.

  2. I could have a lot of those cream puffs. I want to try that nian gao. Fried noodles with fish fillets and prawns would be enough for me too.

    All good, the first time I found myself enjoying nian gao.

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