What I meant to say…

I dropped by here again the other morning because I saw a friend on Facebook sharing, among the photographs, one of the Foochow fried noodles, wet/with gravy for only RM2.50. Now that is indeed very cheap, cheaper than the kampua mee at many places around town.

They have quite a sophisticated system here – you just take your seat and one of the volunteers will come with his/her tablet to take your orders. They will key them in at the cashier’s counter on the other side and the order chit will come out via this machine, that grey thing on the counter…

At Laudato Si

…where the chu-char (cook & fry) section is. One of the ladies will keep a copy and hand the other copy to the cooks there.

The one who came to me could only speak Mandarin, it seemed but anyhow, I managed to tell him what I wanted or so I thought until I got my receipt…


Kering (dry)? Now, that certainly was not what I meant to say and no, it was RM3.00 a plate, not RM2.50. Still, it was very much cheaper than at other places where the going price for fried noodles is now RM4.00, at least. Never mind, I thought, I would just eat what I would be served and this (RM3.00)…

Mee goreng kering 1

…came eventually.

A friend who happened to be there that morning said that the serving was small but I replied that it did not matter as it was so much cheaper. However, looking at it, I think it seemed like there was less than in a regular plate of the noodles because they were not using a flat plate…

Mee goreng kering 2

Other than that, there certainly were a whole lot more ingredients…


…than what one would get elsewhere.

I did not see the sign for the ginseng soup with rice (RM5.00) anymore but there were other things in its place. For one thing, everything  was in Mandarin and that was Greek to me. This…

Claypot pork belly and yam

…caught my attention though – what looked like claypot stewed pork belly and yam with rice…

I sure would want to give it a try but it was way too early in  the morning for rice. Perhaps I shall come back for this another time.

LAUDATO SI is located in what was previously known as the Catholic Centre in the compound of the Sacred Heart Cathedral and St Rita’s Primary School.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “What I meant to say…”

  1. I’ve not eaten mi goreng for the longest time ever and now I am craving for it. Yours at RM3 is really a steal.

    Yes, really cheap. Some places sell kampua mee at RM3.00 a plate and it is just boiled noodles tossed in shallot oil and light soy sauce and msg with a few thin slices of boiled meat on top.

  2. The claypot stewed pork belly rice with yam looks good to me. Let us know the review the next time you try it.

    I thought it looks good too!

  3. Ermm…what a name for the kopitiam……LAUDATO SI. Claypot,stewed pork belly looks good.

    I did explain the name in my previous post on this place. It’s in Latin, a venture by the church, probably to raise funds to support the mission. That is why the people there are all volunteers, working for free and the food is so cheap.

  4. They should put English label for those who don’t understand Chinese. Not much of a problem over here since mostly in Chinese and English.

    The stew pork looked good from the picture. Hope it taste good.

    The fried mee is nice to me, got ingredients not just egg and taugeh. Hahaha.

    …and it is not so bad in Kuching, a lot of people speak Hokkien and Malay and English are never a problem, not here in Sibu. All Mandarin – blame it on a certain political party that always stirred up racial sentiments every election to get votes – the wor mern sher hua ren people. I wonder how they will get decent jobs when they can only speak that one language.

    Yes, the fried mee was good, worth RM3, that’s for sure, so cheap!

  5. I love mee goreng. I like it fried till dry and the spicier the better!

    I did not ask for it to be spicy – bet it would be even nicer…but here, there is a version of noodles, fried dry called lakia mee (Dayak noodle) where they add a lot of chili, even a bit of belacan at some places.

  6. For that price, no complaints, maybe the wet version is more expensive, I like the dry version though.

    My friend said it was RM2.50 only, dunno – gotta go back there again and try the wet one next time.

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