Baby talk…

When we talk to babies, we tend to use double syllables in their baby lingo. Kai kai or wau wau means to go for a walk or a spin in the car, or or means to sleep, shi shi means to urinate, uk uk is to pass motion, chek chek means dirty while nen nen means to drink milk and so on and so forth. Mum mum, to the toddlers means to eat and there is a new place in town that sees it fitting to go by that name…

Mum Mum Food Street

I dropped by early Sunday morning to check it out and there were quite a lot of people having their breakfast there already. The people at most of the stalls were still starting to get ready for the day except these two…


– the kueh chap & lor mee stall and the kampua mee stall and both were enjoying really brisk business.

I was stunned when the waitress told me that the kopi-o


…that I ordered was RM1.80 a glass. Firstly, they got my order wrong – I wanted it with ice and secondly, normally, the ones with ice come at that price (or less even elsewhere), a lot less if without, maybe by around 50 sen.

I did not feel like having kueh chap and I did catch a glimpse of the lor mee being served – the one I had the other day looked a whole lot better. In the end, I ordered this set from the kampua stall (RM6.00)…

Set B

-the kampua mee kosong (without meat) and the liver soup. There are three sets to choose from, this one and one with clear pork soup and one more that I can’t really remember now.

The kampua mee

Kampua mee

…was very nice even though they did not use the straight and thicker handmade authentic kampua noodles. Not only was theirs curly but I noticed the extra thinness but of course, that did not matter much to me. As long as it was nice, that would be fine by me.

The piansip/kiaw/wanton (meat dumplings) is RM3.00 a bowl so my guess is that the regular kampua mee would cost the same too but I could not see it in the price list of the items available at the stall. They did break down the prices for the sets, RM3.00 + RM3.00 and if it is RM3.00 for that plate of kampua mee, then I would say it is VERY expensive for a kosong (without meat).

Thankfully, the liver soup…

Liver soup

…was very nice, very generous with the ginger and the traditional Foochow red wine and other than the liver, there was egg and a bit of the khiew chai (curly vegetable) inside. I enjoyed that!

Well, I guess I would drop by again but most likely to try what the other stalls have to offer instead of these two.

MUM MUM FOOD STREET (2.290923, 111.821227) is located along Lorong Lau King Howe 1, a few doors before the Bakemore Bakery and the hotel that are located back to back with this coffee place. Lim Teh & the Waterfront Apartments (our Sibu Twin Towers) are right around the corner.