Want it again…

Last Saturday night, we had our dinner late – after 8.00 p.m. after the sunset service at the church that we frequent here.

We headed to this restaurant again, the favourite of many, as my girl wanted one of their specialties, the sizzling beef on a hot plate…

Nice House sizzling beef on a hot plate

…again. She does enjoy it a lot and would want to come back for it anytime.

For our vegetable dish, I ordered this plate of baby kailan (Chinese broccoli) with cheese…

Butter/cheese baby kailan

…but if I am not wrong, they call it butter baby kailan or something like that, that much I could make out of what the waitress was saying in Mandarin.

I also asked for their steamed lajong

Steamed lajong

…as we had not had that for a long time – not since January, 2017, to be exact, and yes, it was very good. I prefer this fish to the other better-known varieties such as tapah and patin as it does not have a very strong fishy smell and that night was no exception – we certainly enjoyed it very much.

When I went to pay our bill, I was taken by surprise as it came up to RM58.00 only, inclusive of rice and drinks. I had expected that lajong to be quite expensive – having fish and prawns and other kinds of seafood here in our little town can burn a hole in your pocket! When I asked the lady boss, she said it was only RM21.00. I certainly would not mind ordering it again.

There was quite a crowd when we got there but most had had their fill and eventually, most of them started leaving. By the time we were done, there was just one  table left…and that was past 9.00 p.m. already.

NICE HOUSE RESTAURANT (2.29201,111.82739) is located in the vicinity of the Tunku Osman shops, opposite Rejang Bookstore.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Want it again…”

  1. How many languages are you able to speak?
    What kind of cheese do you think that was on top of that? Like a cheddar or something like a cheddar? I wonder if I can do a vegan version with a cheese alternative 🙂

    I speak English, Malay and Hokkien (a Chinese dialect), Mandarin not so proficiently…and a sprinkling of Melanau, Iban and Foochow (another Chinese dialect) so that would be 7 altogether.

    I think that was egg, not cheese. I did not detect any cheese…nor butter. Usually for cooking at these Chinese places, they would use cheddar. Cheese and butter don’t come cheap here so the last time, I asked, this, despite being just a vegetable dish was a lot more expensive that the rest.

  2. I have never eaten baby kailan with cheese before but I have it just stir fry with garlic (ching chao). What do we call that type of fish in Hockkien? I am useless when come to names of fishes. Nice dinner

    I haven’t the slightest idea. I call it lajong, everyone calls it lajong…even the Mandarin-speaking waitress who took our orders.

  3. No thanks to the cheesy vege for me but I would love the sizzling beef!

    Why not? It’s nice…despite there being no hint of cheese nor butter! Of course, the beef is a sure winner, their signature dish.

  4. Baby kailan with cheese is something new to me. Macam sedap. And that fish. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this variety before.

    Waiting for you all to come over to our little town – we can come here, lots more nice things I can order for you all to enjoy!

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