Can’t resist…

It had been ages since we last had Thai, not since our favourite place called it a day owing to some internal problems that I shall not elaborate upon but I sure miss the place – all the lovely dishes served, all the nice people around.

Well, left with no other choice, the other night, we decided to drop by the other Thai place

Sakhon 1

…in town…

Sakhon 2

…for dinner.

I was delighted to notice that they had a Christmas tree outside…

Sakhon 3

…and a small one inside at the cashier’s counter despite the fact that this place is Muslim-owned and they make up the majority of their clientele.

On our previous visits, we had a few hits and misses – not everything was to our liking and since we had a better place to go to, we had not been back here but not too long ago, my girl came with her Malay friends/colleagues and she said the sweet and sour fried sea bass (RM48.00)…


…was good so we ordered that.

Yes, I would say it was very nice – we sure enjoyed that very much except that the rest of the fish – the head, bone and tail was over-fried till it was so very hard that it was virtually impossible to salvage anything from it to eat and enjoy.

Before we went, I said that we would just order that and the seafood tom yam soup (RM25.00)…

Tom yam 1

…to go with rice. Yes, that tasted great and of course, for that price, it came across as no surprise that we only got three not-very-big prawns, two lokans (clams), no fish but a lot of fish balls, sotong (squid) and enoki mushroom…

Tom yam 2

Nonetheless, we ended up ordering the som tam/papaya salad (RM15.00)…

Som tam

…as well and it was good and my girl wanted the pad Thai (RM13.50)…

Pad Thai

…too – she had that on her previous visit and I guess she liked it a lot and wanted to have it again. Actually, she wanted to try their boat noodles, very prominently listed in their menu but we were told that they were not available, no reason given.

On my part, I could not resist ordering my favourite Thai dessert, the mango sticky rice (RM16.50)…

Mango sticky rice

…even though the price was a little on the steep side plus the serving was not all that big but thankfully, it was very nice and well worth it.

The total, inclusive of drinks, came up to RM129.10…and the cashier did ask me if I had a 10 sen coin and I said no. Much to my delight, she just waived it and charged me RM129.00 only. Yes, it was only 10 sen but I do appreciate the gesture and like I have said many times before, little things do mean a lot!

I would say that was a pleasant dinner and yes, we certainly would want to go back there again.

SAKHON THAI RESTAURANT (2.308351, 111.820696) is located at No. 67 & 69, Jalan Kuda 2, Kampung Nangka, right across from Cabe Ijo in the next block, both facing the main entrance of Bisonte Grocer & Deli.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Can’t resist…”

  1. I miss Thai food! Such a nice gesture to waive the 10 sen

    And the best part…on her own initiative! I did not even have to ask for it. I did not expect it actually as she was just an employee – usually they would not be empowered to give any discount.

  2. I have yet to try the boat noodle in Kuching. In Vivacity. They had quite a crowd every time I passed by the shop.

    I don t mind Thai cuisine especially Tom yum. Your deep fried sea bass looked yummy.

    Yes, all that we had that night was pretty good but I still prefer the old place even though it was a lot more expensive there. I did try the boatr noodles here when it fist opened, not anything to get me rushing back for more but at least, I’ve tried.

  3. So sad to know Mary’s place has called it a day. The food here looks good too. The price of the sea bass is good too I would say.

    Yes, a little smaller than the barramundi at Mary’s but definitely big enough for the three of us.

  4. Initially you plan to have 2 dishes but end up five including the dessert. Seafood tom yam soup looks really appetising and good to the last drop.

    LOL!!! The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!

  5. Oh dear, what a pity about your friend’s restaurant. I thought they had a good thing going. Fortunately you have an alternative for your Thai cravings.

    Yes, I was truly heart-broken! I still feel this one is not as nice but it is not too bad and beggars can’t be choosers.

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