If you don’t love me, it’s fine…

Fans of the Taiwanese singer, Jay Chou, would probably know this song of his but no, I have never been one. Well, I do know of him and I may have heard some of his songs but I do not think there is any that I can remember. Never mind, this is not going to be about him nor his songs nor his movies but about his favourite sandwich…

*Their photo on Facebook*

According to this online page, this is his favourite sandwich bar and outlets of this Taiwanese franchise have since mushroomed all over Malaysia and one has just opened its doors right here in our little town earlier this month.

Well, the ladies went out one afternoon and they dropped by the mall where the outlet is and they came home with this…

From Liang

…for me to try.

According to them, there was a long queue with customers buying bags and bags of the sandwich made out of Taiwanese onion or scallion pancakes. If you think that it looked like our roti canai

Liang sandwich 1
*“definition” misspelt on the paper bag*

…that was exactly what I felt except that I thought our roti canai tastes a bit nicer. I do not know if it is just the outlet here but this one was a tad oily – you would get all your fingers oily when you hold it to eat.

That was on a Friday so they got me the one without meat, just mushroom and egg (RM8.90)…

Liang sandwich 2

…but they told me that you could choose to add this and that to your sandwich like cheese, for instance. I would not say it got me all excited as I thought it wasn’t anything that would get me running back for more – perhaps the ones with chicken (RM10.90) would be a lot more to my liking since I am more of a meat person but at those prices, I think I would just give it a miss. I would much sooner go for my Elvis Presley sandwich anytime! That would be heaps nicer.

Well, I’m afraid I don’t think I love you all that much, neither the singer nor the sandwich…but as the song goes, I guess that is fine – there are others who do, lots of them, in fact…

LIANG Sandwich Bar, Sibu is located at Star Mega Mall (2.304873, 111.863752), along Lorong Tunku Abdul Rahman 2, off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.