After you…

There were others here before – the Singapore franchise laksa place and this one that had chap fan (mixed rice) for lunch. They did not last all that long though and after those two came this one…

Welcome Coffee Shop

Of course, parking is always a pain in that part of the town centre unless you are real early on a Saturday morning, like me, in which case you can park right in front of the shop. LOL!!!

Ooooo…I so love the blue and white weeping willow ceramic mug…

Willow ceramic mug

…that they used for the hot water to sterilise the spoon and the chopsticks. Surprisingly, the legend behind it is  English in origin, and has no links to China; it was first published as “The Story of the Common Willow Pattern Plate” in the magazine The Family Friend in 1849. You can click the link above to read the romantic fable behind the design.

I ordered their beef tendon noodles (RM7.00)…

Welcome Coffee Shop beef tendon noodles

…for breakfast that morning and yes, since word went round that the collagen in the tendons would keep one looking young, the price had soared and is now almost as expensive as the very much coveted sea cucumber. If you go for just the beef or the “mixed”, it is only RM6.00 a bowl.

Yes, I would say it was nice – the typical beef noodles chili dip is pretty good too…

Welcome Coffee Shop beef tendon noodles and chili dip

…but I still think the ones here have an edge over what I had here but I have sort of fallen out of love with that place – it is always crowded, the people spilling onto the road. Maybe it is because they have extended the shop to include the unit next door and they are not really able to cope. In the midst of the commotion, they always got our orders wrong…and the last time we went, the young Indonesian guy doing the serving spilled the whole bowl of hot beef noodles, soup, onto our table. Luckily, we were not scalded by the hot soup but looking at how things are there these days, we certainly would think twice before going back again.

I did hear that the people here were here before and we did go there to eat once and yes, we thought what we had was quite good. I certainly would give them due credit for doing away with those horrendously red plastic bowls that they used at their former location – anything served on plastic is not good for health, especially when it is piping hot.

The kopi-o (black coffee) I had was all right, just nice but luckily, they got my order wrong. If they had served it iced like what I asked for, it would have been too diluted and would not be to my liking.

Looking at all the photographs on the wall, it looked like they had a lot that I would not mind trying – like among their breakfast sets, Set C is a plate of nasi lemak with coffee or tea for RM4.00 and it did look good to me in the photo. Ah well! I wouldn’t know when I will be able to drop by here again, probably not for a long time unless I go so early again or on a fine day, with a little bit of luck, I am able to find a place to park the car.

WELCOME COFFEE SHOP (2.292472, 111.826947) is located along Jalan Bindang among the Tunku Osman area of shops, right next to the Singapore Chicken Rice outlet there behind the HSBC Building.