Wait your turn…

When my girl came home from her school in the jungle on Friday the previous weekend, I made it a point to take her to this Thai restaurant here for dinner. She and her mum were away in Korea when I went for the food tasting session so she was not able to tag along and we were supposed to go that Saturday before Father’s Day but she fell ill that evening. Well, I made sure that this time around, she got her turn so there we were that night!

Gosh!!! The place was fully booked except for a small table for four in one corner so we quickly grabbed that one – it seemed that many had booked a table for their buka puasa (breaking of fast) or sungkai or iftar, whatever they call it now, and there were so many people at their other eatery next door (same owners) that the diners were spilling over to this side.

Thankfully, despite the crowd, our orders came very quickly. I insisted that they tried my favourites the last time I was here so we had the miang kham

Sakhon miang kham

…but the leaves that day were way too small. I had to put it in my spoon, place the condiments on it, add the sambal…and gulp it all down in one mouthful. I hear that they cannot get them here and have to bring them over from Brunei but I do think that RM15.50 for that is a bit on the high side. The sambal came across to me like rojak sauce – it did seem somewhat different, some rather special dip, that previous time. Still, I enjoyed it very much and my missus too but no, it wasn’t anything to my girl’s liking.

Well, it so happened that a friend of mind in KL had this same thing around that same time at a renowned Thai restaurant over at the other side, one of the KL outlets, and I noticed that his had fewer condiments, not too sure what they left out and though he only paid RM15.00 for it, there were complaints (including one from a fellow-blogger who went to that same place three days earlier) that the lime was cut and kept for too long so the bits of it were kind of dry and they also found the udang kering stale, not so nice anymore. Thank goodness, all was good here – the one that we had, just that the leaves were too small.

The massaman curry beef…

Sakhon massaman curry beef

…also tasted nicer before – that night, I thought it tasted like those coconut sweets that we used to enjoy so much when we were small. It was still nice though, different from the usual curries and not spicy at all – maybe that was why there wasn’t any kick so the ladies were obviously not too impressed, the mum especially. I guess RM28.00 for that was all right seeing how the serving was quite big and there were those huge chunks of beef in it.

The pad thai (RM14.00)…

Sakhon pad Thai

…was a little too salty and if I am not wrong, there was way too much chili sauce so it came across something like mee mamak, not anything that we would want to rush back for more, I’m afraid.

A friend of mine dropped by a few days earlier and she liked the Thai spring rolls (RM7.50)…

Sakhon Thai spring rolls

…and yes, my girl loved it a lot too so the mum and I just had a piece each and left all the rest to her. Well, that’s her for you – she loves anything deep fried.

Of course, I did not miss out my favourite dessert, their mango sticky rice (RM16.50)…

Sakhon mango sticky rice

…and yes, it was very nice just that I would not mind a little less mango and more pulut (glutinous rice) and more coconut cream as well and that price tag seemed kind of steep too, don’t you think? But of course, we do not get mango that easily here and I did hear that glutinous rice doesn’t come cheap either these days.

I got to speak to the mum of one of the co-owners of this place and the one next door. It turned out to be somebody that I used to know – her mother was the one who used to run an immensely popular and successful Malay/nyonya restaurant here many years ago, the Metropole, on the first floor in the shops opposite the Wisma Sanyan (of course, it was not there at the time), above what is now a bakery downstairs.

Rice was RM1.60 a serving and sky juice was 60 sen a glass and the total that night came up to RM86.50. My girl insisted on picking up the tab that night, a belated Father’s Day treat for her old  man. She’s such a sweet girl, she is…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Wait your turn…”

  1. I love all the colours in that platter! 🙂

    That’s typically Thai for you. You may have seen how they carve the watermelon to come out with a very nice floral decor to grace the buffet table? Stunningly amazing!

  2. I only like the mango sticky rice and I prefer more mango to pulut. Just the opposite of you. Enjoy your long week holidays with your loved ones…chiak!!!…chiak!!!!….chiak!!!….

    Pulut not good for health, eh? Bad for one’s blood sugar, I hear, so go slow on it? No problem with the coconut cream? People at one time said that was bad, very very bad…anything coconut was bad. Now, it is the opposite. I saw people promoting virgin coconut oil available at Giant in Kuching…like how they used to praise olive oil to the skies and now they say, must eat like that with salads and stuff, cannot use for cooking…and there are people taking legal action against those companies producing the cholesterol-lowering lopids as it seems that those are harmful? I don’t bother about what they say – just be moderate in EVERYTHING, no medication, no supplements, nothing and I’m still ok…fingers crossed.

  3. I’ve never taste miang kham before. Like a starter before main course.

    I am with your girl, spring rolls for me.

    I thought the spring rolls were nice too, different – like they had glass noodles and cabbage and dunno what else inside.

    Yes, the miang kham is supposed to be a starter/appetiser – nothing much to it actually, a novelty. The main draw would be the sambal – would be nicer if they can have their special own-made one, not rojak sauce. Like that I can make my own at home if I can get those leaves and I can use our Rajang straight hay bee, will be so much nicer!

  4. I had Mieng Kham too on last Friday! Yes, prices are on the high side. we can get them here for Rm 10-12; Rm 5 if bought at wet market (without dried shrimps though)

    If you use our Rajang hay bee, they are over RM100 a kilo. A head above the rest, a world of its own.

  5. Portion not very big, and yes, I love deep fried food too.. I can finish 2 plates of popiah, haha.. Never seen miang kham before, like rojak sauce/ulam.. Oh yes, can’t miss mango sticky rice for dessert in a Thai restaurant.. I couldn’t remember what I did on Father’s Day, hmmmmmm 😦

    Good grief! That was just a few weeks ago, you need to take gingko nuts to improve your memory. 😀 😀 😀 You don’t eat the miang kham ulam style though – you wrap everything in the leaf and eat, not the same.

  6. I think miang kham is the perfect snack food. I enjoy the interactive part of making it yourself.

    Yes, that’s the fun part like when having a popiah or Vietnamese rolls party, you get to enjoy wrapping your own.

  7. So sweet of Melissa to pick up the tab. Though some of the dishes were not as good as the ones during the food tasting, still they were good and all of you had an enjoyable dinner.

    Yes, now that she’s working and earning an income, she wants to pay for everything but no, I would not let her, my pension piling up in my account and I also have my savings and what not – no unpaid loans, nothing to spend on here other than the house utility bills, petrol around RM50 a week, on food and when we eat out at fancy restaurants and all, can’t bring it with me when I go.

    Dinner was good, a tad pricey but most importantly, she got to go there and try and not just read all about it in my blog.

  8. I can finish the whole plate of dessert if i didn’t eat other items, hehe…

    That’s a whole lot of mango for one person and if I am not wrong, like durian, it is a very heaty fruit. Everything in moderation!

  9. Yes, the prices were a bit steep.. pad thai for RM14… and the dessert too.. but as you said, the ingredients are not easily obtainable and not available in Sibu.. so that is why the price is a bit steep.. Anyway, I bet you had a great evening with your love ones.. yes, very thoughtful of Melissa too! 🙂

    Also it’s an upscale place, not any cheap restaurant and there are only two full-fledged Thai restaurants here, take it or leave it. Those who feel it is expensive can go some place else…and at those prices, I would say you would not see us there all that often unless there is a good or special reason to do so…like when some nice people come visiting, for instance. Wink! Wink!

  10. I like massamam curry too, it’s a lot more flavorful and rich and savory compared to the usual green or red Thai curries. They use a pineapple base so it’s not very spicy, it just tastes good. I guess mangoes aren’t cheap nowadays, even if you buy them by weight in supermarkets, it usually comes up to around RM 7 per piece for the larger ones. Bananas are nowadays RM 1.20 per banana for local Cavendish ones, which is quite expensive.

    Good grief! Here, I think my missus would buy by the bunch, some RM3-4 for one and that’s a whole lot. Bananas are cheaper in Selangau – that day, I bought two bunches of pisang keling, my favourite (hard to get in Sibu, always sold out), at only RM2.80 for two whole bunches – it’s at least double the price here. I was so pleased that I paid the Iban lady RM3 and told her to keep the change. It was RM1 something per kg there.

    So massaman curry has pineapple in it, eh? I can’t place my finger on it, just that the gravy’s very rich and thick, kind of nutty and great with rice plus it’s not spicy at all.

  11. You actually featured my two top favourite Thai dishes in one post – massaman curry and pad Thai. But I like my massaman to have some potatoes in it though! 😉

    The pad thai was disappointing – the ones at the other place here wins hands down, another post on it tomorrow. There were potatoes in the curry, if I remember correctly, didn’t really take note of it.

  12. The food looks so colourful and good, must be delicious. Wow. You also invited for food tasting!

    Everything was ok, nice but no, I was not invited – my friend was and he asked me to join him. The first time ever, food tasting, not something that is practised here, or none that I’ve been invited to – you wanna eat, you pay. Period.

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