For such a long time…

We did drop by here a couple of times, the first time in 2015 and again here but we had not gone back for such a long time for the simple reason that I did not quite like the themes they would have periodically. I guess the kids would be attracted by those but personally, I felt that it kind of spoiled the somewhat regal and rather classy ambiance of the place.

I remember once they had Frozen and there was Disney, Hello Kitty and so on and so forth – they just had Rilakkuma but that ended some two weeks ago and right now, they do not have any theme but that was not why we went – I saw photos on their Facebook page of the items that they currently have on their menu and they all looked so good and since my girl was keen, off we went…for lunch yesterday.

The mum had their mee mamak prawn deluxe (Rm17.90)…

LaDoree mee mamak prawn deluxe 1

…which was excellent, great in every way except that they were very generous with the ingredients and she kept trying to push this and that to us.  The prawns were huge and nice…

LaDoree mee mamak prawn deluxe 2

…and the chicken satay was surprisingly very much to everyone’s liking – I thought it looked inadequately marinated and could have been grilled a lot more but we actually liked it very much and the peanut sauce was good too.

My girl chose their grilled chicken chop rice (RM16.90)…

LaDoree grilled chicken chop rice 1

…and she enjoyed the chicken…

LaDoree grilled chicken chop rice 2

…and loved the fried rice. Of course, she didn’t complain about the fried egg – I certainly would be frowning if that had been in my order as it was not done the way I would like it. She didn’t mind the mini-keropok (prawn crackers) by the side either. Eyewww!!! Ah well! I guess not everyone is as fastidious as I am. Hehehehehe!!!!

My char-grilled lamb shoulder (RM35.90)…

LaDoree char-grilled lamb shoulder 1

…was all right. I actually ordered that knowing how my girl loves lamb and I was thinking perhaps she would like some of it along with her order but the serving was so huge that she could barely finish all of it…plus I did have some more side orders for her to enjoy.

I would like the lamb to be a lot more charred, black at the edges for that extra fragrance and taste but it was not…

LaDoree char-grilled lamb shoulder

– just like the satay. Perhaps they are more into healthy eating here – I did hear people saying that one barbecued chicken wing, charred, is equivalent to 8 sticks of cigarettes. I did confirm with them what we suspected – no msg was used in the cooking and not much salt either, just the way we like it!

Talking about our side orders, the mushroom soup (RM10.90)…

LaDoree mushroon soup

…was very much to our liking. It was kind of black in the menu and my guess was they would use shitake but when it was served, it was white – much to my girl’s delight, they probably used those enoki mushrooms since we do not get buttons here. She is not a fan of shitake. I asked for the croutons to be left out and yes, they happily obliged. Of course, she could not eat the garlic bread either and no prize for guessing who ate both the slices by the side.

The cheese mayo baked mussels (RM21.90)…

LaDoree cheese mayo baked mussels

…were really good too and my girl sure had her fair share of those.

These chicken buns, fried chicken in fried mantao

LaDoree chicken buns 1

…were on the house,  a special treat from an ex-student of mine – isn’t that so very sweet and thoughtful of him? His family owns and runs this place and the brother-in-law is the chief chef in the kitchen.


LaDoree chicken buns 2

…were great too but my girl could not eat those as the bun was not gluten-free and neither was the batter used to fry the chicken, I’m sure.

No, we did not manage to finish everything so we asked for this and that to be tapao-ed for us to take home. The bill came up to RM113.40 and much to my surprise, and a pleasant one at that, they gave me a very generous discount and I was charged RM100.00 only for all that we had, courtesy of my ex-student who was there at that point in time.

Service was great, the food came out very fast…and everyone was conversant in English unlike those at that place at the other end of the block where they seemed to struggle with the language when one asked one question too many and yes, they do accept credit cards here, no terms and conditions – at the aforementioned place, you need to spend more than RM200.00 or they will just use Paywave to charge you, without telling/asking you first.

They have not come out with their Christmas menu yet – I may want to go here for our Christmas lunch or dinner seeing how we all enjoyed our lunch yesterday…unless I have other invitations. Hint! Hint!!! LOL!!!

LADOREE CAFE & EVENTS (2.302891, 111.842997) is located at Wisma Liberty, Lot 4047, Block 3, Jalan Pedada (now Jalan Dr. Wong Soon Kai).