Give me another chance…

After the somewhat disappointing first time with my girl and the mum here, we never did want to go back again especially when it was not all that affordable nor was it all that nice to merit the high price tags. However, it seems that a lot of people have been there and I see them sharing their photographs on Facebook but it was only because we were in that area of shops that day to check out the brand new supermarket in town that we decided to drop by for lunch.

They were out of boat noodles and they did not have pad Thai either that day but we did not plan on ordering that, anyway. I had the boat noodles once and it did not tickle my fancy and the last time I had their pad Thai, I thought there was a whole lot of the sweet Thai chili sauce in it making it taste something like mee mamak at the roadside stalls. We had their pad woon sen (RM14.00)…

Sakhon pad woon sen

…instead and though the girl said it was bihun, we were pretty sure those were glass noodles. Whatever it was, we thought it was not bad and we all gave our nods of approval.

The kangkong (RM12.50)…

Sakhon kangkong

…was huge and there was this taste of some kind of sauce or seasoning that stood out a little too strongly. It would have been nicer just to fry it plain with garlic like at the Chinese restaurants so one may enjoy the sweetness and the freshness of the vegetable…and besides, for that kind of price, I certainly would expect to see a lot more leaves and fewer stalks.

The fish cakes (RM12.50 for 5)…

Sakhon fish cake

…or what the Thais called the Tod Mun Pla, were very nice. We loved the dip by the side but the cakes may not go down too well with those who are not all that fond of the very strong exotic Thai herbs that went into the cooking – we loved those so I would say we enjoyed them.

However, it was the clear tom yum seafood soup (RM23.00)…

Sakhon tom yam soup

…that I liked a lot. No, there wasn’t much seafood, just three lokan (clams) and I did spot one very small prawn, dunno if the ladies managed to fish out any or not and at that price, I would expect freshly-made fish balls, not those cheap frozen supermarket ones. It was the very strong and sourish and spicy soup that won the day – I could just have that along with rice, no need for much else…and as I was not feeling too well at the time and did not have much of an appetite, that sure helped in no small way.

Yes, I know I shouldn’t have, not in my condition, but I could not resist ordering their pulut hitam with ice cream dessert (RM14.00)…

Sakhon pulut hitam dessert

It was all right, nothing to get excited about really. I prefer the way they serve this black sticky rice at nyonya/peranakan restaurants a lot more.

No, it was not cheap – plain rice was RM1.60 a serving and drinking water was 60 sen a glass, no ice. All in all, the total for our lunch that day came up to RM80.80 and though it was all right, since it was our weekend special, I would not say we would be in such a hurry to go back there again all that soon. For one thing, their playing of those modern Malay kutu rock songs with all that screeching like their pants were way too tight or something ruined the ambiance of the place and took away much of the enjoyment of our lunch.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Give me another chance…”

  1. Yes, it is obvious that is glass noodles and not mihun. Kangkung is very expensive these days eh? Someone once said it is only RM1 per stalk >_<

    Just here, and it’s not all that nice, all those stalks – saw people sharing photos on Facebook of those worms or whatever hiding inside. At the Chinese places, you pay around RM8 and get about half the amount – more than enough for a vegetable dish…and that way, they are actually making more out of it.

  2. Why are kangkung so expansive? I understand worms/leeches are common in the hollow stems of kangkung.

    It’s cheap. RM2-3 you get a big bundle but of course, frying must be fast or it will shrink so badly you will not have much left. Yes, I’ve read about those worms in the stalks and that put me off the vegetable even more. Already, I’m not really a fan for it, cold, they say – will cause pains all over. I don’t mind eating it lightly blanched, ulam-style though…or in sotong kangkong.

  3. Pad woon sen is definitely glass noodles, is transparent looking. For Kangkong, I only take the leaves not stalk as often I heard of horror stories about leeches hiding in the stalks. Dessert looks good though.

    Yes, they share the photos on Facebook, dunno how true. These people have nothing else better to do – all the horror stories about Mandarin oranges being soaked in chemicals and everything with photos to show some more…all turned out fake! May God have mercy on those people.

    1. I think leeches when they are cooked should be edible. Mike Rowe in discovery channel series “dirty jobs” cooked and ate leeches in one episode.

      Eeeekkkkkk!!!! Thank you very much! 😀

  4. Hmm. I find the glass noodle appealing. Other was so-so. Clear tom yum soup, I never see one before. Taste the same?? Just that the broth is clear??

    Not the same, sour and spicy…none of the strong tom yam ingredients. Nice for a change.

  5. Ah so when it is tom yum, the sourish taste is nice because I think normally you will stay away from sourish food, right? The price is on the high side especially the pulut hitam with ice cream dessert though pulut hitam is quite pricey. From the food above, I would go for pad woon sen.

    Yes, normally not a fan of sour things but in my condition, I think I needed something really strong tasting to keep me eating. Most things come across so bland and tasteless I would lose my appetite after a bit.

  6. That pulut hitam would be too modernised for me! I like my stuff done the traditional way – am too old and set in my ways!

    Same here. Did not enjoy it much especially when the pinkish purple stuff was actually rose syrup with sweetened creamer, not something I would love – that’s for sure.

  7. It always seems like such a waste of money to order kangkung (which I love) when it is so cheap but so expensive when eating out.

    Yes, not one of our favoured vegetable even at home. We seldom buy and cook our own at home either nor order it outside, once in a blue moon perhaps and that day, the ladies wanted it and so be it.

  8. Hi Arthur.
    Agreed about the steep prices. Yea…I can see that is glass noodle. When I order seafood soup, I would expect them to give me real seafood instead of fishballs 😦

    I dunno why this place is so popular – I must say that I am not impressed, not at all and certainly not looking forward to coming by again. Expensive, food’s not always great – usually just ok, not bad…and the presentation is so kampung, no class at all…despite the prices and the kutu rock songs is the pits!

  9. I like the way they do the clear tomyam , I prefer it like this than the red tomyam… anyway, a nice meal thought the price is a bit steep for 3, but then you ordered quite a few dishes and desserts some more.. Nice meal, I would say..

    I wish they could have smaller servings at slightly lower prices – servings too big, we had to tapao the pad woon sen & fish cake home, could not finish everything. Anyway, a once a week treat for my girl so I do not mind a little pricey as long as it is nice.

  10. Ooo that’s a bit of a twist – I usually see pulut hitam served bubur-style, but not with ice cream … I think I’d enjoy that 😉

    Not me. I’m old school…I prefer the nyonya bubur style with lots of rich santan.

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