Do without…

I heard that the people responsible for this place have also opened a chicken rice shop somewhere opposite their supermarket so the other day, I drove over to have a look. It turned out to be something like just another coffee shop with the chicken rice stall on one side and a kampua noodle stall on the other but that place sure was so very congested and since I could not find a parking space close by, I decided to go elsewhere.

There is this coffee shop round the corner that I have been to a number of times before and I remember they had a very nice stall selling all those roast meat and stuff and I had had their noodles before – the big KL Hokkien mee kind tossed in what I felt was like the konlou mee in Sabah. However, when we got there, it appeared that the stall had been replaced by this one…

Sing Long roast meat chicken rice stall

…and they did not have noodles on their menu. Ah well, I thought, since we were already there, we might as well give it a try to see if it was any good.

I ordered this bowl of yong tau foo (RM9.00)…

Sing Long Cafe yong tau foo

…from the stall behind it for the soup mainly as usually at those chicken rice stalls, they will give you some very bland, quite tasteless, very diluted salted vegetable soup with the chicken claws inside and I am never fond of that.

I would say it is cheaper to order by the sets as one would get at least half a dozen fish balls, two lady’s fingers, two brinjal, two bitter gourd, one chili and one fried bean curd all stuffed with the very nice fish paste plus the tang hoon (glass noodles), seaweed and green vegetables. It certainly would cost a lot more to order the RM5.00 set, just the fish balls, tang hoon and seaweed and then, pick what you want from what is available…

Sing Long yong tau foo stall price list

However, as a matter of fact, we could have done jolly well without it as the complimentary soup…

Sing Long complimentary soup

…that came from the aforementioned stall was very very nice, their corn soup with a bit of it on the cob and pieces of white radish/daikon.

The steamed chicken…

Sing Long steamed chicken

…was very nice and the siew yoke (roast pork)…

Sing Long siew yoke

…as well. I liked it a lot and I would say it could have an edge over what had so far been my favourite in town and was definitely way better than the one here. I do not read Mandarin so perhaps somebody can check the prices on the menu in front of the stall (in the first photograph) and tell me how much they are selling this per kilo here?

I did not quite enjoy the char siew (barbecued meat)…

Sing Long char siew

…especially with that dark, thick and very sweet sauce all over it. It did not seem so bad with the chicken nor with the stewed eggs…

Sing Long stewed eggs

…that I also ordered but the next time I come here, I would definitely ask them not to pour it over everything. They can serve it in a saucer or a little bowl if they want and I can dip the stuff in it as and when I choose. I could jolly well do without any dips and sauces usually unless something does not taste nice and doing that would help make it a little bit more palatable.

The chicken rice served with all the above was very good too, nicer than many other places though not as nice as what I had here (and the same goes for the steamed chicken too) but this was very much cheaper – RM14.00 only for everything for two persons, inclusive of two plates of rice.

Well, if anyone is interested in checking this place out, it is at Sing Long Cafe (2.292604,111.836029) in the area of shops behind the Rejang Medical Centre, located directly opposite the nursing college (Kolej ITA). For some reason or other, the coffee shop people have seen it fitting to remove the shop signs outside so you would not see the name if you are driving past – there is a small sign above the entrance to the shop but I do not think it is visible from the road.

Author: suituapui

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18 thoughts on “Do without…”

  1. removing stop signs? Hummmm. That’s illegal here. There too?

    It IS illegal but no, it’s not a stop sign…but a SHOP sign.

    They used to have huge boards up front and along the side with the name of the shop but last I saw, the paint was peeling off, poor quality. I heard our municipal council wanted to charge every shop by per square metre for putting up the signs…so all the more reason for them to take the signs down. They still have one small one above one side of the entrance to the shop – you will see it in tomorrow’s post…but with the blinds down, it would not be visible from the road.

  2. it was your final picture that got me … once you place those stewed eggs in front of me, i’d be as helpless as an infant! 🙂

    You love ’em eggs too? I simply can’t resist them! 😀

  3. I do like the look of all of those veggies in the soup. I’ve never been a fan of fish balls however. I guess it’s the texture mostly, along with not being too sure of what exactly they’re made of that doesn’t take my fancy. Have you ever made your own fish balls?

    Yes, not too difficult especially now that the fishmongers will debone and fillet the fish (mackerel is the best for this) for you, only need to chop and mince it really well till it becomes a paste but some people would go and pound it in a mortar and pestle to make it more springy.

    Those at the supermarkets are all flour – you would know when you boil them and they grow into the size of tennis balls. With good pure fish balls, nothing of the sort will happen…plus those would contain a lot of msg and other seasonings and preservatives. We have local made ones too but I do not think they taste very nice.

    The ones here are really good – like own home made!

    1. You just can’t beat home made can you? You know exactly what goes in the food.

      Exactly! Money is the root of all evil – you’ll never know what some may have been up to.

  4. Everything seems promising… never mind on the char siew, doesn’t bother me anyway 😀

    We went back there again, tomorrow’s post.

  5. I also had yong taufu for lunch on Monday.. Price per piece is RM1.30.. Market price is like that now.. We tried not to order fishballs, not worth it, imagine a fishball is also RM1.30, fried brinjals/sui kow is also RM1.30.. Better go for the bigger piece one, hehehehe *kiasu*

    So much cheaper here, eh? And even cheaper if we order by the set, no need to choose individual items…plus it is very nice too, as nice as all the nice ones I have had elsewhere. Value for money!

  6. I prefer roasted pork to char siew…

    Same as my girl. That is why I never order char siew whenever we go to such places together.

  7. Everything looks great and I like that bowl of yong tau foo & stewed eggs. Yumzzz!!!

    Any nice yong tau foo in Kuching? Never seen any around. So far all I ever had would be the ones in KL or Penang – this one here is just as good, maybe even better…and of course, it is cheaper. One bonus point already!

  8. The vegetables in the soup look so good and the roast pork….yum! 🙂

    Yes, I did like them both – and we went back again…tomorrow’s post.

  9. You know what I like the most in Yong tou fu? Chilis, chilis is the best for me, just don’t know why, hehe!

    I gave mine to my missus. Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. The roast is good. And I do not mind having something clear and simple as yong tau fu but it does not come cheap nowadays.

    Where’s a nice place in Kuching? Have not seen nor heard of any good one there.

  11. I think the char siew and chicken could do without that black sweet sauce. I am not too fond of it either. Just last week, I tapau some rice, chicken and char siew. The shop assistant poured a similar sauce on top before I could stop her. It was too sweet and not to my liking. Next time I must remember to tell them no sauce.

    I think that is the reason why my girl does not like char siew – the sweetness. At my regular place, they will give the sauce separately in a plastic bag if we tapao the meat home. I use it to fry rice sometimes and my girl still would not touch it. Somehow, she just does not like char siew sauce.

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