Sing along…

LOL!!! Actually, the name of the coffee shop is Sing Long and I’ve been there before here and here

Sing Long Cafe stalls

It’s just that I mentioned yong tofu in my recent post on my fish ball and tung hoon (glass noodles) soup…and so the other day, I decided to go back there and I had this…

Sing Long RM4.50 yong tofu

I did say in that post that we do not have yong tofu in Sibu or at least not that I know of but at this place, they sell it by the sets. This one is the cheapest and they charge RM4.50 for that bowl of 5 or 6 very nice own-made fish balls and 3 fish paste fried wantan plus a whole lot of tung hoon.

For RM8.50, you will get more items including stuffed ladies’ fingers and brinjal…

Sing Long RM8.50 yong tofu
*recycled pic*

I thought the soup had a peculiar taste – quite different from what I cooked the other day, probably because of the bits of seaweed…or perhaps they had other things in their broth…but it was nice and I enjoyed it. I particularly liked the sambal (dip) that they gave and needless to say,  I finished all of that.

I also had the char siew noodles from the stall in front…

Sing Long char siew noodles

…and it is quite obvious that they are different from noodles elsewhere in the town. They use their own handmade noodles and serve them in a way that is similar to those wantan noodles over in the peninsula.

That cost me RM3.50 and looking at all that char siew in it, I am sure everyone would agree that it is not really expensive. Any comments?

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39 thoughts on “Sing along…”

  1. These days… Yong taufu oso very expensive… over here… Rm1 per pcs. 😦 Used to be much cheaper….

    So these can be considered cheap then? I remember when my daughter and I had yong tofu in Penang, anytime one bowl more than RM10.00…

    1. I suppose this one can be considered reasonable… here in KL… one pcs really quite expensive leh… 😦

      And yea… penang’s ytf is not that cheap either… anytime go over Rm10 per small plate. LOL!

      Yalor…and eyes very bad, see…must have. Take and take and take and when they tell you how much, want to pengsan!

  2. Arthur,
    You ate all 3 bowls by yourself?

    Ummmm…two only. Blush! Blush! Muahahahahaha!!!! One’s a recycled pic, from a previous visit. 😀

    1. I was wondering if he ate all 3 oso! Hahahahah! Aiyo… manalah tau… baham til 3 bowls! ROFLOL!

      Last time, 3 no problem… That day only 2 and towards the end, I was too full already, beginning not to enjoy it. Good thing, already habis – didn’t waste.

  3. I’ve just discovered a place here in PJ, SS2. If you’ve heard of the famous Ampang Yong Tofu; this is a branch. The next time you touch down in KL (which is pretty soon) maybe you could arrange with the usual suspects to include ‘lunch at this restaurant’ in the sending off itinerary. 😉

    I’ve heard of the Ampang yong tofu but I’ve never tried that – only the Jalan Ipoh one. Hope we can go for that one day…soon! 😉

  4. Your Sibu price and Ipoh are almost the same.. nowadays nothing is cheap anymore.. yes, the char siew was overflowing.. hahaha.. 3.50rm is justified.. any wanton to go along?

    Nope, I don’t think they make wantan…but I thought for that much meat, it was value for money…

  5. u are such a bad influence!i think i wl go look for good n cheap fish fillet to make yong tau foo sometime soon! 😉

    LOL!!! Isn’t that good? You don’t have to crack your head trying to think of what you wanna cook. Tomorrow’s post, I’ll be cooking something… 😉

  6. It’s not expensive at all. The char siew portions are quite generous!

    Exactly. That was what I was thinking too. Go to the stalls and buy RM5 of char siew…and you only get a little bit.

  7. Wow!..ho chiak!…yong tofu and char siew noodles.

    Always an old favourite of yong tofu with tang hoon and meat/fish ball. Prices of yong tofu are skyrocketting nowadays…just imagine RM0.80-0.90 per pieces sold in Kuching…Used to make my own yong tofu and it saves me a lot.

    RM3.50 for char siew noodles is cheap and it looks appetizing but not the char siew itself..looks pale. Preferred barbeque char siew.

    Oh? Looks like yong tofu in Kuching is even more expensive than in the peninsula. Never heard of people eating that there – maybe not so popular as well. Ya…there are a few places in town that sell better char siew but they do not serve with noodles like this – eat with rice.

  8. Looks like the tung hoon soup is very popular in Sibu, quite a challenge using chop sticks to eat the tung hoon, too slippery could only open mouth wide and wallop the whole lot straight from the bowl haha..or got better way of eating ’em?

    I do not have any problem leh? Maybe you banana…cannot use chopsticks. Try using a fork and rolling it like eating spaghetti. Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. Your same same heavy one-ton noodles considered expensive in Sibu based on some few prices you quoted in your earlier posts as a benchmark. Yes? No? Bananaz eat rice dunno rice price haha…

    Ya…price wise, definitely more expensive than a lot of the stiff we can get here…and also taste wise, good for something different for a change sometimes. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to go back for more…

  10. Ohhh…. anytime I’d prefer yong taufu over anything, simply tasty and nutritious! Love especially the stuffed white taufu!

    I like that too! Hope I can get to eat that when I go to Penang – the real thing!

  11. Tang Hoon! XD

    for RM3.50 with that much char siew, it’s a steal. The mee here in KL only have like 3 slices of char siew, and new prices here are at rm4 for a small sized plate.

    You’re really documenting everything down on everyday food. So cool! If only I had the dedication to blogging as you my dear friend.

    You, where got so much time? Just registered, sure that will keep you very busy…and planning for the big day some more. Aha!!! See! I knew this would be considered very cheap compared to what you people have over there.

    1. ^^ Nah, I still have time to share my daily experiences on my blog. More movie screenings blog post will be coming up later this week. LOL

      Oh dear. Movies…and books! Zzzzzzzzz!!!!

  12. the glass noodles soup is a little expensive at RM8.50, but then the charsiew noodles at RM3.50 is very cheap!! how come so extreme in that coffee shop huh?? :p

    For one thing, that’s the only place in town where we can get something like yong tofu…and if you count the number of items – at 70-80sen each, it isn’t really that expensive…just that we cannot choose exactly what we want – take it or leave it.

  13. I seldom eat Yong Tau Fu outside ‘coz I’m lucky to have my mom make it almost once in every week 😉

    Eeeeee….so jealous! 😦

  14. Fish price naik harga. That’s why the YTF also pricey. Good to be able to find tasty YTF. Some, the fish paste is full of flour. Yucks.

    Yup! The own-made fish balls/paste here pretty good. Too bad they do not sell them, or I would just buy and cook my own.

  15. Ah…yum yum. ^_^

    Now, after you did you sing the karaoke? Because if it is Sing Long then you have to sing long songs. 😛

    LOL!!! After eating all that, so full…sure cannot sing anymore. 😀

    1. Haha…but you should have been energized to sing because of all of those food. 😛

      Well, I’m in Penang right now…and yesterday, I had a wonderful time singing with fellow-bloggers. Happy hours – 4 to 8, FOUR hours…a real marathon. Watch out for my post on it…

  16. oh drool. i have yong tau fu with noodles here cost me rm3.00. six yong tau fu v noodles very cheap leh.what kind of mee is that? hokkien mee or pan mee? hehe

    Dunno, they made the mee themselves. Don’t look like pan mee to me…more like Hokkien mee…except that they do not fry them, KL style. Wah…RM3 only there, so very cheap!

  17. Yum! I love char siew.. looked not bad and reasonably priced! And the yong tau foo is good too.. though I’m not sure what you meant by the weird taste… come to puchong for the best YTF! 🙂

    Puchong people of course, say Puchong nice lor… Just now, someone said Ampang the best. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  18. It was a good place. I liked the YTF. The only thing is, you have to go early, otherwise it’s the WTF (what tofu?)

    LOL!!! Or where tofu? 😉

  19. That bowl of yong tau foo looks very delicious. I wish I can have it for breakfast….mmmm. And that’s a lot of char siu on the noodles….generous taukay 😀

    Yup…so much meat for only RM3.50, don’t play play! LOL!!! 😀

  20. I love that bowl tang hoon soup.

    We always have homemade yong tau foo, sometime every two weeks once, that’s why hardly eat outside yong tau foo.

    Ampang yong tau foo nice, but i prefer the one at Puchong, the one is really yummy yummy!! But too far for me to travel there and eat.

    Ya, Puchong. Seen so many bloggers post on places there with all the nice food. Next trip to KL, I think I will stay in a hotel in Puchong…and then go around to eat everything. Yum! Yum! Hotel there probably cheaper than KL too!

  21. LOL!! I thought i can see what music video here!! xD rm4.50 for dat consider quite reasonable! 😀

    LOL!! You want to sing along, is it? 😀

  22. that recycled pics was taken when went there many moon ago STP…..that was what i had that day. i think im going there soon…..cheers!

    Wah! Having cravings? Not your missus kah? Planning a girl? You must take lots of sour things and avoid sweet stuff – that’s what people say.

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