Not quite…

I know some of my paternal cousins like the kampua noodles here (2.305083,111.849068)…

Tung Lok Corner Sibu

…and as a matter of fact, I did have it once when one of them, currently residing in Australia, was in town not too long ago and I thought it was not too bad – nicer than when we had it before but probably, it was somebody else at the time. Well, from the expression on his face, smallkucing sure enjoyed it!

Located right beside this big supermarket by the Sibu Bus Terminal…

Sibu Bus Terminal Complex

…this place is actually well-known for its chao chai hung ngang (preserved vegetable big bihun). Some would even swear by it and insist that it is the best in town. It was here, once the most famous in Sibu for Sarawak laksa but not anymore, not since a long time ago. Their business was so good there but for some reason, they had to move and they relocated themselves here. They sure seemed to be doing just as well here and perhaps, even more so as my missus had to wait for quite a long time before her order (RM5.00) was served…

Tung Lok chao chai hung ngang 1

She did not think it was all that great though…

Tung Lok chao chai hung ngang 2

…and was of the opinion that what she had some place else was much nicer. The problem was she could not remember where that was but she was very sure it was not here, and maybe it was here. That’s the problem when people get old – the memory is no longer as good as it was before.

Personally, I am not a fan of that sourish soup delight so I opted for something else from this stall…

Tung Lok kueh chap stall

…in that shop.

I ordered the guy’s kueh chap special (RM7.00)…

Tung Lok kueh chap special

…which at best, I would say was quite all right – there are others elsewhere that have an edge over this one here and for RM7.00, I think I can easily go some place else and have something else a lot nicer.

I’ve heard time and time again that the stuff at the roast meat stall at this shop was good but I had never had the chance to try. I think my missus was one of those who told me that – it seemed that during those days before she retired, she and her colleagues would come out sometime for lunch and she had been here before…and that was what made me order their siew yoke (RM7.00)…

Tung Lok siew yoke

…their roast pork belly, to see how good it was. I guess you can easily tell by just one look at the pic – for me, I would say the one that I usually go for here is very much nicer…and needless to say, it would come nowhere near what I got from my friend, Eric’s mum, not at all! For one thing, it was priced at RM7.00 for 100 gm, a staggering RM70 for a kilo. Phewwww!!! That certainly was not cheap!

That morning, I was quite put off by the young lady at the roast meat stall at that coffee shop. They had pushed two tables together to the side and some people had just left. After they had cleaned up everything, I pulled the tables apart, thinking that somebody else could take the other table if they wanted to – otherwise, they would not have a place to sit. No sooner had I sat down than that lady came and told me to move out of the way as according to her, there would not be enough space beside her stall for them to move around. Duhhhhh!!!! Not that she was my shape and size! So I just pushed the table back to join it with the other one against the wall – that was perfectly all right by me (I would not be the one getting one table less of customers and losing out in the end!) but really, I wish people would at least have some social graces and try to ask nicely, speak in a gentler and more polite tone so as not to sound like they are reprimanding…when they’re not.

Well, we did not try everything there but those that we had were just so-so, not anything to get us rushing back for more and with that kind of treatment, I would much sooner go elsewhere but perhaps, others may be inclined to feel otherwise, judging from the crowd of people that congregate at this coffee shop every morning.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Not quite…”

  1. ooo, i generally don’t love sourish soups either (i usually won’t order tom yum, heheh), so i would go for the kuey chap too. and you’re right … one look at the roast pork platter, and i was thinking to myself, hmmm, maybe not πŸ™‚

    Yup, finally I’ve tried and now I know. 😦 Oh? Surely you’re not fat like me too? Fat people in general do not like anything sour. πŸ˜€

  2. The roast pork looks so nice! I don’t like sourish soups either. πŸ™‚ I love the orange dish!

    Orange? Plastic! I like the black one with the orange rim, the one the guy used for what I had.

  3. Great shot with the steam rising from the pots.

    Oh? Gee! I hardly noticed that. Stroke of good luck, one of those times when my pics do turn out pretty good. LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Wow.. That bbq pork looks good.

    Not really, nothing like what my friend’s mum gave me, nowhere near. Tried cooking yesterday…will blog about it soon.

  5. No, thanks to chao chai hung ngang & pork belly. I like the kueh chap especially with the hoon tng. I notice your kueh chap got meat/fish balls but over here seldom see those in kueh chap.

    The intestines aren’t all that healthy either and they must know how to clean it well or it will be bitter, all the things still inside. Kidney too, not done properly, there will be that horrible smell. I don’t mind anything they put inside as long as the soup is very nice and there is no smell – had one at Sin Poh Poh in Kuching, smelly. So put off by it! I thought Kuching would have very nice ones anywhere – been around all this while. Only lately, we can get it around here. There are a few nice ones in town – this is not exactly one of them, just ok.

  6. I once tapau its roasted meat rice. Business was good and we waited quite a long time. My sil recommended its roasted meat. To me, it was alright, quite a lot.

    Yes, it does seem very popular, really brisk business. Maybe I’m one of those odd ones out who were not so impressed. RM7 for that bit wasn’t all that cheap, and RM70 a kg! Gosh!!!

  7. Your kueh-chap and roasted pork look very appetizing. I love the kuey-chap gravy, sticky and full of collagen goodness.. Sourish soups? I don’t fancy tomyam and spicy+sourish soups too BUT I love love love “choy keok” (some people call it suen lat choy)..

    Dunno what that is. The kueh chap and roast pork here, ok, so-so…not something I would bring visitors to come and enjoy.

  8. The soup looks oily to me, but the roasted pork is soooooo tempting…

    Not really, probably the reflection of the light. There would be a lot more of it in the pork, all that layers of fat!

  9. Pudu market siew yoke is cheaper.. but that’s coz you’re going to the source!:p Yes I agree, that siew yoke ain’t cheap – not at all.. but it’s coz so much effort goes into cleaning, prepping and roasting it. The one in your pic looks good – reminds me of the babeloo one in KL. We also have a place in KL we visit for Kampua – one day u must take me to your fav so I can compare! πŸ˜› And I do love Kuay Chap too!

    Any plans to hop over? Get away from the haze perhaps. Not so bad here, though we do have it as well.

    Yup, exactly!!! I tried roasting yesterday – post on that coming up real soon. Let’s just say for the time being that the next time I feel like having any, I would just go out and buy. 😦 LOL!!!

  10. That lady very funny la! Like so “ba bai” like that, after customer sit alrady, still want to ask them to move.

    Not just asked me to move, asked me to push the table (and the chairs) to join with the one against the wall so she would have more space to move about in front of her stall.

  11. Love the roast pork but not sure about the noodles. Maybe haven’t tried before.

    Not really nice – others elsewhere are much nicer…or to me, at least. Maybe others prefer it this way, that is why their business is so good…or maybe the other stuff they have is better, I wouldn’t know. Just tried this one.

  12. Aiyoo… where’s the manner? If it was me, I will just leave that shop. muhuhu…

    Some people are like that. When they talk, they sound like they are quarreling. Loud…and coarse. At coffee shops, ok lah, part and parcel of the kopitiam culture though not all are like that, some are really very nice…but I would not tolerate it if at some supposedly classier upscale cafes and restaurants.

  13. I think you’re right: this fat guy doesn’t like sour food, too.

    Ahhhhh…we’re one and the same, like peas in a pod. πŸ˜€ For one thing, I seem to notice that guys in general are not so into sour things, ladies love them more.

  14. My father and in-laws would also tell us to vacate the table once finished, to give place to sit for other patronising.

    My family and myself once ‘kena’ in Kuching. It was crowded at that place. We are in a group of four while a table with its customers have finished but they simply refuse to vacate the table. My wife asked nicely whether they have finished, but a woman replied why should they vacate the table. When we found a table and sat down, the woman and her pax left the table after that.

    Yes, especially in coffee shops, not that it is so comfortable to linger around. I would just eat quickly and leave quickly.

    In Kuching? I wonder where you went to. I guess they are everywhere, the likes of those. Some people are real snooty, mean, selfish – they will get it back someday. As they say, what goes around comes around.

    1. It’s a house-turned-into-coffeeshop by the roadside, somewhere near the traffic light near Mile 4. I forgot the name but it is a popular eateries, which opens for breakfast only

      Mile 4, dunno any place there.

  15. Siew yoke is very pricey, can faint when the seller tells me how much to pay πŸ˜€ So I don’t eat it that often. I’ve seen recipes but I am not confident of roasting one on my own.

    I tried yesterday – post on that done already, scheduled to be published real soon. Stick around! Hehehehehe!!!!

  16. Sourish? Due to lime?

    Chao chai, pickled preserved vegetables. To reduce the sourish taste, will have to soak in water longer, change water regularly and rinse many times.

    1. Oh! That pickled vege, we had something similar, cooked in a soup together with big head prawns, i didn’t like it though. Was told that the Foo Chows use it heavily?

      Yup, Foochow delight. Not my favourite either…I guess it’s true that fat people don’t like sour things. OUCHHHH!!!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. I like sour soups, but I don’t make them too much. I’m thinking of making some type of rice dish today, to accompany the pumpkin curry I made yesterday.

    That’s a shame about that lady. Being courteous goes a long way, especially when dealing with the public.

    Indeed. There are a few around, a lot worse – this one, I guess, was just kind of loud and a bit brash. Others could be rude, ill-tempered and unfriendly.

    I don’t know why people would keep going back to those – maybe they see it as some kind of appeal or attraction, an entertainment for them to get those people angry and get scolded? A trademark of sorts? No matter how good what they are selling may be, I would never ever set foot at those places again. This kind of people need to be taught a real good lesson and learn to be nice especially the people who bring them the money and make them who they are!

  18. Ya, sometimes things are not as good as they seem to be. I used to like the Nasi Kerabu in a restaurant but the rice gets harder and harder.

    Oh dear! Poor quality control.

  19. Hmmm my preference for sourish soups is seasonal or rather it is actually based on my mood. Currently it is for clear broths which I suspect has something to do with the current hazy spell.

    I love anything in clear soups, more refreshing. Not fond of sour soups, not even tom yum despite my love for Thai cuisine, though I may go for it sometimes for a change.

  20. Oh well, that certainly will spoil my mood… Hope it didnt spoil yours when she did that…

    No, old people, not that much time left, can’t let one’s mood be spoilt by little little things. Cherish every moment, don’t worry…be happy!

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