Better without you…

Somebody commented once that it seemed some cafés here liked to serve their dishes, western joints inclusive, with keropok (prawn crackers) by the side…

Keropok by the side

…and she asked me why. Frankly, I don’t know! For one thing, they do not even taste nice. They’re bland, no taste of fish or prawn in them and in some, just lots of msg and there are worse ones, those very white ones with various colours, red, blue or green along the rim and more often than not, they have all gone limp and are hardly edible, not that I would want to eat them. Maybe there are people who enjoy eating those or perhaps, it is just for the colour and if it is the latter, then, they might as well not bother and just do without them. It would not make any difference and I, for one, would usually leave them untouched and that is such a waste as I guess they will all get thrown away eventually.

Of course it is a different story altogether if the keropok is part and parcel of a dish like nasi kerabu

Keropok and nasi kerabu

…the same way that nasi bryani would always have a piece of papadum

Papadum and nasi bryani

…to go with it.

Indeed, I do not think I have seen keropok served with western fare anywhere else and not that I can remember, in any of the food blogs that I frequent.

Another one of my pet peeves would be the use of fake or plastic flowers…

Plastic flowers

If they cannot have fresh, natural flowers, not even those common ones that we get to see all the time…

Fresh flowers

…then it would be better to do without and not have any at all. Throw in one of those gaudily colourful plastic tablecloth and they will look like one of those gaily-decorated coffee shops around town.

One thing that I cannot stand as well is how some people like to play loud music at their joints like it is a club or pub or something and everyone would have to shout to be heard making the place no better than a market place or a coffee shop. I don’t mind a little light music…

…in the background, something that will complement the ambiance of a place like the keroncong they play here and once, they had some lovely Italian songs here but of late, I have not heard them playing them again and I wonder why. I am no fan of jazz – they do play that at a number of places here but if it is not too loud, then it is  perfectly all right by me…and I do not mind the played-to-death Kenny G either, softly, of course! Especially when everyone is talking and nobody is listening, I’m sure it would be better to do without it – I sure wouldn’t mind a little peace and quiet around such places and incidentally, if I am not wrong, they have to pay some kind of royalty to play music and songs at their premises. I wonder how many of them actually do that.

But of course, at the end of the day, the bottom line is the food must be really good and value for money, the ambiance great and the service excellent. With all these, one would hardly notice all the rest and even if one does, I guess all would be forgiven.