Mambo Italiano…

I came across these…

Massimo by The Italian Baker

…the other day at a  mini-supermarket near my house. They had the special cardboard display shelf set up and the packets of cakes are each individually housed in a pigeon hole. Hmmm…impressive, eh? And just look at the name – “Massimo By The Italian Baker“. Wowwww!!! That sure sounds promising…and even though they were not all that cheap – RM1.30 each, I just had to buy and try.

I don’t know how many flavours there are but here, they only had two, the classic and the mocha…

Classic and mocha

…so I grabbed one of each.

The mocha was all right, a taste that probably some would need getting used to but good grief!!! Just look at those holes!!!


I am pretty sure the Italians do not have holes in their cakes like that or do they?

I liked the classic better – very fine, light and only a couple of little holes in it…


…not that noticeable but if those holes are not supposed to be there, they really should do something about their quality control.

I would much sooner go and buy these cup cakes from our own bakery

Lian Yu cupcakes

…which probably do not contain that much preservatives as they would have to be consumed within a matter of  a few days and even though they do not contain any butter…


…they do have that fragrance, probably from the use of some butter substitute, but neither is there any butter in those “classier” ones…

Lemak sayuran

…nor is there any scent of it as well, not even a bit and it looks like they’re good for some two months or so.

No, these local ones of ours are not very much cheaper. They are smaller so roughly two of them would be equivalent to one of those and since there are six in a pack, that would mean that it is only cheaper by one-third, not much (and in fact, there are cup cakes from our own bakeries that are a lot more expensive, some even double or triple the price). However, in comparison, I would say that these are very much nicer…and there are no holes in them.

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13 thoughts on “Mambo Italiano…”

  1. LOL we can play a game next time, buy a few and see who gets the one with most holes xD

    Yes, and the winner takes it all – gets to eat all and the loser gets none…and pays for everything. How exciting! >.<

  2. Now the song is in my head, the original and the remix. 🙂 Those don’t look overly sweet, which would be perfect for me.

    Come, get up and dance…cha cha cha…:D Yes, our cakes are not so sweet or at least, not all are sweet unlike the ones overseas – they tend to be too sweet for my liking. I’m off things that are too sweet so I would not like these at all if they had been so.

  3. Massimo, Italian Bakers….sounds atas sikit. Laughing at the holes of the mocha. I would go for our own butter bun, very nice with buttery fragrance. RM3.00 for a pack of 6 small buns.

    Yes, I thought the holes were such a disaster for something that they make sound so atas. Not too sure how much the butter buns cost, though we do buy those sometimes as well.

  4. My boys love these Massimo cupcakes, the classic ones.. Used to buy it once a week for them.. I like the classic one, dunked in Milo..

    They like? I guess they’re RM1.30 each there as well, standard price as printed on the packet?

  5. I saw these being advertised but I haven’t bought any yet. Chiffon cakes contain quite a lot of air hence those air bubbles. Usually before baking a chiffon cake, we have to tap the pan a few times to remove big air bubble.

    I’ve had chiffon cakes from the pasar malam here – they were the craze at one time, chiffon and sponge cakes…and no holes! It really gives a bad impression when they put so much into promoting and making it look so fanciful and good…but what’s inside fails to make the mark. Typically Malaysian, you reckon?

  6. The Massimo brand is popular here. We always buy the Massimo loaf of bread for the kids to have breakfast. Tried the chiffon cake too. They’re alright for the price.

    Oh? It’s a well-known established brand, eh? Never heard of it. I only know Gardenia. Bet their cakes don’t have holes in them. 😦

  7. oops … looking at the chiffon cake ingredients, it contains quite a lot of artificial flavourings and conditioners … health conscious customers might get scared off! 🙂

    EXACTLY!!! I am surprised nobody mentioned it earlier – all those preservatives & chemicals. A cousin of mine was fast in commenting, “Glycerine and sorbitol as ingredients?? Scary,” when I shared the link to this post on Facebook.

  8. The first time I tried this chiffon cake when the local mini market gave out for free as Saturday breakfast. In fact got two for the girls. I never buy them until now. For the price, I think I will just go for a loaf of white bread.hehhe

    Yes, not that nice. Having tried it already and knowing how “good” it is, free, also I don’t want. Would save the calories for something more deserving.

  9. Looks really soft though, we have a similar product in the Philippines called mamon, most probably they taste the same

    These factory-churned out cakes, nothing to shout about really.

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