Mambo Italiano…

I came across these…

Massimo by The Italian Baker

…the other day at a  mini-supermarket near my house. They had the special cardboard display shelf set up and the packets of cakes are each individually housed in a pigeon hole. Hmmm…impressive, eh? And just look at the name – “Massimo By The Italian Baker“. Wowwww!!! That sure sounds promising…and even though they were not all that cheap – RM1.30 each, I just had to buy and try.

I don’t know how many flavours there are but here, they only had two, the classic and the mocha…

Classic and mocha

…so I grabbed one of each.

The mocha was all right, a taste that probably some would need getting used to but good grief!!! Just look at those holes!!!


I am pretty sure the Italians do not have holes in their cakes like that or do they?

I liked the classic better – very fine, light and only a couple of little holes in it…


…not that noticeable but if those holes are not supposed to be there, they really should do something about their quality control.

I would much sooner go and buy these cup cakes from our own bakery

Lian Yu cupcakes

…which probably do not contain that much preservatives as they would have to be consumed within a matter of  a few days and even though they do not contain any butter…


…they do have that fragrance, probably from the use of some butter substitute, but neither is there any butter in those “classier” ones…

Lemak sayuran

…nor is there any scent of it as well, not even a bit and it looks like they’re good for some two months or so.

No, these local ones of ours are not very much cheaper. They are smaller so roughly two of them would be equivalent to one of those and since there are six in a pack, that would mean that it is only cheaper by one-third, not much (and in fact, there are cup cakes from our own bakeries that are a lot more expensive, some even double or triple the price). However, in comparison, I would say that these are very much nicer…and there are no holes in them.