Can you find it…

Many would be very familiar by now with how we need to verify that we are not a robot before we can post a comment in some blogs. At one time, one had to identify the letters and there was a lot of unhappiness as very often, the letters overlapped or were not very legible or were very difficult to make out. Then, for a while, there were letters and at times, numbers that were as clear as day…but sometimes, there were pictures.

I guess most, if not all, would have  seen these already…

Select pasta

In the above, you are asked to select all the pasta and I guess this would be one…

Pasta 1

…and this one is the other…

Pasta 2

Pretty straight-forward, right?

These, however, look like noodles to me…

Pasta 3

…but I guess basically, they’re one and the same thing. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Now, that’s a steak all right…

Steak 1

– top row, to the left…and I guess we also call these slabs of uncooked meat…

Steak 2

…steaks as well.

And when it comes to sandwiches…


…I guess burgers…


…do qualify as such too, what do you think?

Initially, when one could not make out the pictures, one could click refresh and they would be replaced by words and/or numbers but of late, it seems that when I do that, I will get a new set of pictures…and go back to square one.

I do enjoy blog-hopping to see what everyone has been up to and post comments especially those of the ones who drop by mine and comment regularly – “Do unto others what you would want others do unto you,” and I do make an effort to read and look at the photographs and say something relevant…and at times, I may be a bit long-winded even. I may browse through other blogs as well and comment if it is anything of mutual interest even though the blog-owners do not come to mine…and I do not mind going through such security measures; actually, it was quite interesting at first but soon, the novelty wore out and of late, the pictures are repeated – you get the same ones over and over again. Hopefully, they will come out with something different soon…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Can you find it…”

  1. If a blog gives me security measures, I tend to avoid them. I really don’t like jumping through additional hoops to comment. Sorry, but set it up so that new comments go into ‘pending,’, and if they are ‘spammy’ well toss them into the delete folder.

    Same with wordpress, none of these. Akismet will block all new commentors, pending approval….and I would verify by checking out the blog links given – some would take me to some website selling electrical appliances or whatever…so if it is not a genuine blog, I would delegate it to SPAM, to be deleted later. Those without bloglinks, I will use their email addresses to check on Facebook. (Backfired once – dunno how this not-very-pleasant commentor, to put it nicely, the same name, and the email address got me to somebody I know on Facebook…and I went to ask the brother – and it turned out that it was not her!!!) If all attempts to confirm the identity fail, off to SPAM it will go!

  2. I usually dive in, just read all the blogs but no comment…. Oops….
    but sometime the security really troublesome, especially the wording that cannot be seen clearly, dunno l (small letter L) or I (capital letter i)… i did not put security, just after one day, changed to pending comment that needs me to verify and approve….as i found out that the spam comment will attack the older post…. :-p

    Oh, that bad? All I know is that if I let a spam comment thru’, they can spam as they like freely after that – so I just have to be careful to see what comments I would allow and approve.

  3. The pasta my goodness.. I always skipped that as I see no pasta in the choices of pics. And then they gave me sandwiches and I was like WHAT??!!! *pulls hair* Then I get some weird words which I cant even read and finally numbers… By the time I was done, my comment disappeared! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROTFL!!! My sentiments exactly!!! This can really get on one’s nerves – the chore of having to go through the process and the time spent not withstanding.

  4. i’ve never seen this new verification. Shows how tied up I am recently, until I could not go blog hopping anymore. 😦 will always find time to drop by here though 🙂

    That’s sweet of you…but then again, I always make it a point to go and comment in yours. And yes!!! Yours has these pictures too! Maybe that is why you do not get a lot of comments…or probably it is because you do not go and comment in other blogs – do unto others…

  5. I never seen such comment verification using pictures before. It does sound fun at first. Haha.

    And thank you for your support and comments in my blog too, STP. And others who take times to drop by and leave their comments.

    Never? It’s in most blogs that I go to, yours as well.

  6. Annoyed with this new comment verification especially those with fancy lettering. For the pictures, sometimes I only verify one and yet it won’t allow, have to verify all. Boring…..

    Of course, one is not enough. Two usually but I’ve had THREE in some cases. Boring, isn’t it? I can’t agree more with you – I do wish people would be more considerate and not put us through this kind of thing.

  7. Call me jakun, but ‘;ve never seen these pictures before.. Most ask to verify the numbers/alphabets and then click “I’m not a robot”, and the other one is match a favourite colour with the cartoon’s clothes, like if he’s wearing red, choose an apple from the list, like that..

    Match the colour and clothes? Hey! I haven’t seen that one. Would be a welcome change. I think you click “I’m not a robot” first…and then only will they ask you to verify by doing one of those things. Profile details, sometimes first…sometimes after verification approved.

  8. They are for identity verification, they’re not meant to be interesting to look at LOL! Although I agree with you, sometimes these identifiers could be confusing, especially those with overlapping words and numbers. It is one of the features that I don’t quite like with that particular blog hosting platform. Ideally, the same name/email address should only need to be verified once, upon first time commenting on a particular blog, then that should be good enough.

    Yup, like mine…and yours too. No problem at all commenting in yours.

  9. LOL…now got food picture more interesting mah.

    many blogs are open to all but the system still have ” verify that you are not a robot ” sign. Usually i never tick and just comment. the comment did appear. No problem on that.

    Oh? Can meh??? Gotta try that! I know if click the wrong ones or just click one, not enough – at least two, sometimes three, it would ask you to do it again – happened to me before. So hard to make out the things in the pictures mah, some of them. 😦 Yours no such thing but everytime, have to wait for you to approve. Ok lah…no pening kepala commenting in your blog.

  10. Sometimes I do get annoyed when encountering some security measures, especially when I didn’t expect them. But I try to be a good blogger and visit others too… safety measure or not. 😀

    Same here. Do unto others what you would want others do unto you. It works both ways.

  11. I come I have not come across this kind of verification for the blog comment..interesting..hahah definetely much easier than letters

    Not in yours, and I also don;t know why…and not in mamakucing’s either – those blogs in which comments would have to await approval first before they appear – they all do not have this. None in HB’s too.

  12. I have seen them but if you ignore them and just tick on the box where it mentions you are not a robot, your comment gets accepted.

    Yours does not have this – ever since I pointed out to you that you had the word verification thing and you got rid of it. But all comments would need to wait for your moderation – that’s perfectly ok by me, no need to do this and that…just to post one comment.

  13. Aiya… .I dislikes these verifications. It’s so troublesome especially for folks like me who don’t have much time blog-hopping. Suggest to try other methods instead like only enabled users with a registered open account (like blogger, WP..etc) to comment.

    But you have the photo verification in your blog too!!! I have to go through it everytime I comment…and here you come saying that you do not like it…and you don’t have much time for this…bla…bla..bla! Confucius says – Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.

  14. What I was trying to say but perhaps I didn’t say it properly…when you see the comments link you will see “please prove you’re not a robot”. There is a little box beside it…so just click once in the box. When you see the photos appear, ignore them and just click on the “submit” button. Your comment should appear right away (unless the person is moderating the comments), but even if they are moderating the comments, once you click in that box just ignore the photos and click on the “submit” button. This works for me every time I do comments.

    Oh? So that’s what smallkucing was saying in her comment. I would try that next time.

    P.S. Just tried, didn’t work. Will try again.

    1. smallkucing moderates her comments like I do. The reason I know this works is I visit blogs that have this thing and this is what I do, it always works for me. Hope it will work for you as well.

      Fine by me but you would have to come by to approve each time, the moderation bit. No, it did not work for me, skipping the verification, so I have no choice but to go through the process just so I may be able to comment.

  15. Geez, I have not seen those picture verifications before. I really hated those word verifications and it can be very frustrating.

    Yours as well, I get those pictures everytime I comment. Maybe all of you on do not need to go through this?

  16. Same with Rose, i have not come across the pictures…

    I wonder why. Maybe fellow bloggers, you do not get that. I get them too when I comment in your blog. I’m on wordpress.

  17. Oh, I never seen those pictures verification before.. Most times are words verification…
    I think some of us here did not set the comments.. they are by default… so one must go to blogger settings again to click “no verification needed” button… with verification, it delays us commentors…. a few seconds longer but it can be frustrating when the word we typed is incorrect.. and then have to squint our eyes to see again… and again… hahhaaa..

    You’re on, that is why you do not see these – see the earlier comments, we have established that fact. Yes, it does take a little time…even if we get it correct right away. I guess it is not so bad for people like us – retired, with all the time in the all to go through this but not really so for those who are working, those who would like to comment in as many blogs as possible.

    It got on my nerves that day when I had visitors and I had very little time to go online…and I needed to comment in my “regular haunts” in the little time that I had. Next time, when busy, I will just leave it all till when I am free…to do all this.

  18. I’ve not come across this method using photographs to verify. But it looks more fun that identifying alphabets or numbers. 😀

    But when you get the same photos again and again after a while, it gets to be such a chore. Boring!

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