The day after…

The day after that day when everyone arrived, we…

With cousins & friends
*Friend’s photo on Facebook (darkened on purpose to “protect the innocent”…LOL!!!)*

…went here…

Jia Lee

…for the very nice popiah (RM2.50 each)…


This was just round the corner from the hotel where they all were staying, a few minutes’ walk away. All of them loved it though one or two did wish it could be a little less sweet – I think that must be the sauce that I do think is a little bit on the sweet side, probably the one in the celebrated Bintangor rojak.

I also ordered these dumplings (RM1.00 each)…


…and personally, I thought the ones here were pretty good.

They were all impressed by the use of these environment-friendly disposable boxes…

Save the environment

…here that many are using right now after the ban in Sibu on the use of polystyrene containers for takeaways (though I am not all that sure about the Malay and English used but I guess everyone can guess the gist of what they are trying to say – after all, it is the action, not the words, that matters), along with one made of a special type of plastic that they say is recyclable or whatever (not the same as the more familiar microwave-safe plastic containers that may get brittle after reusing for sometime and may crack or spoil and would have to be thrown away) and I do prefer the latter as I can wash and use again…and again…and again. According to them, they do not have such a thing going on in the cities where they came from.

Later that day, we went here for lunch as one of my cousins from Kuching wanted their bitter gourd fried with salted egg…

Ruby Restaurant salted egg bitter gourd

She, like my daughter, did not know how to eat the vegetable till she had it at this very restaurant sometime ago.

I ordered their butter scotch prawns balls but I think they got the orders mixed up and we got these salted egg (again) prawn balls…

Ruby Restaurant salted egg prawn balls
*Friend’s photo on Facebook*

…instead but it did not matter one bit to all of us as this was also very nice.

I am using some of my friend’s photographs on Facebook as there were 11 of us and we had to take a big table further inside and it  was not as bright and some of those that I took did not turn out so well.

I also ordered their pandan chicken…

Pandan chicken
*Friend’s photo on Facebook*

…which they thought was really nice and much nicer than many that they had had elsewhere – such a huge chunk of chicken, so nice and juicy and bursting with flavours, they said!

Of course, we had the midin

Ruby Restauarnt midin

…and the fried cangkuk manis with egg…

Ruby Restaurant cangkuk manis
*Friend’s photo on Facebook*

…and the Foochow-style tofu soup…

Ruby Restaurant Foochow-style tofu soup
*Friend’s photo on Facebook*

…to wash everything down.

Some of us had their special blended coffee…

Ruby Restaurant special blended coffee

…while the rest had their umbra/buah kedondong juice.

Now, that delightful lunch for 11 people came up to only RM108.00, excluding rice and drinks. I thought that was really very cheap and what mattered most, of course, was the fact that everyone enjoyed it.