Go first…

One of my cousins who were in town, the one who came by air, left first on Sunday…so I drove her here and there to buy the things to cart back home – the kompia, the chu nu miang, the lung ngor…and she wanted to try the much-talked-about Ah Tor kway teow here

Ah Tor kway teow 1

No, this is not the so-called Pattaya style where they fry an omelette and wrap whatever they are serving inside – as you can see in the photograph…

Ah Tor kway teow 2

…the egg is stuck to the kway teow, it does not literally wrap it up. This is her brother’s favourite as well as all the other cousins, a must-eat when in town and she had never had it before…and yes, she loved it! According to her, it is virtually impossible to find this simple real old-school version of the fried kway teow in Kuching these days – all of them would have a whole lot of stuff added and of course, those would not be the same…and they would be nice because of the extra ingredients not because of the special way of cooking.

In the meantime, I have tried some of the goodies that they brought from Kuching. These pineapple jam tarts…

Kuching jam tarts

…were absolutely awesome, almost as nice as the ones we used to make at home in my younger days. If anyone is interested in grabbing some, this is the address…

Kuching jam tarts address

…but do not be deceived by what you see from the outside. They line the sides of the jar neatly with the tarts but inside the circle, you will find around two of them only. Don’t expect each layer to be filled completely with them.

I’ve tried one of the homemade sambals too, the one with sotong, and it was really good and so was this sambal hay bee/udang kering (dried prawns) that I had with some lemang

Sambal hay bee

…that I happened to have in the house.

These siew paos (baked buns)…

Hongkong siew pao

…were from what they call the Hongkong pao bakery or something and yes, they were great – like the celebrated Seremban ones but much nicer, the pastry and also the filling except that these were smaller. They were different from the Kai Joo Lane ones that I love a lot so I would not attempt to compare the two.

My girl enjoyed the cheese sticks and finished the whole box by herself…mostly. According to my cousin, she got that when she was in Singapore not too long ago.

Oh yes! We’ve had a bit of the special Bario rice too and since there was some leftover, I fried it, mixed with some of the usual plain white rice, with belacan and added a generous amount of the aforementioned sambal hay bee/udang kering to it…

Fried Bario rice with belacan

…and boy! That was good!

Now, let’s see what else I haven’t tried… Nom…nom…nom!!! LOL!!!