Let’s go together…

When my daughter came back to town for the weekend, I just had to bring her to the Ramadhan Bazaar at Bandong here so she would be able to pick the things she would like and could enjoy them to the max.

It was very crowded…

The crowd

…even though we went quite early, probably because it was a Saturday and everybody was not stuck in the office at that time of day. I met a friend, a teacher like I was, who said that she saw my post on this but what I do know is that she has been patronising those stalls for a while now after I had blogged about them on those earlier occasions. The stall-owner, when she saw me, told me delightfully that there was a lady the day before, home from Australia, who mentioned that she saw the post too – I wonder who that was.

Durian is in season right now and I noticed a couple of stalls selling tempoyak (fermented durian) and we grabbed a tub at only RM5.00 each…


…at my regular Malay food stall since I know them very well by now and vice versa. That was pretty cheap – in fact, my missus made her own once and after spending so much on the durians, she had to toil for hours getting the flesh of the fruit off the seeds and all in all, she only managed to make just a little bit. It is so much easier to buy…and the one here is quite good – good but a little bit salty. They say it will be less salty when it has fermented more.

We bought the bubur pedas (top) for Melissa to take back and enjoy in the course of the week but we decided to give the umai (bottom left) – the raw fish, a Melanau delicacy, a miss this time around. Hey!!! What’s that to the right of the tempoyak? I did not notice it when I was there…and it sure looked like something really nice. Hmmmm….gotta check that out the next time I drop by the bazaar.

It was tough trying to decide but we did manage to get all that we wanted…and on the way back to the car, we stopped by this cafe (next to the 1Malaysia Clinic) to have a look at what they had…

At the cafe

…and boy, everything looked very nice! I did not notice they had anything up for sale on my previous visit and of course, I was delighted that every tray was covered with cling film. They would only open to take whatever you want when you ask for it, a far cry from what I saw up north in the mainland where the flies would line up along the rim of the trays like birds on the telephone line. That was so disgusting! Absolutely shocking!

There was this handsome little boy barbecuing some stuff…

Young boy at work

…but we had already bought all that we wanted, much more than what we could handle, in fact, or else I certainly would buy something from him, never mind even if it was not really nice, to give him a bit of moral support. I love seeing kids helping out like this – how many these days would want to do that? Most, I am sure, would be too spoilt-rotten to even lift a finger to help and would rather while the time away playing online games on their smartphones or ipads, right or not?

We went home with our loot and enjoyed our early dinner which included this nasi kerabu

Nasi kerabu

…and laksam


…before going for the sunset service at a church here.

My missus bought this bingka durian (3 for RM1)…

Bingka durian

…to try and it was so good – so very lemak (rich) and so fragrant with the durian in it. Gee! If we had known it would be this good, we would have bought a lot more. I will just have to wait till the next time I drop by, I guess…probably this coming weekend when my daughter will be home again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Let’s go together…”

  1. Agree with you regarding kids helping out. These days kids think we owe them something for bringing them into this world. Rarely do we see kids helping their parents out anymore 😦

    …and of course, we know only too well who the ones to blame are…

  2. Laksam! Would really love to have that, not quite common here in Penang though

    In Sibu, only available here…as and when it is available.

  3. ooo, this reminds me that i haven’t visited any ramadan bazaar this year yet … well, still have more than two weeks, heh. nice pics you took here 🙂

    Only two weeks left? Gosh! How time flies! Lots of bloggers your side would have had their fill simply by covering those events promoting the buka puasa buffets. Not in that gang, are you?

  4. I dont really like nasi kerabu coz I dont like veggies.. I heard you have to mix all the veggie strips together before eating.. But I like laksam.. Your laksam looks creamy and lemak.. Ooohh the bingka looks good.. Here we usually have bingka ubi kayu or tapioca..

    My mum used to make ubi bandong/tapioca. I tried, not too successful. 😛 The laksam was nice – just the white stuff/noodles a little too thick. I hear it was made by a Kelantan lady, a teacher or something. Nasi kerabu’s veg is raw some more – I am sure you will not like it.

  5. Wow! A lot of dishes. They do look delicious.

    You haven’t checked it out yet? Hurry! Hurry! 😀

  6. So much here, what displays! And I agree that kids helping out is a great thing. These days you don’t see too much of this, sadly.

    Yes, so very sad indeed. Ya…typically Malaysian, it’s all about food. 😀

  7. So much varieties to choose from and it is hard to make decision which to buy. I like the bingkai durian and nasi kerabu especially the deep fried fish.

    Been to any. Got anything nice?

  8. More food galore! What you said about kids these days of so true! Too much pampering I think. Parents these days are rather indulgent. I know of grown up kids, already working and yet expect mummy and daddy to foot their bills. Oh, that little boy is cute!

    Exactly…and I do know of some. So gaya work in KL, nice car, nice condo…but look who’s paying! Some parents really!

  9. fuyoh, another Ramadhan Bazaar you went!! and yes, everything does look very nice there and it’s like they are waving to you “come, come buy me home!! i am delicious!!”.. and nice bingka, but i hope those weren’t of durians, muahahahaha~~

    It’s the same one. I only like to go to this one. You can have pandan or pumpkin bingka – they have those too…but not so nice. Durian’s nicer. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  10. Oh dear, fermented durian sounds even more frightening than the fresh version. 😉 Hee, hee… still have not learned to like the fruit.

    LOL!!! I know a lot who would give an arm or a leg to eat the fruit. I don’t mind the kuihs and desserts and I love the fermented version in our ethnic cooking., VERY nice!

  11. Nice of you to bring Melissa see see around after releasing from the jungle school. Love the Ramadan market in malaysia right now.

    Every weekend is the time for bonding.

  12. Hmm…what is the bingka durian made of?

    Is bingka the tapioca type kueh which has a semolina like texture to it or something else?

    It’s pretty hard to explain. Will buy for you to eat when you come home but can’t say for sure there will still be durian then. You’d probably have to settle for either pandan or pumpkin.

  13. Used to love going the ramadhan bazaars around my area, but the recent spate of food poisoning after consuming the food items have me shying away this year.

    Did you identify the source of your poisoning? I thought you only eat at classy places? Can get food poisoning also kah? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  14. Till today I haven’t been to the bazaar near my house… maybe I just didn’t feel like eating them.. and secondly they don’t sell bingkai durian over there!! Oh My! I would like to try RM1 of those too.. so cheap!

    My missus loves them so so so much! She went back and bought A LOT!!! Keeping them in the fridge to eat slowly.

  15. I like the very lemak thing…but so fat….must control, control~~~ =[

    Yes, young people, must keep in shape. Me old liao, no problem. Hehehehehe!!!!

  16. I concur that Kate’s pulut panggang is the the best in town. When I show the photos of those pulut panggang to the lady boss, she recognized them and asked if this is Suituapui. Wow…

    Good grief!!! I wonder who she is. *run and hide*

  17. been to the bazaar here …this year seems to be “nothing to shout about”. maybe gone too many liao

    I just stick to one – where I know where the good stuff is. Too many, pening…and end up getting all that is not nice.

  18. I still not been to any bazaar yet, husband said better not to, dirty and a lot flies. :S

    But the pictures above, the dishes looks yummy!! I missed malay nasi campur, now they puasa, we don’t have any malay food to eat, daily on noodles and indian food. 😦

    Ya, I saw over there…not so bothered about keeping clean. Ok here.

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