Wait for a minute…

I dropped by this bakery…

Aroma Bakery

…on Sunday morning as I wanted to get their very nice chicken pies for my girl to take back to her jungle school to enjoy during the course of the week. In fact, we had gone there to check a few times in these few past weeks but they were always sold out. We could have placed an order but we did not fancy doing that and having to go back there again later to collect. For the uninitiated, it is located among the shops in the vicinity of the Dewan Suarah (Civic Centre) here in Sibu.

This time around, they only had one left (RM3.50 each)…

Aroma Bakery chicken pie

…but when I asked, they said that the second batch for the day was almost ready and if I could wait for a minute, they would be out of the oven pretty soon…and I decided I would do just that.

Meanwhile, I went browsing around looking at what they had at that point in time. Their coconut tarts…

Aroma Bakery coconut tarts

…are very nice too. I never like those elsewhere but theirs, I love! They used to sell them at RM1.80 for a pack of two but the price has since gone up to RM2.00, RM1.00 each.

I also like their egg tarts…

Aroma Bakery egg tarts

…and I’ve bought their cup cakes…

Aroma Bakery cup cakes

…before and enjoyed them as well – just get the plain ones, they’re good enough without those bits of chocolate chip or blueberry.

Of course, here too, you can find the usual bread and buns…

Aroma Bakery buns

…and stuff that you will see in most other bakeries…but these curry puffs and sio pao (baked buns)…

Aroma Bakery curry puffs

…are homemade – somebody makes them at home and leaves them here for sale every day. I wouldn’t say they’re the best in town but they’re not bad…and are quite cheap.

Well, if anyone is interested, their business hours are as follows…

Aroma Bakery business hours

True enough, the chicken pies that I wanted…

Aroma Bakery chicken pies

…were ready in no time at all and because they were still piping hot from the oven, they placed them in a cardboard tray like this for me to take home.

Ooooo….the fragrance of those pies filled the whole car and the moment I got home, I could not resist sitting down right away to enjoy…one.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Wait for a minute…”

  1. They did a great job in terms of hygiene

    They sure did. You should see one other place here. The pizzas look so good in the cabinet…but when you go near, you can see all the flies inside. I left instantly. Perhaps it is the shoppers’ fault – they open and never bother to close. So irresponsible…and the workers are not vigilant enough to keep an eye and close the glass doors of the cabinets quickly as and when necessary.

  2. Wah I like going to the bakery and end up buying a little of everything.. Yumyum chicken pies look good.. I can’t tell you I can finish 6 this time but I think I can finish 3 right away, haha.. Oh yes would love the siew pau and egg tarts too.. Talking about egg tarts, I just had 3 yesterday after lunch..

    I wonder how big yours are. 3 isn’t a problem…but I would have one (or two) for dessert after I have eaten something else for lunch. Not solid enough to last me through the rest of the day. I need “balanced” meals.

  3. Those pies of yours looks as good as those from John’s Pie & Aloha in Kuching. How nice to have the freshly baked and piping hot from the oven. Yummmmmm…..

    Not the same but these are very nice too. Best eaten hot from the oven, of course.

  4. They sure have yummy pies. Everything increase in price. The kampua that next to my sil’s shop now priced at RM2.50! No more RM2.30. 😦

    Cheaper than most places, already RM2.80. Ya…I bought you their pies once…

  5. Those pies must be really good. I love chicken pie but I have given up on them because the last few I had a while ago were disappointing. Hey, maybe I should go check out A Pie Thing. They are just a few doors away from me 🙂

    These were better before – a lot more filling but they’re still good. Don’t mind having them once in a while, not really cheap, I would say.

  6. wow, so many kinds of breads and buns and tarts!! yummy yummy!! and i wonder how much you have bought, i mean, show them all together, i would surely looks like a little mountain~~ *wink wink* :p

    Aren’t you a little mountain already? If you keep it up, you’ll be a big one like me. Muahahahaha!!!!! Didn’t buy much – not all that cheap, just that they’re very nice. Must keep an eye on my spending, poor old pensioner. 😦

  7. wah, fresh pies, fresh pies for sale! 😀 i like my pies warm and buttery, with lots of filling, hehehe 😀

    Me too. The ones here used to have more filling inside, more compact, seems less now and the price has increased again and again. That is why I do not buy that often…but they still taste really good.

  8. The eggtart that I bought at Pending cost me RM1.80 few months ago. But that didn’t stop me from eating all the pastries and desserts.. hahaha..

    i like the fragrance that filled up the car but at the same time.. i don’t like it when the fragrance is still in the car days later.. hahahaha..

    The smell will not last more than a day – only durian smell and the coffee powder from one shop here. At least three days! Pending? Not too sure where the good ones in Kuching are but the quiches from Aloha are very nice.

  9. Hmmmm.. not bad , lots of fresh pastries. I would love an egg tart anytime.

    I think every bakery has those egg tarts though not all are good. The ones here are quite nice so I would buy once in a while.

  10. Chicken pies straight from the oven – I can almost smell the aroma here! Their pies certainly look good, and so are their coconut tarts. All the buns and pastries look very neatly arranged and hygienic 🙂

    Yup. The pies & tarts are my favourites, but I may pick up a thing or two from there as well sometimes.

  11. Nice. What impressed me most is they way they present the food. Covered with plastic. Very clean.

    This effort on their part should be appreciated. It is all a matter of attitude…and special consideration for the customers.

  12. Love the chicken pies fresh from the oven! Eat them while still fresh… yummmyss! You didnt take a picture of the chicken fillings oozing out? 🙂 Makes me drool more then… now already salivating!

    I had that in an old post, not the first time blogging about the pies.

  13. Well as long as they keep their standards, I think it is expected of most businesses to increase their prices slightly. 🙂

    Yes, they do taste great unlike the rest in town…still, and the price is still comparatively lower than most elsewhere.

  14. The pie looks good, the skin is so smooth!
    Egg tarts also very presentable, pack nicely in a box, here, only pack in plastic bag upon pay…

    Some bakeries do that here too…pack when you buy. Ya, the pie’s great…and despite the price increases, it is still so very cheap compareed to pies elsewhere…especially those very famous franchise places.

  15. Not really keen on pie but they do look good.

    No worries, at that price, it is best to go for something else…especially when only in town for a short while. Lots of other things to eat. This is something nice that one can have sometimes when one feels like it…for a change.

  16. Oooppsss..i am not pie, coconut and egg tart person!! But i eat Portuguese tart and drink coconut water. hahahahha

    That’s why when i am back, i hardly walk in to any bakery shop.

    I’ve always loved egg tarts and Portuguese egg tarts too, not coconut tarts – but I love these. Hah!!! You don’t have to go, your mum will buy the chicken pies for you…or I will. Hehehehehe!!!!!

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