Day too soon…

Melissa saw the sign…

New chicken rice shop

…the day she got back into town from her jungle school so we went there around noon the very next day to give it a try. I don’t know if this is a franchise or what but it seems there is an outlet in Miri and the reviews that I’ve checked out are all pretty good. Unfortunately, it would only commence business the next day, Sunday, so in the end, we decided to just go next door…

Next to Ah Sian

…for the best beef noodles in town…

Ah Sian beef soup 1

Despite having been born and raised in Sibu, Melissa is not really into kampua noodles and this is the only place in town where she would order that…

Ah Sian kampua

…and enjoy it very much together with their awesomely flavourful beef soup…

Ah Sian beef soup 2

…that is served with the noodles.

After that quick but very satisfying lunch, we dropped by the supermarket round the corner to browse around. This is the popular one in town that stocks up on stuff from all over the world like from Australia…


…for instance and Taiwan…

...and Taiwan...

…Japan, Korea, the US of A and the UK, everywhere.

We did not buy a lot – just a few items for my girl to take back and enjoy in her jungle school…

Goodies from around the world

…for a little bit of relief in the not very invigorating nor exciting surroundings. I did get to try the “real cheese chip” and I thought it  was really very nice, made in Korea…and we enjoyed the Belgium-made apple thins too, selling at only RM2.99 a box as it would expire in a  few days’ time on the 10th.

Well, that was it – our brief lunchtime outing that day. Stay tuned for what’s coming up next…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “Day too soon…”

  1. Tim Tam from Aus selling for less than Rm9 ?! That’s dirt cheap!

    Yakah? How much are they selling over there? Ya, at times, if converted back to the currency of the country of origin, the price may be almost the same, cheaper even at times…

    1. Normal price will be around Aud 4 but you can buy at Aud 2 when its on sale

      That’s in Oz or in Penang? Gosh! Around RM12 for a pack IS expensive.

  2. A new shop in town! I must give it a try myself too. Hope the Hainam chicken rice is good.

    long time didnt go to Ah Sian beef noodle. Hubby likes its beef noodle very much.

    Hard to find parking at that area to shop at the supermarket. But I do enjoy browsing around their imported goodies. Very tempting to buy them.

    Let me know if the chicken rice’s good – if you get to try it first. The beef noodles, better than Ah Mui in Kuching, that’s for sure. You can wait around Ah Sian, sure there will be people leaving – those who have finished eating and then you can park. Will have to walk a bit though to the supermart.

    1. Usually eat chicken rice at Singapura Nasi Ayam, Jlm Pedada. Nearer to my place.

      Ok. Will go there one of these days and let you know it is nice or not.

      Ya, I’ll wait. 😉

  3. Jungle school? I always laugh when you say jungle school, hehe.. Can she ask for a transfer or something to be able to teach in a city school? Ohh TimTam for only rm8.95? Over here its >rm10..

    The school is in the jungle mah. But it’s quite nice actually and accessible by road. There are many a whole lot worse! KL people rich mah…and overheads a lot more expensive, cannot sell so cheap lor… 😉

  4. That bowl of beef noodles looks appetizing….and me, not a fan of Tim Tam either.

    To me, the best in town. Ah Mui comes nowhere near…

  5. wow, how nice, you have got a supermarket in town that stocks up on stuffs from all over the world!! just love all those confectioneries.. 🙂

    Come, come… You’ll want everything to take home!!! Brought a friend here and she spent some RM100-200 within a couple of minutes.

  6. Hey your tim tams are much cheaper….. over here it’s about RM13 per pack.. faints.

    Probably if they jack up the price too high, nobody will buy? Another place here sells Walkers Scottish shortbread for less than RM10, never seen that anywhere else, not even at the DFS at KLIA.

  7. Not into kampua, eh? hee..hee…I am not really into Tim Tams. Everyone who goes to Australia will sure bring back some.

    Yes, me neither. A friend came home from Oz and he brought me that, thinking we can’t get it here – did not know we have lots here…almost the same price or maybe cheaper even! Personally, not crazy about anything Arnotts.

  8. Yes, I meant all the products from different parts of the world. 🙂 The lemon myrtle shortbread sounds very good, never tried that. I have had shortbread cookies before, though.

    I love Scottish shortbread. The Butterfingers Brand from Australia is quite good, not as expensive as Walkers. I like the one with macadamian.

  9. Your last sentence reminds me of the radio DJs I listen to each morning… 🙂 Then I remember that you were a radio fan those days, right? I Miss the old days when Patrick Teoh was the Radio 4 DJ.. Monday to Wednesdays from 9am to 11am if not mistaken.. and Yasmin Yussuf and the sexy voice of Angie.. Ok, I know, I am out of your topic post today! 🙂

    Patrick used to sign off wishing everyone “blue skies and everything nice”. That, I remember very well.

  10. From the snacks that you bought, I like TimTam and Loacker!! So yummy, going to have my Loacker Chocolate Sandwich now, hehe!! =]

    You have those ever ready at home? Wow!!!! We hardly ever buy. Expensive and not really crazy about them. Melissa enjoys them.

    1. Yah, because my brother and I love it so much, so my mom will buy for us when she goes shopping! =]

      Lucky you…and your brother. 😉

  11. We can never get it for so cheap over here.

    I think Ta Kiong has some agreement with Tim Tam Australia, coz there’s no way they can sell it for that cheap. It already costs AUD 2.99 in Coles/Woolworth in Australia although there are promos bringing it as low as 2 for AUD 3 but that’s not all the time.

    Since the price is already higher in Australia, it is always a mystery to me how Ta Kiong can sell it so cheap. I do notice they don’t have the limited editions or new launches though, just the standard 8+2 flavors, so maybe they do have some sort of agreement with Arnotts.

    I haven’t the slightest either how those things can be cheaper than their places of origin overseas. Well, for one thing, it’s good for us here.

  12. RM2.99 is worth buying if ntend to consume withing the date.

    Easy, not that many pieces inside, 3 of us in the house. One sitting, all gone. VERY nice!

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