Same thing…

I did manage to drop by the Ramadhan Bazaar in Bintulu that afternoon before the grand wedding dinner in the night. I went to the one in front of this supermarket and departmental store…

Sing Kwong Bintulu

…which was a short distance away from the hotel where I was staying.

I would say it was more or less the same thing as the ones in Sibu or elsewhere in the country – you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. I stopped by the first stall on the right…

Ramadhan stalls 1

…and bought these kuih bahulu (traditional Malay egg cake)…

Kuih bahulu

I don’t know how they make them now but in the old days, they would use those copper chuan (mold) and cook them over a hot charcoal stove. The last time I saw some of these was at Tesco in Sungai Petani many years ago and I did buy some home too then. They’re all the same shape now, it seems – in the past, we had some fish-shaped ones, that much I can remember.

I did not fancy the other things they were selling…

Ramadhan stall 1

…nothing that we can’t get in Sibu.

The food looked pretty good at some of the other stalls…

Ramadhan stall 2

…but unlike the ones I would frequent in Sibu, it appeared that there, they would leave everything exposed…

Ramadhan stall 3

…and thankfully, I did not see any flies fluttering around. That would be so disgusting, really.

This one with all the smoke…

BBQ stall

…was selling all the panggang (barbecued) stuff.

It was already past 4 in the evening and if we compare that one…

Ramadhan stalls 2

…to the ones we had here in Sibu, theirs was certainly not as crowded…

Ramadhan stalls 3

Perhaps this was not the main one and there were others all around town that were more popular, I wouldn’t know as this was the only one that I went to check out during my short stay in the town.

There was a stall selling “nasi Arab” (Arabian rice) – I sure would love to try to see what that was…but I was going to a wedding banquet in a few hours’ time so I decided to give it a miss…and of course, I did not buy nor eat any of these…


…either. LOL!!!

After that quick walk around the Ramadhan Bazaar, I headed back to the hotel to bathe and change and get ready for the main event of my visit to Bintulu…and that’s coming right up! Make sure you come back for my post on that, okay?

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23 thoughts on “Same thing…”

  1. Aiya, really should have tried Nasi Arab, i would love to know too 😀

    There are places selling this in Penang. You go and try and then you let me know. 😉

  2. Ahhh kuih bahulu.. Mum used to buy and I would take a few pieces to school for recess everyday.. At home I would dunk it in Milo.. Nice.. I heard you only need flour, sugar and eggs to make them.. Like kai tak gou (egg cakes)..

    That would be what we call lung ngor in Foochow here. Not exactly the same – kuih bahulu is not as fine, drier and slightly harder plus a little crusty on the outside. Both are nice in their own ways. This was the 2nd time I had them since that time I bought in Sg Petani…and since I ate them in my growing up years so long ago.

  3. Ok. Waiting for the wedding post!! ^^

    I love kuih bahulu. Crispy and sweet.

    Tomorrow, tomorrow… 😀

  4. I see blue skies! Please blow them our way!

    That was a couple of weeks ago – we had the worst haze in the entire country for days since Raya. Thank God it rained yesterday evening and through the night and it is still raining on and off now. Hope that would be enough to get rid of the haze for good.

  5. reading your blog often makes me feel nostalgic! kuih bahalu is something my aunts and grandmom used to buy sometimes, and the whole family loves it 😀

    Yes, we can’t get them anywhere here now. The old folks have died and the younger ones are not keen on making them – sitting in front of the hot charcoal stove cooking them mold by mold sure does not appeal to them. 😦

  6. I thought today would be the wedding post! Never mind I will sure come back tomorrow for that. Ah…I like all the panggang stuff. Cannot resist!

    They say one barbecued chicken wink is equivalent to 8 sticks of cigarette. Hmmmm…isn’t that worrying? 😀

  7. Kuih bahulu, my favourite. Last time, we used to make them during CNY but not now. Ramadhan Bazaar, have not been to one since long time ago. See the flies and the uncovered food makes me pissed off. All in all, I still love the durian most.

    Thankfully, no flies but they really should make an effort to cover everything, just like the one I go to in Sibu. So much more reassuring. I had some friends staying in Kenyalang Park – come Chinese New Year, the mother would sit in front of the hot charcoal stove – shaped like a big flower pot…making the kueh bahulu and the kueh sepit (kapit) or love letters. Hers were so good.

  8. I couldn’t help but see the beautiful blue skies in your lovely photos!!! 🙂

    Yes, it was hot and sunny then but it has gone all hazy lately here in the town where I live, very unhealthy. Rained all night though so hopefully, that would help clear the horrible haze.

  9. flies fluttering around?….can’t imagine it what will turns into be..after having the food

    You can go to those horrible stalls right across the road from the teacher training institute where my daughter was before. You would see the flies lined up by the side of the food trays like birds on the telephone line. One thing I noticed though was that some food trays were absolutely fly-free – dunno what special ingredient those had to attract all those flies. Thankfully, I did not see any at this bazaar when I walked from stall to stall…but nonetheless, they were all not covered.

  10. Wait until the neck also long… you are more “cheong hei” than me, spend a few blog post to cut to the chase XD

    You’re waiting for the wedding post too? Muahahahahahaha!!!! Must stretch a bit mah…otherwise, how to come out with a post a day. 😀

  11. Now Ramadhan Bazaar over liao, have to wait next year liao…

    We have the Borneo Cultural Festival middle of August and the Food Festival usually in December, around Christmas. Lots of food stalls like these so we do not have to wait till next year.

  12. Saving the space in the stomach for the big event, right? Yes, looking forward to your grand wedding… er.. I mean your going to a grand wedding… :p

    Unfortunately… 😉

  13. Eh ..raya already still got Ramadan bazaar ?? Wow. Look at the spread of food there and durians !!

    That was when I was in Bintulu mah. Everything in chronological order, one thing at a time. Highlight of the trip tomorrow and the day after, I would be on my way back to Sibu – that will end my Bintulu series. Let’s see where I will head to next – JB maybe? Hehehehehehehe!!!!!

  14. Kuching also the same things. Maybe the lauk variety is more. That Ramadhan bazaar sure looks almost deserted, compared to Kuching here where people practically made all sorts of body contacts to get to one stall. LOL

    Yes, the one I usually went to here was very crowded too and if I went later, around 5, most of the things would have been sold out already. This one – already 4 something, still a lot!

  15. Kuih bahulu…over here can find them at AEON supermarket anytime of the year. They are fish-shaped and made using the copper mould you mentioned but cooked in oven. The aroma would filled the whole area and tempt customers to purchase 🙂
    Nasi Arab? Wonder what’s that, huh..

    Ahhhhh!!!! Probably the same franchise as the stall I bought some from at Tesco in Sg Petani. I was only looking and the nice guy gave me one to try and in the end, I bought a tub home. Nice…but of course, can’t compare to those in the old days – baked over a hot charcoal stove. Not too sure about this one that I bought, didn’t ask.

  16. used to like bahulu but nowadays they add too much sugar.

    Love durian oh.,… got the red ones ka?

    Yellow ones, you mean? Buah pakon – I think they’re coming out now…usually will be available when the durian season comes to an end. Or do you mean those red ones with long spiky thorns? I’ve seen a lot around but no, thank you. So horrible, smells of kerosene.

  17. Ah kuih bahulu, Bananaz fav during the younger days and back home we called them kuih pulu.

    When I was small, I called it kuih bulu….only lately, I know it is actually kuih bahulu.

  18. This year i never been to any Ramadhan bazaar, maybe is the hot weather and also the timing.

    My boys love kuih bahulu, we can get those easily over here.

    And one of them likes lung ngor too, eh? Lung ngor, I can get in Sibu anytime…but not kuih bahulu. Nobody making, I guess.

  19. I definitely prefer the one you mentioned previously, the one where they cover it with cling wrap and open just for you to take your stuff and cover it again. Very hygienic that way. I dislike food with flies all over too. SO yucky!

    Yes, good practices must be emulated and encouraged. Do they do that as well at your side…or they’re all exposed like this?

  20. I wonder what Arab rice is?

    The durians looks good though…

    You like durians? Hurry! Hurry! Come back. They’re running out, the season is almost over now. I guess nasi arab would be something like what they serve in those Middle Eastern restaurants – you have lots there, none here.

  21. Got one good Nasi Arab restaurant in Penang. Tried it once when I went to Penang last month, and it tastes really good. Can’t remember the restaurant name though.

    Oh dear. I’ve seen people blogging about the ones in KL too. All looked so good, sure would love to try.

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