Standing tall…

I have a curry leaf plant growing in one corner of my garden…

Curry leaf plant 1
*Archive photo*

I have to keep pruning it regularly as it gets terribly overgrown. In fact, it is more a tree now than just a plant or shrub. What I do not like is how the branches keep growing through the fence into my neighbours’ garden. I keep telling them that they may just help themselves to the leaves as and when they need them but still, I don’t feel comfortable with the intrusion.

However, there were a few branches that I had a problem with. Once I took the meat cleaver from the kitchen and asked my gardener to help trim the plant and it came back totally out of shape. My missus bought a saw from the shop and it was not very good either – sawing one branch would wear me out completely and I would just give up in the end. Well, my friend, Philip, who is currently home from the US, gave me a made-in-Germany saw. He enjoys going into those old shops and would pick up stuff from the good ol’ days and he bought a few of the saws among a whole lot of other hidden treasures that he could find…and he gave me one of them. Thank you so much, Philip – that sure was a life saver!

The saw was so so good that without much effort, I was able to prune the whole tree…

Curry leaf plant 2

…leaving behind just one branch so we would have some curry leaves for our own use as and when needed. Don’t worry! The branches may be hard to cut but they are very flexible so I can just bend it down easily to get the leaves and once I let go, it will go back to its upright position once again. I think, from now on, I will let the branches that are higher up grow while I keep trimming the lower ones – the ones that would protrude into the neighbours’ yard.

And talking about curry, remember the made-in-Sibu instant noodles that I blogged about the other day? This is another flavour

Daddy Mee - curry flavour

…that is available – curry…but with the horrendous hot weather that we’re experiencing at the moment, I don’t really care for anything served in piping hot soup. That was why the other day, I decided to have it dry.

I think I blogged about it before but anyway, there are two sachets inside…

Mee Daddy curry - sachets

– one with the curry seasoning and the other with the chili oil. I emptied both onto a plate and added a teaspoon of onion oil – oil that I have used to fry some sliced shallots for extra fragrance. I only used half the packet of the seasoning though – if you use all of it, it will be too salty. You may keep the remaining half to season whatever you may be cooking in future – fried rice or something.

After boiling the noodles till soft, I drained away all the water and tossed them with the aforementioned ingredients…

Mee Daddy - curry

…and served them, garnished with some chopped spring onions.

I had an egg half-boiled/cooked the other day so this time, I decided to have it fried…

Old-school fried egg

…the old school way.

I love that golden fringe and the yolk runny like this…

Runny yolk

…and I’m sure many of you do too!