First in line…

It’s the early bird that catches the worm, or so they say…and we were the first in line, my missus and I. We arrived on Sunday evening and were invited to dinner with my cousin and her family that very first evening in town while my two aunties arrived on Monday morning and my cousin invited the four of us to dinner with her family at her house that night.

Gosh! I can imagine how busy she must have been with her youngest daughter getting married and all the things to see to…and yet, she was able to come up with one really impressive spread exclusively for the dinner. I loved her masak merah

Masak merah

…and her beef dish…


Initially, I thought that was masak hitam but no, it wasn’t anything Malaysian and yes, it was very nice too!

She even went through the trouble of cooking her chicken curry…

Chicken curry

…from scratch. These days, I would just use those pastes in packets which can be real nice as well. Of course, hers was good though I wondered who dished out the curry and made such a mess – probably the hubby or one of the kids. Muahahahahaha!!!!

If I remember correctly, I think this was pork…


…and I enjoyed it very much and I absolutely loved her ladies’ fingers with the sambal on top…

Ladies fingers with sambal

…but the dish that stole the limelight was this –

Baked fish with sambal

– fish (bawal hitam/black pomfret) wrapped in banana leaf and baked and served with the oh-so-delicious sambal. I was told she had tom yam paste in the dip. Hmmmm…gotta try it sometime!

I think I just had a piece of the tofu…

Fried tofu with mayo

…and I don’t remember helping myself to the ngor hiang/lor bak

Ngor hiang

…nor the dishes she ordered from outside, the butter prawns…

Butter prawns

…and the mixed vegetables…

Mixed vegetables

I wouldn’t want to waste my tummy space on those when there are so many lovely own home-cooked dishes to savour and enjoy.

Don’t ask me how many helpings I had for honestly, I just cannot remember. I just feasted on the delicious fare till I was bursting at the seams. Too bad for the other guests to her daughter’s wedding who arrived the following day and those who were not able to come – now they can see what they all missed! Muahahahahaha!!!!

Thanks so much, cousin, for that wonderful dinner – hope it was not too much trouble. Truly, that was very much appreciated…by all of us, thank you on everybody’s behalf.

SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN to all family and friends celebrating this very auspicious occasion today…

Hari Raya greeting

God bless, everyone.