We kept it very simple this year as like what I said in my previous post, we’re no spring chicken anymore – no longer that young and we neither have the strength nor stamina to be cooking all day in the kitchen to dish out something nice for those who care to drop by.

But our doors are always open and there are always cakes like this one that my missus baked…

Cake 1

…and this kek lumut that she steamed…

Cake 2

The green and yellow/orange one was given to us by my brother-in-law, made by a Malay friend of his, and we bought the black one from the kuih stall at Bandong here – the hati parek


…and there were a few other varieties as well, like this intoxicating fruit cake from my friend in KL, for instance…

ET's fruit cake

Can you smell the brandy? She gave it to me when I was in KL around the middle of last year and I had been saving it since for this special day.

Then, there were the cookies – my missus made these dahlia and peanut cookies…

Cookies 1

– the latter was a hit as they would melt in the mouth owing to the fact that she used peanut butter instead of crushed peanut.

She also made a few others and the rest she bought from the bakeries in town…

Cookies 2

…and there were other snacks and tidbits and we had keropok (prawn crackers) served with the acarΒ (pickle) given to me by my ex-student.

Like I said, it was all very simple – nothing much to shout about but we did have a constant stream of visitors including this ex-student of mine…

My student

– the one who drew this picture of me a long long time ago. He was very big and fat then, maybe even fatter than me but look Β at him now! There were other groups of students who came as well…


Some of them will always make it a point to drop by when they’re home for Chinese New Year every year.

Then, there were my friends…


…some of them bloggers, some ex-bloggers and Melissa’s friends came too…

Mel's friends 1

These guys came from the peninsula – KL, Trengganu and they were filled with awe by the festivities they were experiencing for the first time in their lives – the firecrackers and fireworks every day and night especially around midnight on Chinese New Year’s Eve…

*Huai Bin of‘s video*

…and to their delight, they were given ang paos too at the houses they visited. One commented that this was the first time in his entire life and not only did he receive one or two but so many! I am pretty sure that as long as they are still working in Sarawak/Sibu, they will not bother to go home for the short break, come Chinese New Year every year.

Her former classmates, going back all the way to Primary One…


…dropped by for dinner and they sure had a great time catching up with one another’s lives now that all of them have graduated and are working here, there and everywhere and they do not get to meet all that much anymore.

In Melissa’s words, Chinese New Year can be very tiring but it is so much fun and nothing beats celebrating it at home with the joy of the festive season in the air and with friends and family, all of one’s loved ones, all around.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Simple…”

  1. awwww.. i so so so love those cakes!! they look so delicious, and i am hungry now, better just quickly go to sleep.. or maybe i shall be dreaming of those cakes later, hahahaha, that is what you call “sweets dream” huh?? :p

    Too bad they do not keep well, most of them – must be chilled in fridge…or I could send you some. Come, come to Sibu and I’ll buy for you… πŸ˜‰

  2. Woah … many delicacies ! Got Kuih lapis ?

    Kek lapis! Got! Didn’t bother to photograph as not own-made, bought from my regular kuih stall at Bandong – got oreo lapis, one that looks like watermelon, another like fish scales (sisik ikan) which is actually masam manis made to look nicer…etc…etc…etc…

  3. You call these simple? Maybe I don’t bake (nor cook) very well, so I really salute your wife for being able to make all these delicious goodies..
    Eh, the baju which you were wearing, the white one with a “fake” bow tie, eh, that one I have also, but it’s a baby romper, hahahaha… Exactly the same design, same pattern, but it’s a romper, and not a shirt la..

    My friend in Auckland gave to me – she bought that and all the rest that she gave me (including the SWAG one) in New York. The words read: “Hello! I’m sexy and I know it!”

    I guess young people aren’t into such things anymore these days…or maybe we country folks are a more close-knit society, love having open houses and visiting friends and family whenever a festival comes around…and it’s less impersonal to bake and cook our own though it may mean a lot of work. 😦

  4. Arthur Wee…this kek lumut looks so good and delicious…can you please inbox the recipe for me . I will like to try them….thank you

    Google: resipi kek lumut sarawak, all there but I think in Malay. You may need to click TRANSLATE.

    Hey! Remember now we and the rest of the gang used to cycle from house to house, visiting friends and relatives THE WHOLE DAY – Chinese New Year, Christmas and even Raya. That was so much fun then, wasn’t it?

  5. Yes. As we age, we tend to like things simple. Haha.

    I love hati parek and brandy fruit cake. πŸ™‚

    No more energy to keep up mah… You’re still young – long long way to go!

  6. So much varieties of cakes & cookies. All looks so good especially the fruit cake. So yummy looking. Wow, you mean your ex-student as big as you has slim down so much. What is his secret receipe to it?

    NewLife or something… He did tell me but there are so many of those I just can’t remember. He sure looks good now, so very handsome.

  7. that’s a lovely spread of cakes and cookies! i’d seriously want to try one of everything if i were a visitor πŸ˜€

    Didn’t use to be popular, maybe because I had a buffet spread for visitors and they would rather go for that – this year, these went down well – had to refill a few times…

  8. This post reminds me I haven’t tried out any cny cookies yet, wast too busy few days later, must go eat some of it later!!! =]

    Good grief! Chinese New Year already came and went!!!

    1. wow…your missus know how to make kek lapis ah? That one look like kek lapis right? Sedap leh

      That’s lapis all right – baked, not steamed…and her layers not as nipis but it’s ok – not as bad as that masam manis one. πŸ˜€

  9. That’s why we love festive season. It always relates to happiness. Looks like everyone is having a great time. πŸ™‚

    Yes, means so much to us, at our age – what is there if not to be happy and to share the joy with all who care enough to come to wish us the best in the year ahead.

  10. I see bongkerz! Is that him or just someone who looks like him? πŸ˜€

    I haven’t seen that guy for ages!

    I also didn’t visit a lot of houses this year – just a couple, including yours! Ooh, I just opened the ang pow last night while writing about my CNY visiting, that’s a very generous amount you gave me! I must buy you lunch before I go back!

    Oh no, it’s a once-a-year thing, no worries. Yes, that’s Bongkerz all right – he’s great, a good friend who takes the trouble to drop by every year without fail…except one year when his dad was critically sick, if I remember correctly.

  11. I see bongkerz too! haha And his baby!! so cute! Ok distracted for awhile from those cookies pics. So lovely that your missus made the time to home-bake all those goodies. And love the Swag tee suituapui. πŸ™‚ looking real awesome on you. Gong xi fa chai!

    Thanks, and hope it will be a great year for you and your hubby too – a new chapter in your life. Yes, Bongkerz was here, and Mar too – you know her? Used to blog from Kuching, now working in Brunei –

  12. Yes, it is definitely so much fun and blessed to have so many friends visiting your home during Chinese New Year.. just very tired after all the cleaning up! But how often, right? πŸ˜€

    Not much cleaning and my girl was home so she could help out. It sure did not feel like a chore in the midst of all that joy and good vibes all around.

  13. wah so many cakes! the fruit cakes seem especially appealing to me, with brandy some more yum~

    My friend in KL made for me – not the first time. Her fruit cakes are awesome, really really nice!

  14. Happy CNY, STP! Was looking at the yummilicious spread cooked by yr missus and thinking if this is simple, what’d yr not simple look like! :p

    You should see the photos my friends shared on Facebook – now theirs are definitely not simple…but maybe they have very large families and a lot of friends or they will never be able to finish all that food. πŸ˜€

  15. At times, I do feel like i dislike CNY cos it is seriously very tiring.. but i must admit, it is the best time to catch up with all those whom we only met once a year.. especially those coming back from overseas.. and it is the time to eat and drink without guilt.. hahahahaha..

    I wanna visit your house !!! So much food to eat one !!!

    Come, come. Welcome, anytime…even if it’s not Chinese New Year!

  16. Totally agree with the last paragraph as for the people like me working overseas, although only back for 6 days and have to left on the first day of CNY (rush and tire, i didn’t even have time to taste dian mian ngu, kompia and etc etc), but it is really nothing beats celebrate CNY at home. Even get sick (not only home sick) on the fourth day after back to here.

    Probably the heat – getting very hot here as well and I’m sick too – but it’s fine, having had a great time ushering in the new year. You did not have kompia at Noodle House? What did you eat there? You’re lucky to be able to come back even if it is only for a few days – I am sure there are so many others who are eating their hearts out and wishing they were home too…

  17. Homemade cookies are yummeh!!! Lucky you to have homemade ones for CNY!

    Ya, they’re usually nicer. Some bakeries have nice ones too but have to go round and sample to look for those worth buying. Most aren’t really great.

  18. Wow.. You r truly blessed with such a good wife cum cook… Can bake such lovely cakes as well… I would love to visit you too during cny… Good food great company!

    Come, come! Plan a trip to celebrate Chinese New Year here next year – you will not regret it, I tell you. Book early. Tickets get sold out fast, extra flights very expensive, can go up to RM600 or more one way…over 1K at times…and MAS has a flight a day, Air Asia has 6, not including the extra flights and Malindo’s – there must be a very good reason why people want to come here by the droves!

  19. Your wife made so many delicious cookies! We’re thankful that our Grandma still prepares us a delicious feast every yr for CNY.

    Nah!!! You make nice ones yourself and you have two little helpers, lucky you.

  20. Wow…so many cookies and cakes!!! I love the cake that in between with haw flakes, my mum already bought one and keep in fridge waiting for me to go back next month! hahahhaha.

    Wahhhhh!!!! Still a long way to go. I buy for you when you come… Sisik ikan (fish scales) is the same, just that they make into a different, nicer pattern.

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