What’s next…

My cousin and her hubby from the UK were only here for 2 nights and that morning, on the day they were leaving, I took them here for breakfast.

I asked them to order the longevity mee sua served in chicken soup cooked with traditional  Foochow red wine…


…something they would not be able to get where they came from unless they cooked their own…and I requested for extra red wine to add to the fragrance and the flavours. They loved it very much and commented that it was indeed really very good.

They had not had kampua noodles since they got into town so I suggested that they tried the sizzling black pepper beef kampua


…as personally, I do not think very much of their so-called classic kampua and I feel the noodles in this combo have always been pretty good and go well with the beef and the sauce. Well, I guess I did right for they enjoyed that very much as well.

I ordered the kueh chap special for myself…


…but ended up sharing. It amazed me that like me, my cousin’s hubby actually enjoyed eating the innards…and they do it very well here, something one should consider having when dropping by this place.

Other than the aforementioned, we also had the deep fried kompia stuffed with pork belly…


…and I made it a point to insist that they must fry them properly and must not get them so very oily like the last time I ordered that and it was all right that day – as good as always, no complaints and they loved it!

I never had this before – the deep fried kompia with beef rendang


…and ordered that to try but I’m afraid the general consensus was that the two were not all that compatible – definitely not something I would want to order again.

Then came the desserts! We were already very full by then so we only had two – their rum and raisin mille crepe…


…and their chocolate lava cake…


…and needless to say, they swept them off their feet. They were certainly most impressed that in this little town, one can get such awesome desserts that can rival any in any country in the world, even in the UK!

I asked one of the guys there for some ang pao packets and he said that they had given them all away but he was nice enough to dig out a pack from what he was saving for his own use for me…


Isn’t that sweet? I gave the pack to my cousin as I thought she might need some for her own use…and she promptly put some money in one and handed it back to me – to give to Melissa. Oh dear! I was not expecting that…but thanks all the same, on Melissa’s behalf.

And guess what happened? A guy with his wife and son at another table approached me and asked if he could have his photograph taken with me. Gee!!! I was stunned speechless!!! It turned out that he was one of my regular blog readers, home from Perth, Australia for Chinese New Year and he had commented on my posts once in while. I really thought that was so embarrassing! Now, I really must watch what I do in public as I would never know – there may be people out there who know me but I do not know them. Blush! Blush!

After that very heavy breakfast, we walked over to the Sibu Heritage Centre and even though photographs are not allowed, I simply had to snap a few of this traditional Dayak weaving loom…


…to show my friend, Opal, in the USA as she had bought a loom recently to do her own weaving…and these are the finished products…

Pua kumbu

…which definitely do not come cheap and rightly so too, considering all that work that goes into them.

After the tour of the place, we stopped by here for lunch but we were really too full to really want to eat something so we just shared the kalio ayam and one tandoori chicken before I dropped them off at the hotel to rest and then check out and make their way to the airport.

It certainly was nice seeing you two again, Eleanor and Phil. Do come again and do stay a little bit longer next time. There may not be all that much to do in town but rest assured that there are a lot more things here to eat that you have not tried yet.