More than anything……

It’s my blog’s 6th anniversary today. Yes, it has been six years since my first post on the 7th of March, 2008.

Dining in the dark
*Still eating after all these years…*

Many came and many went – I don’t think any who used to drop by and comment are still doing that these days anymore. If you care to look at the people who commented on that inaugural post, all the unfamiliar names that you will see would bear testament to that. Some were bloggers then though I don’t know if any of them are still doing that but some do keep in touch like the ones who would take the trouble to come and visit me during Chinese New Year, for instance…

Ex-blogger friends
*Archive photo*

I certainly am thankful and appreciate that very much even though I am not too sure whether they still drop by my blog anymore to see what I’ve been up to lately. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t…but it doesn’t really matter as it doesn’t change the fact that through my blog (and theirs) at one point in time, we became friends and have remained so to this very day.

Indeed, what I am most grateful for, after all these years of blogging, is the priceless friendships that I have made with all the wonderful people that otherwise, I would never have got to know. That alone is enough to keep me blogging and I certainly look forward to make lots and lots more friends in the years to come. As we would write in our autograph books in our younger days…
Make new friends, keep the old
One is silver, the other is gold

Six years. Six years of warmth, love and affection from you, you and you. Who could ask for more?

I have nothing, nothing at all, to give in return other than my friendship and all that you will get to see each passing day in this simple blog of mine which, I hope,will serve as a permanent record of everything especially all the happiness, all the joy that we have shared and will share over the years, precious times, precious moments to be cherished forever.

Thank you…from the bottom of my heart.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “More than anything……”

  1. awww, very sweet to read this post. your sincerity really shines through and stands out. glad to be one of your readers 🙂

    Thank you, you’re very kind. Love having you around, always looking forward to your comments.

  2. Wow! 6 yrs! congratulations! I think u have a lot of silent readers, the other day someone mentioned to me u got a famous cousin Stp! Haha! Reading your blog is like my daily bread so keep on blogging especially on all those yummy n easy to follow recipes :)!! Have a great weekend n for us is labours day long weekend !

    Enjoy your weekend, thank you. Sure will keep on going. I wish the silent ones would comment too…and we can make friends. The more, the merrier.

  3. Happy Birthday Suituapui’s Blog ! Yeap.. still crazy after 6 years.. and hopefully for another 6 or 12 years to come =P

    Only? More lah… Muahahahahaha!!!! Thanks.

  4. Congratulations!!!!…and Happy Birthday to your blog. Time flies and have been following your blog for 6 good years. I don’t want anything from you except your easy peasy, simple and yet delicious receipes. Thanks a lot and keep your blog on going for as long as you can.

    Welcome, and thanks! You’ve been around right from the start? No lah…later, I think, when your son told you about it, right? But guess that would be around the time when I first started as well – when I’ve retired and my girl had gone over to SP to study…

  5. Your blog will the first thing I surf when I swtich on my pc at my office every morning ever since I discovered your blog a year plus. Thank you informing us all the delicious food that you have come across and also prompting our Sibu’s kampua. And I would like to salute you for never failing to upload your blog everyday….. Happy Birthday Suituapui’s Blog…..

    Thank you, and thanks for your unfailing support. Do keep dropping by!

  6. Happy birthday to your blog! I started my blog in March too!

    Thanks. I used to comment in everybody’s blogs for years – everyone was wondering who I was – and they thought I was female, and wondered why I did not have a blog…and some of my blogger friends then “forced” me into it…and since that first post, there has been no looking back. Sure glad they did.

    1. Blogging is addictive! I started just like you.

      It is…but it’s ok – I’m retired, nothing else better to do. Keeps me mentally active, at least.

  7. Happy 6th anniversary to your blog!!

    Friends is the best treasure and I have to agree from blog I met many great people.

    The perks of blogging – sure glad I’m in it. Thanks.

  8. Six years! That’s great and Happy 6th Blog Anniversary. And hah..hah…seeing the “crap” and “toilet roll” on that birthday cake up there, for once I come here I don’t feel hungry! 😀

    Muahahahahaha!!!! Sure was a crappy cake, eh? 😀 Thanks.

  9. awww, Happy Birthday to “…Still crazy after all these years!”.. wow, it must have been an amazing 6 years huh?? and i am interested to know since when i started to follow your blog and “care to” leave a comment almost everyday??

    let’s celebrate!!! let’s celebrate with a feast of Kampua and Pian Sip!!! 😀

    I think you first commented on 1st April, 2009 – date of any significance? 😉
    Thanks for your greeting.

  10. BTW who baked that very special cake for your blog?? NICE!! muahahahaha, though i would say probably you (or the baker) is suffering from some sickness due to the shape and texture of that poo-poo?? hahahahaha, just kidding.. 🙂

    p/s: mine would be coming soon in a week’s time..

    Got it from some website. Cetak rompak. I thought the cake was so cute!

    1. adoi, cetak rompak!! plagiarism!! put the source where you got the photo from lah, giving credit to the owner.. 🙂

      Ok lah, I’ve changed the photo already…to a much nicer one.

      I thought the crap cake decor was cute, that was all.

      Last time, I used to link to the sources…and then people came in to ask for payment. My goodness! Is this what the world is all about? Money? PLUS they were very nasty and rude about it – there certainly are more pleasant ways to say something.

      If people want to use my photos, poems, things I’ve written here or on Facebook (and some do!), they’re free to do so. If I didn’t want anyone to do that, I would not have published in a public domain for all to see. And they were not even nice photographs as far as angle, focus, creativity and all those things went – just that they happened to be relevant. Tsk! Tsk!

      1. errr, the cake photo was nicer!!! muahahahaha~~ 😀
        just joking lah, of course seeing the handsome face is better than that piece of poo-poo 🙂

        Say what you want! Sticks and stones may break my bones, word never will.

  11. Happy birthday Blog! It’s nice knowing you. Learned a lot from your blog. Keep on blogging! 🙂

    Thanks, sure will. Oh? You did… Good, good. 😉 Nice to know you too.

  12. Happy Birthday to STP Blog!! So yours is born in March… mine was in January same year! I also forgot about it this year… so now reading this, mine is also 6 years old then! Keep Blogging, Arthur!

    Thanks, you too. Ya…you’ve been so busy, jet-setting mah! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  13. Congrats! I do agree with you, one of the best things abt blogging is definitely the people u meet and the friends you make. 🙂

    Thanks. Yes, and I am so truly blessed with so many wonderful ones.

  14. Happy Blog Anniversary 🙂

    6 six years…hard working leh

    Thanks. No problem – old man, old retiree…not much excitement left in my life, nothing else better to do. 😉

  15. eat more mee suah, have more anniversary! Blog as old as Joshua boy…

    Yahor… Still a long way to grow! 😉

  16. Happy birthday,!
    Six years of blogging opens door to so many experiences, friendships, memories and glorious food! Blog on, Arthur. I like the fact that you blog not for monetary gains but it being a blog to share your food journeys and an outlet to channel your ramblings! 😉

    Yes, I guess it will not be the same anymore if one is motivated by monetary gains. Beauty comes from within, so they say. Thanks…but btw, it’s…not my own private domain – don’t think it’s worth forking out the money since that is not what I’m looking for.

  17. ‘Still eating after all these years’, you should change your blog name into this!

    Happy blog anniversary!

    Thanks. The blog’s name is a title of a song too…just like all the titles of the posts every day…

  18. Congrats and Happy Birthday to your blog!! Keep blogging.

    Thanks, sure will. If not for my blog, I would not have got to know you and everybody, right? 😉

  19. Happy 6th birthday to your blog. It is funny that u said “Still eating after all these years” on your first photo. Keep eating, so we can drool on the delicious food you posted.

    Eating like crazy! Hehehehehe!!!! Thanks. 😉

  20. Happy birthday !
    few can beat your passion for food and writing, really. keep it going keep it going

    wow, 6 years d, look back at the 1st post got any tears?
    ill be your new gen of follower! haha.

    Thanks, Ivan. Sure will keep it going, taht’s for sure. Nope, no tears…I’m sentimental but not that sentimental. 😉 Glad to have you around, do keep dropping by!

  21. Wow, that’s a very old song, I remember I used play that song last time…but now I’ve no idea where’s the piano sheet already…

    Yes, used to listen to the version by Bette Midler.

  22. Happy Blog-a-versary! Excellent to have you blessing the Blog World for so long! I enjoy your posts! Keep them coming!

    Thanks. Glad we’re friends because of it. Cheers!

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