In different ways…

My missus bought these Japanese sweet potatoes the other day…

Japanese sweet potatoes 1

Of course, they did not come cheap – over RM6.oo a kilo but the ordinary local ones do not come cheap either these days.

I just boiled them and ate…and despite what my missus said, I did not think it was all that much sweeter – more or less the same as the usual. The colour is different, of course – they’re purple…

Japanese sweet potatoes 2

I tried the ones from the Philippines once and they were very sweet. However, they were very small and did not look that appealling.

Actually, there are so many different ways to cook sweet potatoes other than just boiling or steaming. My daughter loves them baked…and we do cook them sometimes, like in this fried dish with cangkuk manis

Fried sweet potatoes with cangkuk manis
*Archive photo*

Tapioca leaves may be used instead and would taste just as great…and sometimes I would cook it as a soup – the kampung-style sayur rebus or I would have it when I cook my sayur lodeh aka masak lemak

Masak lemak
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They slice them to make sweet potato fritters and they even add those in the celebrated Bintangor rojak

Bintangor rojak
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Very nice!

We have them in our local Malaysian dessert  too – the bubur cacar

Bubur cacar
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…and I would cook sweet potato porridge occasionally. Why? I even mashed them up once for the cover…

STP's pie 1
*Archive photo*

…when I made this pork & mushroom pie

STP's pie 2
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If I’m not mistaken, they are an essential ingredient in the cooking of the gravy for the mee jawa

Mee jawa
*Archive photo*

…as well and I think they are also used in the making of some of the local sticky kuihs (cakes).

Gosh!!! Though not too impressive looking, it is amazing how sweet potatoes may be used in so many different ways and can be such culinary delights to many. Do you know of any other ways one can cook the tuber?